13 Leading Money Transfer Apps For Android and iOS


These days the use of digital money has spread and it is fast replacing traditional money. Also, online transactions have increased as there are now better ways to keep your data and transactions safe. Moreover, many banks now have banking apps and this has also led software developers to make apps for fast and convenient transfer of money. Technology has also created smart devices making communication even better. So now from your pocket device you start and complete a banking transaction and you do not need to go inside the bank anymore.

Also, you can recharge your phones and pay your cable and other utility bills online using your phones. But, there are many money transfer applications and to help you filter the best out of hundreds, We have prepared a list of the best money transfer app for Android and iOS. Let us see the list right away.

Best Money Transfer App For Android and iOS

Below is our list of best money transfer mobile applications for both Android and iOS devices:

1. Venmo

This app is popular among users when it comes to money transfers all over the world. In the world of money transfer, it is popular like Google the search engine giant. The most interesting part is that when you use the app to make payments by your Venmo account, debit or bank account, it charges you next to nothing as processing fees. The fact is that Venmo charges 3 percent fees. Also, when you use Venmo your data is safe from data thieves and hackers just like bank apps.

2. Apple Pay Cash

Apple Pay Cash is among the best money transfer app that you can try today.  This app is compatible with iOS 11.2 and lets you send money to your contacts using the iMessage feature. Also, you don’t need to install a third-party app when using your iPhone as long as the receiver has the same device. Besides, to use the app to send money, just tap a sign near the camera icon on the iMessage. Also, the app is compatible with the apple watch and you can also use Siri to send cash.

3. Google Pay Send

This is an excellent money transfer application that works easily on your phone. And if you are in the US or UK you can use the app to send or request money from your friends. Also, to use this app and its features you have to validate your identity by fingerprint. Its user interface is simple and intuitive. Also, the main thing it does is to transfer money quickly to your bank account.

4. Facebook Messenger

The next app in this list of the best money transfer app is Facebook Messenger. Facebook has improved the Facebook messenger application to enable you to send money to anyone living in the US. As you are conversing with a person you can tap the US$  dollar sign located on the right near the options for sharing photos and stickers.

Also, if you cannot use it that way, you can tap the ellipsis on the right part of the app to show you more options. And when you finish setting up your account with a debit or credit card, you should then enter the amount you want to send. And then tap pay on the top right part of the application.

5. PayPal

The Paypal app has been in the business of transferring money longer than most apps like Venmo, Google and Apple wallets. PayPal is a convenient app that you can use to receive and send funds to your friends and business associates online. Moreover, you can now use PayPal to pay at many eCommerce stores and commercial organizations

6. Square Cash

This app has features like the rest in this list of the best money transfer app for sending money fast. Also, the app is simple to use for transferring money. With this app, you can share funds by adding a link to your debit card.

This feature allows you to send, receive or request money from your friends and family, fast. What is interesting to note is the speed that the app uses to deposit money into your bank account.

7. Azimo

If you are looking for a reliable app to share and receive money while you are in the go, then look the way of Azimo for your Android and iOS devices. Also, if you want to add a new payment this app scans your cards and keeps you updated about the transaction by push notification.

Moreover, the app relies on your touch to identify and validate that you are the right user. Also, it uses a Pin number to keep your data safe. Besides, it finds new people who receive money from you and adds new ones by syncing with your normal phone contacts.

8. Snapcash By Snapchat

Snapchat is the organization that is bringing you this app and it is also part of the best money transfer app. The Snapcash app works by forming a partnership with Square Cash and it let you send money to recipients who are 18 years of age or older.

To use the app, you must enter the ($) dollar sign and the amount in numbers to activate the transaction. Once you finish, Snapcash will send money directly to either the debit card or bank account of the recipient.

9. TransferWise

TransferWise has awesome and positive reviews as one of the most loved money transfer apps that you can download for iOS and Android devices. With this app, you can view all the people that receive money from you. And also see all the recipients in one spot to carry out the money transfer that you had done in the past. In addition, this app gives you a lot of ease as you can carry out the transactions that you do often, like regular bill payments or recharging your mobile phone.

10. Western Union

Western Union is a world-acclaimed app and that is why it is among the best money transfer app in this post. This mobile app lets you carry out an estimate of the money transfer fees when you are about to start a transaction. Also, the app tracks the status of the transfer to know if the recipient has collected the money.

The app is unique because it lets you use your phone camera to scan your debit or credit card quickly, to enable you to start a new payment. Besides, it has Geo-location features that will find the nearest Western Union agent and show you the opening hours and directions to the agent.

11. Samsung Pay

This app is available in the USA only. This app is popular among users and it is now among the most used money transfer apps for you to download for iOS and Android devices. It stores your debit and credit cards and lets you pay online or offline merchants quickly.

It also creates a payment and you don’t need to contact the recipient as long as they use a Samsung device. In addition, it supports 1,000 credit unions and bank accounts. The app also finds exciting deals that are near you.

12. Payoneer

This app is a digital wallet and global payment card and part of the best money transfer app. Also, many people use this application all over the world for iOS and Android. And the users accept Payoneer as one of the top money transfer apps and used it as a digital cash wallet on many online stores.

Another feature of this app is that it allows you to withdraw into your Visa and Master card. This app also lets you receive payments from your business partners overseas. And you can view your balance in up to 20 currencies and over 19 languages. Besides, you can view account history and the app interface is easy to use.

13. Dwolla

Dwolla is an excellent money transfer app that you can download for iOS and Android. Also, it is available in the USA. Like other apps, this app stores your credit and debit card to let you transfer money straight away to your business partners and individuals.

Also, if you run a business you can merge the Dwolla service with your app. This app connects other apps into the US banking system and due to this feature, it takes a fee of $10.

Conclusion: Whether you intend to use any of them for personal or business purposes, you will find out that these apps are versatile and available for you to download for your devices. We create a similar article and rated them based on effectiveness, including apps and services.
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