Ben Delo Net Worth & Biography


Ben Delo Net Worth & Biography

Popular Name: Ben Delo
Real Name: Ben Delo
Birth Date: 24 February 1984
Birth Place:
Sheffield, England
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Nationality/Citizenship: British
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Sexuality: N/A
Marital Status: N/A
Children: N/A
Profession: Businessman, Investor, Programmer, Mathematician,  Entrepreneur, Philanthropist
Years active: N/A
Net Worth: $1 Billion
Last Updated: 2021

Ben Delo is the name of a renowned British businessman, mathematician, computer programmer, and entrepreneur. He is a cryptocurrency trader as well and is mostly recognized as one of the founders of the popular digital currency and assets trading website BitMEX. According to The Sunday Times, Ben is Britain’s youngest self-made billionaire. He graduated with a Mathematics and Computer degree from Oxford University before going on to start his career as a software engineer and programmer. Further details can be found in the publication below.

Early Life: Childhood, Education

Ben was born on 24 February 1984 in Sheffield, England.

He attended Lord Williams’s School and proceeded to the University of Oxford to bag a double first-class honors degree in Computer Science and Mathematics in 2005.

Professional Life: Entrepreneurial Career

After graduating from college, Ben Delo Joined IBM to mark the start of his career as a software engineer. At IBM, he was named as an inventor on many patents granted by the Intellectual Property Office and the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Ben stayed committed to his work during his early career days and won the affection of his bosses. He went on to develop high-rated, high-frequency trading systems at top-rated banks and hedge funds such as J.P. Morgan and GSA Capital, dealing predominantly in kdb+ /Q. His expertise covers aspects like the design, architecture, and application of quantitative infrastructure, tools, and systems.

In 2014, Ben Delo met with Sam Reed and Arthur Hayes whom he discovered shared certain similarities with him. The three men eventually became friends and collaborated to start up a company which they named BitMEX. Today, BitMEX is a cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform, and one of the best in the business.


In October 2018, Ben Delo donated the sum of £5 million to his alma mater Worcester College, where he endowed two teaching fellowships in permanency and set a record as the youngest major donor in the history of the college.

Ben Delo Net Worth & Biography
BitMEX Co-Founder, Ben Delo

Ben joined other businessmen in signing The Giving Pledge in April 2019. The Giving Pledge is a program orchestrated by business magnates Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, dedicated to giving away at least half of a person’s wealth during his lifetime. In his pledge letter, Ben states that his original philanthropic interests are aimed at long-term and large-scale situations and reducing catastrophic risks. He also stated that he was inspired by the philosophy of effective unselfishness.

In the same month of April in 2019, Ben also joined Giving What We Can as a member. The organization is primarily a devoted community of people who have pledged to donate at least 10 percent of their wealth to effective charities.

In collaboration with Oxford University in March 2020, Ben Delo initiated and sponsored a cross-sectional survey, using the nanopore technology (which sequences the entire genome of pathogens) as a diagnostic tool, to investigate the level of community-based infection of the coronavirus in the United Kingdom. According to Professor Mike Bonsall, the use of rapid diagnostics will help the exploration of new methods of pathogen detection, which if widely approved and implemented could prove vital to early containment of future disease outbreaks.”

Ben Delo Net Worth: Salary, Income Sources, Investments

Best known for his professions as a programmer, mathematician, entrepreneur, and computer guru, Ben Delo has successfully built a fortune of $1 billion for himself. Ben, who was born and brought up in Sheffield, England, attended the prestigious University of Oxford from where he graduated with a double first-class honors degree in computer science and mathematics before going on to start up his career. He became Britain’s youngest self-made billionaire after the cryptocurrency company, BitMEX, which he co-founded, achieved prominence and helped its three founders amass tremendous wealth.

Initially, before deciding to find his own path as a gifted and talented young man, Ben Delo earned his salary as an employee at IBM where he was employed as a software engineer and was credited for inventing several unique patents. He also developed high-frequency software products and systems for hedge funds and banks before gathering all the cash he had saved up and went on to combine with two more computer engineers/entrepreneurs to start up the cryptocurrency derivatives trading company BitMEX in 2014.

An avid humanitarian, Ben Delo, 37, is known for his several generous donations in the name of philanthropy. He donated 5 million pounds to his former school Worchester College in 2018, signed The Giving Pledge in 2019, and joined Giving What We Can as well.

Ben has become the youngest self-made billionaire in the United Kingdom, thanks to the massive growth of bitcoin and other digital coins in recent years. His company, BitMEX is owned and controlled by HDR Global Trading Limited.

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