12 Best Small Business Ideas For Teenagers


If I guess should right, you are currently thinking of what business to start to step up your finances from the comfort of your homes. But laying your hands on a great business idea is giving you some tough time as well. If you are really convinced and passionate about your decision, then you should not settle for the least. Get the best small business ideas for teenagers (online and offline) that would give you a boost to your finances for many years.

If you have a challenge of financing any business, well, these business ideas would give you a go with very little to no financial commitment. You will be able to kick off most of the business ideas with very little funding, while others demand no funding at all.

You may also consider financing your ideas through a few platforms like crowdfunding platforms and investors. Getting loans should never be the first move. In fact, avoid it as much as possible while you harness other mediums.

Small Business Ideas For Teenagers
Small Business Ideas For Teenagers


So, How do I Start Small Business From Home?

Home-based business ideas often tend to be the better option for most people. It is often convenient and easy to manage. However, not all potentially great business ideas can best be situated at home offices. So, ensure if you want a home-based business, you should be able to find the best idea that is suitable for the comfort of your home. Many of our small business ideas for teenagers are suitable for your home.

So, let’s dive in!

 12 Best Small Business Ideas For Teenagers

1. Blogging Business

A lot of teenagers are already very familiar with this business. Blogging is a very prospective small business idea for teenagers that can rake in lots of cash when started in the proper way. A lot of bloggers cut corners when starting out with blogging and eventually have their fingers burnt.

As a teenager, you should get the right knowledge before starting out. You will need to be good and accurate in writing and also not greedy for quick income.  You can learn a lot on YouTube and Google. You will be needing a personal website where you can post content of your interest and have people around the world who need such information to visit your blogs.

You will be able to make money by selling advert spaces, running affiliate programs, advert networks such as Google AdSense, and also sell your own products. The startup cost isn’t high and the growth potential is good and reliable if you can adhere to the rules as a teenage blogger. Having a specific niche area is often better. 

2. Laundry Business

Teenagers who are very hardworking will really love to feature in this business. It may seem initially tough, especially when the customer base begins to grow, but with time everything will become fun. And in fact, the money rolling in will make it so. Laundry is one of the good small business ideas for teenagers as there is great demand for the service.

Industrious Teenagers with love for laundry can consider this. With the regular home pressing iron, laundry bowls, baskets, hanging section and pressing table, you are good to go.

The startup cost is very little as most needed items are regular domestic materials. You can also work from home, and connect with customers at school, religious places, through friends, neighbors, and even social media. Introduce your own friends and neighbors to your business.

3. Soap-Making Business

Soap is an essential commodity in every home. If you can learn how to make soap and sell, you will very likely be setting yourself up for huge success in the nearest future. Making soap is a skill that can be easily acquired without spending too long. But then, you will need good practice to give you the best result for your desired product. Help them to purchase necessary raw materials, fragrances, and make and sell the product.

Getting the needed materials is not expensive. The profit margin is very encouraging too. Make some findings before starting out. I have been able to discover lots of free videos on YouTube that can help with learning if you’d like to cut down costs. I have also produced soaps using the guides. Help them to get some materials to learn with the videos and a few practice with getting them perfect. 

You should budget about $300 – $500 for materials and equipment to kick off fully. But you do not need that much to do some practice. You’ll need a few bucks for marketing and maybe a website if you choose to sell the stuff online later on. But you can start with social media pages. Your earnings will be based on the kind of soap choose to sell and the business expansion. But rest assured, the growth potential is very good.

4. Cleaning Business

With some very good experience I have with the cleaning business, I can confidently say that this business is a very good and profitable one. Cleaning is one of the best small business ideas for teenagers as there is always demand for the service. If you have good ethics for tough work and eyes for details, you may like to consider this. The business does not need much expertise, and a lot would be learned on the job. A lot of private individuals and companies often make demands for cleaners. This means in a very short time you would need to employ extra hands to work with you. Possessing good customer service skills is very important.

