8 Apps You Can Use To Start A Side Hustle


Do you want to make an additional income without compromising your present schedule? There are reliable apps you can use to start a side hustle with little or no start-up costs attached to them.

There are several profitable and reliable apps available out of which the best ones will be discussed in this article.


Through Instacart, you will make extra income by going to the grocery on behalf of other people. Through their app, you can become a driver shopper and have the assigned gigs.

You will sign up to work for a while in a given location with details of the grocery store to go along with items to pick up. This purchase can be paid with an Instacart credit card and you can always plan your schedule to a favorable time.

With Instacart, you can make up $20 every hour, and all that is required to get started includes ;

  • Minimum age of 21 years
  • A Smartphone
  • Ability to carry a minimum of 30 pounds
  • Ability to deal with scanning and finding items
  • A car

What to watch out for;

  • Heavy products may be involved
  • Wear and tear of your car
  •  Items may not be available
  •  Low call volume
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Start A Side Hustle


TaskRabbit is a great app for making extra income if you are one who loves to see things done. You will need to have a proper orientation about the app before getting connected to the gigs available in your area.

Most of the gigs involve cleaning, moving, IKEA furniture assembly, delivery, and many more. The app is used by taskers to check out for local gigs and hook up with clients. An invoice for payment is sent after a task is performed and you can earn as much as the rates that you set for different gigs.


  • Smartphone
  • Transport to getting gigs
  • Tools needed for assembly and handyman gigs

  What to watch out for

  • The high rate of competition
  • A 15 percent service charge
  • Available gigs
  • Registration fee of $25 which also covers the cost of running your background check


This is a platform that is available for people who love dogs and desire to turn their passion into money. You can become a sitter and be responsible for taking care of pooches when their owners are not available.

As a sitter, you can set your rates, decide the types of dogs you want to engage with based on their breed, age, and size. To startup, you will have to create a profile of your availability.

Several options are available to you as a sitter ranging from choosing where to care for the pets whether at your home or the owner’s, overnight care, dog walking, grooming, and many more.


  • You must love dogs
  • Have a Smartphone
  • If you host dogs at home, you must show pictures 

What to watch out for:

  • A 20% service charge
  • High competition
  • The availability in your environment


This is one of the apps you can use to start a side hustle. it is a ridesharing service that has become a household name. They make use of their mobile app to connect drivers and passengers. This app makes it easy for passengers to quickly secure a ride while Uber drivers can earn extra dollars with their available resources.


  • Minimum age of 21 years
  • A qualified four-door, neat and good car
  • A Smartphone
  • Driver’s license
  • Car insurance
  • Vehicle registration
  • A good history of driving

What to watch out for;

  • Unplanned downtime between calls
  • You are responsible for your gas
  • Dealing with inebriated passengers
  • Wear and tear of your vehicle.


This is one of the amazing apps you can use to start a side hustle. With the postmates app, people can place an order for food from their favorite restaurants and have it delivered to their desired location.

Working as a postmate courier, you can make about $25 per hour and it is more flexible when compared to the other sharing economy because you do not necessarily need to own a car before starting, you can choose other options such as walking, biking, or other available means.


  • A smartphone
  • Any means of movement

What to watch out for;

  • The distance between pickup and delivery may be very far apart
  • Low call volume


This is another silent money making app. If you love making the house look great always, you can opt to become a housecleaner using handy.

Handy connects clients to professional house cleaners with attractive pay involved. As a handyman or handywoman, you can make up to $45 per hour. Handy makes payment into your bank account once you are done with a task.


  • A Smartphone
  • Previous experience (If applying as a handyman)
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Transportation
  • Tools(if applying as a handyman)

What to watch out for;

  •  It is based on availability
  • You are responsible for the supplies


This is one of the best side hustles to do that generates income with very little activity. If you have another property, suite, or even a room, you can rent it out to make an additional income without affecting your regular schedule.

Even though you are too busy to handle the little stress that may be involved in hooking up with clients, you can hand over the responsibility to a third party that will help you to manage it.

There is so much opportunity on this platform because of the bookings that take place year to year in the U.S. you may end up turning it into a full-time business in the long run.


This is similar to Airbnb where you can put up your car for rent and make about $1,000 every month if you are using a car with high market value while you can make about $600 where a car of low market value is involved.


  • The car to be used must have a clean title
  • Vehicle must be less than 130,000 miles
  • The car must be less than 12 years old.

Turo remains one of the stress-free apps you can use to start a side hustle.



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