8 Best Cheap Car Insurance Companies For Young Drivers and Students


Insurance for young drivers can be challenging and this article, 8 best cheap car insurance for young drivers is all about solving this problem. The process of becoming a legally certified licensed driver can be quite overwhelming.

It takes a lot of responsibility to buy a car and get it insured. However, the good news is that if you are not required to strike out on your own and pay for your own insurance policy, the difference in premiums will reduce yearly as you become a more experienced driver.

List Of Best Cheap Car Insurance For Young Drivers

  • Best Overall: Erie Insurance
  • Second Best Overall: American Family Insurance
  • Best Good Student Discount: State Farm Insurance
  • Best Direct Insurance Company: Geico Insurance
  • Best Policy Perks: Nationwide Insurance
  • Best for a Student Driver on Their Own: Progressive Insurance
  • Best When Away At College: Allstate
  • Best Insurance for Newly Enlisted Military: USAA

1. Best Overall: Erie Insurance

If you are a resident of Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia, Wisconsin, Ohio, Illinois, West Virginia, Maryland, Indiana, North Carolina or Tennessee, then we highly recommend that you contact an Erie agent. This is conveniently one of the best cheap car insurance for young drivers. The benefit of engaging them is that they will give you discounted offers of up to twenty per cent if you are below the age of 21 and you stay at home, or if you take driving classes, and even if you participate in their competitive program that will offer rewards to students who practice safe driving the most. Sounds awesome, right? You bet it does.

Another good thing about Erie insurance is that they are popular for their claims of effective service and competitive price. In fact, A.M gives them an A+ rating. This is considered one of the best ratings in resonance with the possibility of your insurance claim being paid.

2. Second Best Overall: American Family Insurance

This is a very reputable company that we recommend for young drivers because they offer programs that can give you up to ten per cent discounted offers off of premiums after the driver uses the app for a year or finishes 3,000 hours of driving. Their app tracks your driving behaviour and gives reports.

We recommend that you use a slightly old car because their premiums are usually reduced for such cars than the most recent luxurious cars. However, just make sure that the car has effective airbags and has been recently certified as safe and roadworthy by a professional mechanic.

3. Best Good Student Discount: State Farm Insurance

This is another one of the best cheap car insurance for young drivers. We recommend this insurance company for young drivers who live outside of the major metro areas and states that are not under the coverage of smaller insurance carriers. They come with great benefits such as 25 percent for drivers with good grades until the age of 25. In addition, they have a very excellent customer service.

They are the largest insurance company in the United States largely because they are involved in car and house insurance than any other company in the United States. They help young drivers to learn the habit of safe driving through their Steer Clear and Drive Safe programs. You can always confirm with any area agent around you to ascertain the availability of these options.

4. Best Direct Insurance Company: Geico Insurance

This insurance company has its presence in 50 states and will even give you a particular discount for using your belt, and for ensuring that your car has safety features such as anti-theft protection, anti-lock brakes, and airbags. In addition, if you stay on your parents’ insurance policies before switching to your own Geico plan, they will offer you a Family Pricing Program.

5. Best Policy Perks: Nationwide Insurance

Just like every other insurance company on our list, Nationwide also provides discounts for students or young drivers. In addition, they give accident forgiveness for young drivers, making sure that there are no more incidents after the first at-fault accident. They also support young drivers by offering roadside assistance 24/7. In fact, if you desire to have your driving monitored every time, you can be eligible for their SmartRide program and get certain discounts after using it for a year. You’d be glad to hear that you can also combine family plan discounts. This means that if your parents are eligible for a discount for being accident-free, you automatically will, also. Nationwide definitely offers one of the best cheap car insurance for young drivers.

6. Best for a Student Driver on Their Own: Progressive Insurance

Do you know that Progressive’s website is rated as one of the overall best websites? With their comparison tool, comparison shopping is made convenient. Always keep in mind that it’s always recommended to shop around for insurance, ask for discounts, and do not take the first proposed offer. Keep in mind that you would not be paying high prices forever for whatever policy you end up picking.

Furthermore, Progressive provides a multi-car discount that can waive the cost of insuring as a young driver, by procuring a reduced rate for covering plenty of cars under the same policy. However, this may not always be available. Also, Progressive will cover you if you are purchasing a policy on your own as a young driver.

7. Best When Away At College: Allstate

If you are an unmarried student below the age of 25, then you can get major savings if you are registered full-time, if you’re getting good grades and if you complete a teen Smart driver’s ed program or attend school a minimum of 100 miles away from your home and car.

All-State endeavours to make your insurance process simplified by providing local agents to put you through.

8. Best Insurance for Newly Enlisted Military: USAA

Consider yourself lucky if you enrolled in the military immediately after you graduate from high school or college, and you need to insure your car because USAA provides awesome programs that are limited to only members of the military, veterans and their families. Usually, they provide one of the best customer services and price ratings in the insurance industry. If you opt for USAA insurance policies, be rest assured that you will find coverage for all your insurance needs, ranging from car, home, boat, renters and even up to motorcycle insurance. However, although USAA does not provide local agents, they still operate 24/7 customer service. USAA provides one of the best cheap car insurance for young drivers. USAA Insurance Reviews

Conclusion: Insurance can be very expensive if you are not informed of possible options. This article, 8 best cheap car insurance for young drivers provides enough information on various options for this set of people who have little experience.
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