6 Best Sales Enablement Tools


Sales operations and processes have had to grow more sophisticated as a result of rising competition and more buyer power, in order to give prospects with the relevant content at the right time. As a result, the need for sales enablement solutions has increased.

Sales and marketing teams can work together smoothly with the proper sales enablement software to send timely, relevant, and on-brand information to potential customers. However, with so many sales enablement tools available, it can be tough to know which ones would save your company time rather than add to its workload.

So here is a list of six best sales enablement tools:

Measure Content Interaction – Attach

Attach gives statistics and insights into what happens when you transmit material to prospects (papers, presentations, applications, and so on). Is the stuff you send them actually opened and reviewed? Is this content being shared with others within the organization by prospects? What are their reactions to the content, and how can you improve it based on this information?

A content center is also included in the tool to make it simple for everyone on the team to access content. Another advantage is that Attach comes with a free trial version that you can use to evaluate if it improves performance before paying for the full version.


Brainshark assists companies in leveraging the power of content to increase sales productivity. Empower sales teams with dynamic content that can be instantly developed, easily imported, and accessed from any location. Prepare your employees with on-demand training that will speed up onboarding and keep existing salespeople informed. Improve sales performance by providing sales coaching to ensure that reps make the most of every customer engagement.

To better engage buyers and close more transactions, provide reps with the relevant material and resources for any selling situation – both inside and outside of Salesforce. Also, use statistics to track the success of sales content and make better judgments. Brainshark assists you in completing all of your tasks.

Deal hub

Deal Hub is a multi-award-winning sales engagement and CPQ platform that provides a tailored buying experience throughout the sales and prospecting funnels. It allows sales reps and buyers to connect, discuss, and interact online on relevant, tailored, and dynamic material while obtaining real-time analytics into buyer engagement and disposition.

From simple to complex, Deal Hub’s CPQ software helps sales teams to configure bids and proposals faster and with fewer errors. By minimizing administrative labour and allowing sales teams to focus on engaging with buyers more effectively, Deal Hub helps sales operations shorten the sales cycle and increase revenue.

Social port by rFactr

Many sales teams have made social selling a priority in recent months. rFactr’s Social Port is a social selling platform that allows your team to share the correct content at the right moment with just one click.

Marketing team can build content and send it to sales in an email that allows them to post it on their social media platforms. Of course, it assesses the effectiveness of each piece of content and determines which platform generates the most engagement and revenue. rFactr also has a collaboration with Forbes, which allows you to quickly identify and share trustworthy material.

Content Camel

For medium, small, and large teams, Content Camel is a sales enablement and marketing content management platform.

Content Camel makes it simple for salespeople to find, access, and deliver relevant content to prospects, allowing them to clinch more deals. By releasing material as collection microsites, it allows salespeople to exchange content, track content performance, and curate buyer experiences. Content Camel provides sales and marketing teams with statistics, allowing content marketers to assess and act on the performance of their content as it is used by sales and other departments.


Allego’s modern sales learning and preparedness platform guarantees that sales people have the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in any environment. Rather than standard onboarding and sales training sessions which quickly become outdated and forgotten.

Allego is used by sales enablement and training teams to provide reps with the fresh, bite-sized learning they need to complete deals in today’s fast-paced business climate. Individual sellers and their selling scenarios are individualized, and content is mastered through reinforcement, on-the-job coaching, and peer cooperation.

Choose the one that suits your business’s requirements and has the capacity to boost your sales volume.

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