10 Best Quantitative Finance Books That We Should All Have


This post gives you a list and a brief review of the best books on quantitative finance. They are books we all should have. Quantitative finance deals with numbers. Also, if you invest your money in the financial markets to create more assets, you need to have some knowledge of financial risk management. Besides, if you are into insurance, credit or risk asset management, banking, and trading forex, and stock markets, then you have to learn to create a winning edge and manage risks.

To succeed, you must have the basic foundation that these best books on quantitative finance provide. They are the best books on quantitative finance. Let us see the list right away.

10 Best Books on Quantitative Finance That We Should All Have

  1. Introduction To Quantitative Finance

The author, Stephen Blyth is a professor of practice statistics and managing director of Harvard Management Company at Harvard University. The book is from an expert and the concepts are direct and easy to use and understand.

He explains the basics of quantitative finance.  However, in the book are financial derivatives that he has simplified for readers. The book gives you examples of the kind of mathematical problems that he had as a trader of financial derivatives on Wall Street. Besides, you will get the information you need on the subject. Also, you will read about theories and problems to guide your use of the theories of Quantitative Finance. Get this Book on Amazon.

best books on quantitative finance

  1. Quantitative Trading with R: Understanding Mathematical and Computational Tools from a Quant’s Perspective.

This is one of the best books on quantitative finance that we all should have. It was written by Harry Geogakopoulos. The book teaches you how to make quantitative strategies using Software. Also, the author is an expert in Quantitative Finance. The book has an introduction to concepts of financial maths and computing.

This book provides you with a winning strategy in a conversational style of writing. Besides, you have full information on quantitative finance, and you can use it to create strategies. Also, it has notes and tutorials, references and suggestions including calculations of hedge funds ratios.  Moreover, it is valuable for beginners and for those that are advanced. It exposes readers to R coding and the use of financial modeling theories and adds math and statistics.  Get this book on Amazon

best books on quantitative finance

  1. Quantitative Momentum: A practitioner’s guide to building a momentum –based stock selection system

Here is yet another financial strategy book that has been tested academically and found to be sound. The author helps the ready to create their strategy from the start. The book was written by Wesley R. Gray and Jack R. Vogel. You will learn what momentum is and is not and find out how momentum can beat the market. Besides, you will take momentum beyond asset allocation into the stock selection, and access the tools that ease DIY execution and so on. Learn the momentum investing strategy to improve your portfolio. Get this book on Amazon.

best books on quantitative finance

  1. Quantitative Finance for Dummies

Quantitative finance is a tough subject, but this book simplifies the subject for readers. That is why I added it to this list of the best books on quantitative finance, that we should all have. Moreover, it is written in simple language so that beginners can read and understand it. Also, the author Steve Bell DPhil explains Futures and Options and the risks in it.

This book is a full introduction to quantitative finance with examples and exercises. It teaches your core model, formulas of Quantitative finance and defines the current situation of the market value of derivatives. Get this book on Amazon.

best books on quantitative finance

  1. Finance: A quantitative Introduction

This excellent book by Nico van der Wijst is a guide to the current Finance subject. Also, it provides you with a full understanding of the subject. In the book, you will see mathematical models and you can read it with ease, and understand the concepts. Although it is a technical book, the author delivers the content in a vivacious way. Also, this book is accessible to everyone that wants to learn this subject.  Get this book on Amazon.

best books on quantitative finance

  1. Quantitative Methods for Business

This is another one of the best books on quantitative finance. It has many authors and some are Davis R. Anderson and Dennis J. Sweeney, Thomas A. Williams and so on. You will learn how to use Quantitative Finance methods to make financial decisions and succeed. Furthermore, the authors are quantitative finance experts and share their experiences to help you assimilate the concepts better.  You have many solutions for uncertainties in the book and the author uses Microsoft Excel to draw and simulate models. Also, it is an updated quantitative finance book. Get this book on Amazon.

best books on quantitative finance

  1. Quantitative Method For Finance

This book is for beginners who do not know statistics and calculations. The author Terry Watsham uses many quantitative models and justifies their use. Also, there are many examples that simplify complicated subjects using principles. The methods explained in this book can be used for risk management too.

Besides, even when you don’t have math ability, you can use this book and understand the quantitative methods. You will also learn about the pricing of assets, risk management, portfolio management, and derivatives. Get this book on Amazon.

best books on quantitative finance

  1. Quantitative Risk Management: Concepts, Techniques, and Tools

Here is another book that is in the list of the best books on quantitative finance, that you must have. Besides, the book does not contain how-to guide but it is a book that asks the question Why. But you must have an excellent mathematical backgrounhttps://amzn.to/344oGOOd to understand this book.

The Authors are Alexander JMcNeil, Rudiger Frey, Paul Embrechts and they are focusing on the revision and improvement in the field of Finance after the Financial crisis. In addition, the book explains solvency extensively and deals with credit risk and how to manage insurance risks with counterparty credit risks, and the pricing of Collateralized debt obligations (CDO.) Get this book on Amazon.

best books on quantitative finance

  1. Quantitative Finance: A Simulation-Based Introduction Using Excel

The author Mat Davison is the dean of the faculty of science for Statistics and actuarial science at the University of Western Ontario. This book gives you practical experience gathered from the subject. The book will guide students to do well as quantitative analysts. Also, the book combines Hand and Excel sheet calculations, using examples from the simple and hard portfolio of Bonds. The author explains pricing properly. Also, some chapters in the book treat incomplete market, yield curve, and simple discrete models and so on. You can also learn more about risk, return, decision making, uncertainty, excel simulation for bonds, cash flow and so on. Get this book on Amazon.

best books on quantitative finance


  1. Extreme Financial Risks and Asset Allocation

This is the last book in this article of the best books on quantitative finance. And the writers are Olivier Le Courtois and Christian Walter. This book will give graduate students, researchers, and engineers with a good grasp of mathematics, a lot of help. It focuses on high risk and volatile asset prices. This oscillation of prices is called Jumps, and the author also explains the reason it happens. Finally, the book offers updated information to specific readers, who will find it valuable for their use. Get this book on Amazon.

best books on quantitative finance


In this post, I brought you 10 of the best books on quantitative finance that we should all have. The books are practical and written for beginners and professionals alike. Also, you will be able to create your financial strategy after reading some of these books. Get the books and learn more about risk management-  insurance, credit risk and financial risk management.

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