This part-time pursuit has the potential to become a full-time business. Large cleaning corporations hire subcontractors or full-time staff. You can start out with only regular cleaning items in the home. You would purchase more professional equipment as the business grows. Some clients will have the necessary items to work with, which makes it less daunting for you. When the business is fully established, it has the capability of raking in millions every year.

5. Photo Editing Business

Starting an online photo editing business is very lucrative and a great pursuit for teenagers. Several photo editors also work as photographers, but then this is not a requirement.  You do not have to carry the expenses of acquiring a photo camera. Just a computer, photo-editing software, and wifi.

Having a good website is a plus in the business with regular advertising. You can offer to edit photos for schools and local publications to build his/her portfolio. The business has huge earning potential.

6. Transcription Business

Transcription business largely involves transcribing audio or videos that are provided to you. A teenager who needs to make extra income around their school and extracurricular schedules and is also fast in typing with good attention to details will thrive well here. You would need to be provided with a computer and required software and technology.

Starting out doesn’t need so much money, and the growth potential depends on the industry you work in. For example, Medical transcription has had an increase in growth within the last decade. But then, by retaining a high level of accuracy and speed in the work, you can easily succeed in the transcription business.

7. Sewing Business

Sewing business is one of the best ways people rake in good cash regularly anywhere in the world. The business is a cool suggestion if you are a fashion lover. To start, you do not need so many funds. Even much less if you already have access to a sewing machine.

You should begin with simple repairs or patch-ups. You can connect with your fellow students who need custom designs and construction for school plays, and also mend uniforms for sports teams. Ensure you are considered good with designs before starting out fully to avoid disappointing and losing customers. It is very important to retain your customers for growth.

8. Proofreading Business

Proofreading is another great idea for young adults who possess good command in a particular language such as versatility in English language. You can offer to edit and proofread online and offline contents of authors, businesses, or private persons who need proofreaders to perfect their copy.

The startup cost is low. A teenager who has access to a computer and wifi can connect to potential clients online. And with word of mouth advertising you will be able to gain good attention in the business.

9. Jam Business

Teenagers with culinary skills will find the jam business fascinating. This business is great and flexible as it can be easily done from home and in free time. 

The startup cost is low. The teenager only needs to start on a small scale first, and then grow gradually. You can sell your stuff at a local market or restaurant. And can earn over $4000 every month. That is very cool.

10. Candle Making Business

Most teenagers are very creative, and you are really going to enjoy doing business with the candle making craft. And with a little guidance, you can do this from the comfort of your home. You can sell candles to family and friends at weekend markets or craft fairs or to their online friends through their social media platforms.

Starting this business demands a very low cost with just a few Dollars. How much profit you would be able to make is dependent on how much sales you are able to achieve. But if you are a teenager who is diligent enough, you will be able to churn out cool profit from this business.

11. Home Tutoring

If you are a brilliant teenager, and you have a thing for tutoring, then you should speedily consider home tutoring. You could schedule classes for your students at your home or at the homes of your students. Classes could be fixed for evenings, mornings, holidays, or as flexible as you let it be.

Talk to your friends, neighbors, and family about your new business. You can schedule actual classes or simply just help other students get their assignments done for a small fee. And since this business can be done from the comfort of your home, you need very little to kick off. 

Connect with colleagues based on hourly rates, depending on your negotiations and specific subject. You should do some feasibility studies before setting to increase your chances of succeeding in the business. This exercise is very rewarding and lucrative.

12. Freelance Writing

This is one of the best small business ideas for teenagers. Content writers, copywriters, ghostwriters, and all kinds of freelance writers have numerous opportunities for online pages. The juicy part is that you do not necessarily need to have some big qualifications to begin. As a teenager with good skills in writing and communication, you can start off immediately. There is a wide range of opportunities for you all around the world with your skills.

Upwork and Fiverr are top freelance sites where you can also get good clients to pay for your writing abilities. You can also reach out to potential clients on social media platforms and groups. And since individuals and corporations are constantly in need of content for their online pages to reach their target audience, this service will forever be needed.

Getting started as a freelance writer is very low. With access to a good computer and wifi, you will be able to make several thousands of dollars every year with your skills especially when you are able to get long-term working clients.


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