Top 22 Best Direct Sales Companies You Need To Check Out


You must have played around with a few online options to rake in some extra cash. You may be looking to get something that’ll get you busy from home with all the flexibilities of the world at your disposal. Or maybe you’re a retiree, a work-at-home mom, or an aged worker who is just looking for something to do on their own and grow gradually; some of the best direct sales companies you need to know like Mary Kay, Avon, and The Pampered Chef are some excellent options to get your working from the comfort of your homes.

Being a direct salesperson can keep the cash coming in. You can leverage different online platforms such as Facebook, Quora, and Pinterest to achieve it. While some companies will require that you buy some of the products you’ll be selling to your customers, many others allow sellers to sell back products they cannot sell; so far, they are still in perfect condition.

As a seller, you must choose products that you are enthusiastic about.  These should be products you understand how they work, and you can even use on yourself if they do not get sold.


What Are Direct Sales Companies?

Direct sales companies market and distribute products or services using a network of distributors or sales representatives. Many of these companies also harness multilevel marketing systems in which sales reps recruit distributors and equip them to sell the companies’ products.


Tips To Get Started With Direct Sales Companies

Before you decide to sign up as a direct salesperson in a company, there are a few things to note that will help speed up your success.

  1. Think of how much you’ll be able to invest. Different companies require different starting fees. Some companies will only need $30 or less, while others may require starting fees of up to $300. You must consider how much your pocket can handle.
  2. Go for companies selling stuff you’re enthusiastic about. Whatever industry you are looking at, you’re likely to find direct sales companies there, and you’ll find direct sales companies in the area of your interest. This enthusiasm will get you moving with your sales goal. Also, consider the commission rate of the products you are picking – rates vary from product to product
  3. How much time can you commit? How much time you can invest into your direct sales engagements will impact your overall success. You’ll need to provide products to your customers. You may also need to organize one-on-one presentations with your potential customers, webinars, phone calls, or party plan. Think of how much time you can devote to the business every day before you get started.
  4. Increase your chances of success by getting trained. There are different training opportunities available on different sites and forums to help you succeed. The more you take advantage of these opportunities, the more you’re equipped for success. Ensure to leverage on all the training you can lay your hands on.
  5. Check for good leadership. It is important that you have good leadership to support your effort in direct sales. You may be having a friend who is trying to get you to sign up on a platform, asking questions about the kind of leaders that are present there. It is crucial to find out how supportive and effective they are as you do not want to end up being frustrated.

In addition, the kind of leaders that are present in your team should be able to equip you with the necessary information you need to launch out in the industry. They should also be able to help you reach your targets. And it is not just about them talking, be sure that they have practiced what they are preaching – hence, they too must have been successful and are passionate about the organization just as you are.


But then, note that there are direct sales scam systems out there! You do not want to fall victim to these scammers, so follow the tips below to stay clear!

  1. Find out if the company you’re signing up for is a member of the Direct Selling Association. Check here. The companies that have been enlisted here have been found to meet the requirements of business ethics and practices. Do not hesitate to do more findings.
  2. Pick a company that has been in business for five years and more. You may also go for new companies, but they can be quite risky as there is a high possibility of them running into a financial crisis, and who will be there to save your money!?
  3. Go for a sponsor that is comfortable for you to work with. You do not want to be consistently pressured by sponsors without being guided into attaining your goal.
  4. Read everything you see! Don’t get into skimming through important information. Many have fallen victim to scams because they refuse to read what is there! Study the terms, marketing plans, compensation, restrictions, terms, and contract. And be sure that you can quit the contract, and also return kits and products whenever you deem fit.


Direct Sales Companies – Makeup And Skin Care


One of the best direct sales companies you need to know is Avon. The company was established in 1886 as a door-to-door sales company. Initially, it was only recognized as a makeup service organization but has grown to diversify into other products on skincare, jewelry, and many others. Avon focuses on women and gives you something that you can always offer your customers. With a person-to-person plan, you can begin with just $10.

Check their website here. 


Perfectly Posh

Perfectly Posh is a company based on organic-pampering products. Their products are manufactured in the United States. And salespersons are offered kits that include all the required business tools. Small kits go for $30, while large kits go for $99, and they have products and tools available. They pay consultants instantly, with commissions given within 3 hours.

Check their website here. 


Mary Kay

Mary Kay kicked off in 1963 and has grown to become one of the most respected direct sales companies. It is specifically focused on stay-at-home women who want to earn extra cash from working at home. They deal in skincare and beauty products that have proven to be very effective over time.

The company’s commission rate is considered one of the best. They provide consultants with a person-to-person plan, mobile business tools, and a store website.  Aside from women’s skincare, Mary Kay also deals in men’s skincare, shaving products, and makeup. You can get started with their $100 starter kit.

Check their website here. 



Maskcara was established in 2017 with a focus to enhance women’s beauty rather than cover up with products. So, their products are geared towards simplifying the beauty routine of women. This is to make their users commit to living their best rather than masking up with makeup.

Their starter kit goes for $199, while their pro kit goes for $399. Distributors will be able to make between 20% and 40%.

Check their website here.



