Best Cash Advance Apps


There are sometimes in life that you find yourself in a situation that requires immediate financial attention, well I am glad to let you that you are not alone and this is why the best cash advance apps 2021 have been complied together to help you ease off the stress from every financial emergency that you be confronted with.

Although the amount that can be withdrawn from most of these is usually small you will get it approved within a short period making it possible for you to meet your pressing needs.

Some of these apps have a fee attached to them, compulsory tip while some are interest-free and you can get up to $ 500 as a cash advance.

Best Cash Advance Apps

What Is A Cash Advance?

A cash advance can be described as a short-term loan given to you to meet some unexpected financial emergencies. It is like a loan that will be deducted from your next wages when it is received. Some of the avenues through which a cash advance can be received are;

In-person: you can request a cash advance from a credit union or bank and you are charged a fee.

Via an ATM: with your credit card pin, you can make withdrawals up to your credit card limit.

Online: you can also get a cash advance online through mobile apps or your bank’s website.

Family/friends: you can also get a loan from friends and family. This often is the best of all forms of cash advances because it is often free of charge and may be paid at a more convenient time. 

Best Apps That Loan You Money Instantly

Here are amazing apps that loan you money instantly.

Earnin App

This is one of the interest-free apps that loan you money instantly. It gives access to a small part of your wages which will be deducted once the payday comes. Although it is interest-free, yet users are expected to leave a tip. 

This app is suitable for an emergency but should not be used regularly because even though it is said to be free, accumulation of the tip can be interpreted to mean you are paying to gain access to your pay. In addition, it may not help you to be disciplined on your spendings

What to note about Earnin.

  • To use it, go to the app and create a profile and also grant its access to your checking account.
  • Your paycheck must be received through direct deposit.
  • The app tracks your working hours either you work remotely or resume at a particular location. This is to confirm that you truly worked. 
  • You can only request money when you have worked for it.
  • You are expected to pay a tip which will be deducted once your account is credited.
  • You get paid the following working day following your request.

MoneyLion App 

Users of MoneyLion can get a cash advance of up to $250 to settle some financial emergency. The cash float from MoneyLion is often referred to as Instacash.

What to note about MoneyLion

  • For you to use it, create an account on the MoneyLion app
  • Click on the instacash button and then click the request button
  • Choose the amount of loan that you want.
  • It takes between less than 24hours and not more than 48 hours to get your loan request credited to you. 
  • No charges are attached


This ever-available cash advance option is suitable to meet low financial emergencies and it remains one of the best apps that loan you money instantly.  The loan amount starts with $50 and can be up to $250.

What you need to note

  • It is an interest-free loan
  • You must have a functioning and operating bank account for a minimum of 60days.
  • Monthly charges of $8(membership fees) apply
  • There are no hidden charges
  • The maximum withdrawal is $250

Best Apps That Can Loan You Money In 2021

The best apps that can loan you money in 2021 that have been proved to be effective over time are;


This provides a loan of up to $100 which can easily be used to settle a pressing need. What makes it stand out include;

  • A membership of $1 is charged monthly
  • It will send you alerts where you have a pending bill and also when it notices that your checking account balance is becoming low.
  • It offers an interest-free loan
  • You must have a functioning account that will be linked to your checking account.


This is also one of the apps that can loan you money in 2021. With Wealthfront, you can create a direct deposit that will enable you to access your pay some days before your em[lpyer parts you. The fact that you can access your money when you need it before the time it is eventually paid, is one of the great things that Wealthfront does. 

Best Paycheck Advance Apps To Help You Make It To Payday

When it becomes obvious from the strength of your income that it will not be capable to bear your monthly bills and you probably need support paycheck advance apps to help you make it to payday. Well, the truth is that you have not asked for too much but you have only sought the solution from the right source and the answers will be discovered as you continue reading this article.

The best paycheck advance apps to help you make it to payday includes but are not limited to;


This is an amazing app that makes it possible for a worker to earn his money as he makes it instead of waiting until payday. This means that once the app has recognized the particular hours that you have worked daily, you make a withdrawal of such money and use it for whatever needs you want it to cover.

Once payment is made on the payday, a deduction comprising the accumulated withdrawals and transfer fee of $0.25/transfer is taken from the amount paid for the total hours worked.

Final Thoughts

The cash advance apps 2021 are loan apps that grant you access to the same amount of money to settle pressing needs before you receive your paycheck. Some of these apps are completely free except for some requests for voluntary tips that you may pay while some others charge you a monthly membership fee. 

Any of these cash advance apps 2021 can be your saving grace therefore you can take advantage of it but before you settle down for any, you should compare other cheaper options if any is available to you.  


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