15 Advertising Words That Boost Sales


When making an advertisement, you should know that you have the first few seconds to either keep your customers or lose them, particularly on social media. The art of learning and understanding the use and place of advertising words that sell in tour business cannot be overemphasized.

The statement about a product or brand creates a perception and belief about such product or brand and believe me it will stick for a very long time how.

It is not enough to know that words have power, you should also know what marketing and advertising words that sell, words that will encourage customers to buy, subscribers to pay, or partners to commit, understanding these words and rightly using them will give you a great advantage in the market.

As a business, once you have your client’s attention, you are on your way to the success of your business.

To seal the deal and give your advertisement a bit of vitality, add any of these words into your publishing.

15 Advertising Words That Can Help You Boost Sales

Below are 15 “magical” advertising words that can help boost sales and help you retain customers:

1. You

Your business should revolve around your customers and clients, you should exist because of them, thus you make them the star of the show.  Make sure your advertisements focus on what you are offering your customers.

Customers are generally selfish (in a good way), they are always looking out for things that are of interest to them, therefore you have to focus on the problems they might be having, what you can offer to ease the problem, and how you can make their lives easier.

2. Value

Every client goes for value, you have to convince them in your advertisement of the value you can offer.

When writing or making any form of advert, instead of focusing on the fanciness of the product or service, and instead tell them how and why your product or service is so valuable. shoppers most times do not care about all the fancy features your product might have

3. Because

So, after highlighting the value you offer in your product or service the next question will be ‘why do they need that product or service for that value?’ that’s where ”because” come in

In addition to telling your customers the great value they can get you also need to explain the reason they need the value.  Give customers a reason to buy your product or service. Include how comfortable the snickers are and how easy they can run in it and so on

4. Free

Endeavor to include some amount of free stuff in your sales. You hardly find someone who doesn’t love free stuff.

You can mention a complimentary item that accompanies a product or service that is completely free. Customers think they’re getting more for their money when they see this

5. New

Everybody wants something fresh and new, always include this word in your advertisement.  If your product is new and innovative, it will stand a great chance of patronage.

6. Best

Do you think you are offering the best in your product or service? if it is true that you do, you must include it in your advertisement statement. People always go for the best

7. Limited

There is a kind of haste a customer will get into when they find out that their favorite product or service is soon leaving the shelves.

shoppers most times see an advertisement for a product they like to purchase and then wait for a prolonged period before actually making the purchase or in some cases eventually lose interest in the product or service but if consumers believe this product is a limited quantity, they’ll be much more likely make the purchase almost immediately.

8. Save

People enjoy the feeling of knowing that something somewhere is saving them some resources, whether time or money, everyone wants to save. Make it obvious in your advertisement what customers will save by purchasing your product or paying for your service.

9. Risk-free

Using Risk-free is one of the very effective advertising words that sell. Shoppers shouldn’t take risks when making purchases. They should be assured that they are not gambling with their money by buying something that might not work. Words like risk-free, refundable, or guaranteed will get a shopper’s attention easily

10. Off/Discount

If you can offer your customers some incentive or percentage, make sure it is included in your advertisement. It may be a discount of 30% off, 50% off, or “$25 off, it will be able to get the attention of the customers who like the product or service, and they quickly make purchases.

11. Be the first

Another one of the great advertising words that sell.  It is always a great feeling to be the first to discover or take advantage of an opportunity. Customers like exclusive access.

Let your customer know that they will be the first to enjoy a particular product or service you are advertising and endeavor to include it in your advertisement.

12. Premium

Using a word like premium makes the customer believe that the product you are offering them is superior to other products offered by your competitors

You should also endeavor that your product or brand can offer the superiority you preach.

13. More

Let your clients know that they can have more from where the present one is coming from. Customers give more interest when they are presented with several choices to choose from.

So, after promising an incredible offer, let your customers know that there’s always more. If possible, include a sample of other products.

14. Remember

Your customers will most likely be busy with other things in life, so it’s always a good idea to re-present and offer or product that must have skipped the mind, and when doing this they should know that this is a reminder.

An example can be reminding them of the time they have left before a discount is expired or an offer they haven’t redeemed or a product they had made initial commitments of purchasing.

15. Thank you

A little goes a long way. Show your customers a little love by showing your appreciation. When you reach a new goal, thank your customers with a new deal, host a customer appreciation event, or send a kind email thanking new subscribers for signing up.

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