Founded in 2010, BeneYou kicked off with nail products, nail wraps, and a few other products, and it gradually grew to add beauty products to the product options in its line. This helped to gain more traction and buyers. The company offered up to 40% as commission to distributors, and two start-up offers of $99 and $200.

Check their website here.  

Tori Belle

Tori Belle’s eyeliners and eyelash products easily distinguish them from other brands and beauty innovations. They have very creative product options and pay the commission of up to 40% on personal sales. Their affiliate program kicked off in 2019, and you will also be able to earn free bonuses as a distributor, including product credits, free team pay, and many more.

Check out their website here. 


Direct Sales Companies – Victuals:  Food, Wine, and Tea



If you are a wine-lover, you’ll find this company very fascinating. Wineshop offer victuals such as wine and gourmet foods. If you are above 21, you can start a business on the platform using their party model and person-to-person plan.

Check out their website here. 


Tealightful Tasters

If you’re a tea lover, opt-in for the Tealightful Tea party plan model. You’ll find fresh natural teas, herbs, spices, and botanical tea blends that you can distribute from their list of options.

Check out their website here. 

The Cocoa Exchange

You’ll find different brands of chocolate on this platform. They offer Pod & Bean, Pure Dark, and Dove products. They additionally sell mixes(brownie, martini), sauces, rubs, teas, and many others. They employ the party plan model.

Check out their website here.  


Scout & Cellar

Scout & Cellar boasts of over 5000 independent consultants presently in the U.S. Its wine is largely sourced in the United States, and they undergo series of lab-testing to prevent chemicals, synthetic pesticides, and added sugars. Their wines are keto-friendly, have 40% fewer calories, and have other healthy alcoholic contents and tastes. When you sign up at $249, you’ll be offered materials such as wine openers, consultant website, insulated wine carrier, bottles of wine, insulated wine carrier, vacu seal, two stoppers, a wine tasting book, among others.

Check out their website here. 

Tastefully Simple

Tastefully Simple allows you to start for $39 with 60 meal kits.  They employ the party plan model and have a wide range of product options.

Check out their website here. 



Xocai was established in 2005. It is one of the best direct sales companies to know, and it deals in food choices that you should consider. They have so many independent distributors from different countries around the world.

Check out their website here. 


Direct Sales Companies – Home Decoration, Candles, Goods, And Kitchen Items

The Pampered Chef

The Pampered Chef is a Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary and offers different kitchen items, food items, cookbooks that are helpful for different dishes around the world. It has over 60,000 participants in its global direct sales team.

Check out their website here. 



You are not likely to find Tupperware enlisted in the Direct Sales Association list but it has literally become synonymous to direct sales. The company was established in 1940 and has consistently upheld a record of success ever. They serve products, make containers, pitchers, kitchen wares, and storage with constant upgrades on their products. Their starter kit begins at $100, and offers a commission rate of $35 on their product sales.

Check their website here.  



PartyLite makes candles, home accessories, and candle holders. They are in fact rated as the largest direct-dealer in candles around the world. Their products are marketed through direct sales with about 68,000 independent distributors in different countries around the world.

Check out their website here. 


Clever Container

Clever Container is one of the latest and best direct sales companies around. They started in 2007. And are specifically for people who love to organize. Startup cost ranges from between $49 and $99. They have more than 200 products in their line with a party plan model in place.

Check out their website here. 


Scentsy trades in wax tarts, warmers, and candles with multiple scented products. The scented products from these direct sales companies include household cleaners, bath and body products. And they employ the party plan model.

Check out their website here. 


Direct Sales Companies – Health, Fitness, and Wellness

This category is imbued with a massive line of companies, however, a few of the top direct sales companies in wellness, fitness, and health.


Melaleuca offers customers different non-toxic products and has been around for more than 3 decades. The company also offers different retail partner products that include Barnes and Nobles, Kohl’s, Priceline, and a few others. The membership fee for Melaleuca is $29 and they offer a person-to-person model. They stand out in one feature; while many companies require that you sell products directly to individuals, you do not have to do so with them.

Check out their website here.  



Beachbody is one of the best direct sales companies you need to know. If you are looking for nutritional supplements, exercise products, muscle-building products, and weight-loss products, you’ll find very satisfactory options with this sales program. They have a person-to-person model. You can find Frequently Asked Questions and answers on their products here. Sign up with Beachbody.



Shaklee’s products are health-related. They offer protein powders, health supplements, and other health-related products. They use the person-to-person model plan.

Check out their website here.  



Amway is one of the most profitable direct sales companies. This company offers health-related products and also offers a wide range of home care and beauty products. Their products are largely women-focused, and supplements for anyone who intends to step up their health status. The starter kit starts at $62 with training. There is also a kit product that goes for $99.99 with 10 mini catalogs, $245 worth of complete products, and samples.

 Check out their website here. 



Isagenix has graced the top of the list of Inc’s top 5000 companies for 10 years in a row. They have a goal of building the biggest health and wellness company on the globe that helps people get out of financial struggles while also improving the state of their health. Their products have gained the popular trust and are backed with proof and scientific research. Distributors earning through their product are massive and from different parts of the globe.

Check out their website here. 


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