Best Business Movies For 2020


The dream of every entrepreneur is to succeed in whatever business they venture into and the best way to succeed as a business person is to concentrate on activities that will bring about the birth and the fulfillment of that dream just as this article will be revealing to you the best business movies for 2020.

Different businessmen and women have discovered different ways to succeed in the business world. The best business movies listed later in this article will explore the problems and victories in the world of business, the challenges of several industries, and the diverse approaches that have been taken by individuals to attain a breakthrough. Study the successful approaches and find a way to apply it to your business.

Best Business Movies
Best Business Movies


Now, let’s get to know these business movies.


Boiler Room

The director of this movie is Ben Younger who worked with an intelligent cast who is willing and ready to go the extra mile to attain success.

It is an American movie that answers a question of “how to make so much money starting from the scratch”

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The Making of Funko Pop

This documentary will take you throughout the journey of a phenomenon that turned out to become a rockstar brand having had a garage startup. Funko was able to connect with customers with the aid of nostalgia.

You need to see their operation in the early days, the unique marketing strategy that they applied, and its positive effects on their brand. You will find out the pains they went through, their failures, and how they properly addressed it. You will also get to know how the Star Wars license they got became a mighty stepping stone for their company. Business-minded people and collectors will find this exciting and helpful.

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Julie & Julia

All around the world, Julia Child is known for her mastery of heartwarming shows that had made it possible for the American audience to access French foods. This movie is partly true in real life. Meryl Sheep who played the true-life aspect of the story where she acted how Julia Child turned out to become what she was. The fictionalized aspect of the story tells of Julie Powell, a frustrated New Yorker who decided to make the 524 recipes contained in Julia Child’s cookbook because she got tired of her current job hence she mastered the French cooking.

One of the major take-home in this movie is the fact that stability in a relationship makes the actualization of one’s dreams possible.

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Money Never Sleeps

This is one of the movies for a business that tells of people who don’t care about others but seek only their interest and to get it by any means legal or illegal. These are people that can bring down an entire industry once it’s to their advantage. It is a 1987 film in which Michael Douglas played Gordon Gekko.

The documentary shows how everyone can be scammed by a cunning con man. The portrayal shows what it will cost the society if such a person is allowed in power. It is a must-watch for you as it also featured a lot of painful moments.

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Citizen Kane

Although this is an old movie that was produced in 1941, yet it remains unique and still stands out as one of the best business movies in 2020. It tells of an extraordinary business expert who stood out amongst business persons that had ever existed both before and after his lifetime.

The documentary presents the life of one named William Randolph Hearst but was named Charles Foster Kane in the movie.  Life smiled on him when he discovered a gold mine right on his family land. His poverty was immediately turned to power. He lost his election as governor and made war with Spain. He soon became very wealthy but then he lost his human nature.

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This was produced in 2001 and took over two years for its completion. It presents the beginning of digital media and how the World Wide Web was taken over by business. It also shows the beginning of up to the point of its bankruptcy.

There is a lot to be learned from this documentary from both the successes and failures of

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This story talks about Carl Casper, a chef who does not find fulfillment in his job even though he worked for a high-profile restaurant in Los Angeles.

After being confronted publicly by a food critic, he decided to set up a food truck, and over time, he desired cooking again. Though it can be said that Casper became an accidental entrepreneur yet his love of cuisine and creative control made him prefer one method over the other.

The movie shows the entrepreneur epiphany people are confronted with when trying to switch from an employment job to being the boss of their own.

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The Social Network

The social network is a movie in which Jesse Eisenberg played Mark Zuckerberg, was born following the rise of Facebook, a networking site. The movie focuses on the interactions that took place between the cofounders of the site which include Mark Zuckerburg, Dustin Moskovitz, and Eduardo Saverin.

The effect of money is seen on people’s character. It changed the perception of people towards those behind the scenes of Facebook and it even rubbed on how the founder related and valued one and another.

This film won the Academy Awards in 2011 for best film editing, best original score, and best-adapted screenplay.

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Steve Jobs

This business movie focuses on Steve Jobs’s authorized biography and also some of Apple’s formative years. It tells of how Apple started his craft and the rise of Steve Jobs to his fame.

This movie was nominated in 2016 for several awards one of which is the Academy Award as the best actor which goes to Fassbender who portrayed Jobs. Also, Kate Winslet who portrayed Joanna Hoffman (an early member of Apple’s team) won a golden globe.

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Several awesome movies are suitable for entrepreneurs but the top best business movies in 2020 have been selected out for you.




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