10 Best Negotiation Books of All Time


This post will list and review the best negotiation books of all time. Also, negotiation is usually between two or more individuals with the aim of reaching an amicable agreement to resolve a conflict. Despite the above definition parties often try to get a better deal. Because of this desire to get more than the other is willing to give, negotiations sometimes are hard and lengthy meetings, that fail to solve problems.

Besides, due to its complex nature, it is right to learn the art of negotiation. So to enable you to win all your bargaining and negotiation meeting henceforth, here are the best negotiation books of all time for your reading pleasure.

10 Best Negotiation Books of All Time

  1. Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In

Roger Fisher and William L. Ury wrote a bestselling negotiating book in the nonfiction genre in 1981. This book has received some updates since that time. Bruce Patton co-authored the 1991 update and was on the Business Week best seller for many years.

This book is for a beginner and it shares basic concepthttps://amzn.to/3kSyDWis on the subject. Also, it explains how great negotiators think. And you are given examples to show you likely mistakes you could make during a negotiation. Besides, this makes teaching more memorable. In addition, it breaks down concepts you should have as a beginner negotiator, simply. You should read the book. Get this book on Amazon.

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  1. Bargaining for Advantage: Negotiation Strategies for Reasonable People

This is one of the best negotiation books in the market and the author is G. Richard Shell. Also, she says that 90 percent of the time, negotiation depends on how prepared the negotiators are. She addressed misconceptions about negotiation and bargaining, to make it clearer. The author gives examples that make what she is teaching more concrete.

The book gives you methods and strategies you can use to become a better negotiator. There is an assessment in the Appendix for you to find out your own style and the methods you prefer. This book is a full review of the negotiation process. Get this book on Amazon.

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  1. Getting To Yes With Yourself: How to Get What You Truly Want

The book was written by William Ury a popular writer on the art of negotiation. This book was published first, in October 2016. It is a short book with 208 pages. The book is a bestselling negotiation book by the New York Times. The author says you shouldn’t think the other party will just accept your arguments when it cannot convince even you. The book is practical and interactive and gives you a seven-step strategy, for arriving at an agreement with the other party to enhance the negotiation process. Get this book on Amazon.

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  1. Never Split The Difference: Negotiating As If Life Depended On It

This book is another one of the best negotiation books of all time that you should read. Also, it is practical and a bestselling book that Chris Voss and Tahal Raz and published in 2017. The author gives you valuable information. Also, he was one time top FBI lead international kidnapping negotiator.

The book raises your emotional intelligence and intuition and gives you a competitive edge, during a negotiation with the other party. The book provides 9 principles that you can use to become more persuasive in your work and personally. Get this book on Amazon.

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  1. Getting past No

This is another book written by William Ury published in 1991 and has about 189 pages. This book will guide you during difficult negotiations when the other party says No. Also, it shows you how to be composed even when you are under pressure. In this book, you will learn how to handle the underhand strategy and find a mutually beneficial agreement. You will not receive undue opposition. Get this book on Amazon.

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  1. Getting More: How to Negotiate to Achieve Your Goals in the Real World

This writer of this book, is a top negotiator called Stuart Diamond. And it reveals the secrets of getting the upper hand during the negotiation and at all times. For that reason, it is in this list of the best negotiation books. There are examples of methods you can use during discussions. Every day, you will face negotiation so arm yourself so that you are not emotional and to improve your bargaining skills. Also, you can get more when you read this book.  Get this book on Amazon.

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  1. Negotiation Genius: How to overcome obstacles and Achieve Brilliant Results at the Bargaining Table and Beyond

This book was written by Deepak Malhotra and Max H. Bazerman and published in 2014. The book is highly recommended by expert negotiators. The focus is on human behavior and gives you real-life experiences he had with clients. to share on how to carry out negotiation properly. The books say that during bargaining and negotiation if you do so from the position of weakness, it gives you an edge over the other party. Get this book on Amazon.

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  1. Why Women Don’t Ask: The High Cost of Avoiding Negotiations –And Positive Strategies for change

The author is Linda Babcock and Sara Laschever and the book was published in 2003. This is another one of the best negotiation books that you need to read. Also, you should read the book, especially if you are a working woman or about to start your career. Besides, you will learn why women hardly ask and sacrifice a lot of things all through their careers.

The authors are specialists in negotiation and dispute resolution. When the book came out, readers applauded the keen reference to real-life situations. The book is comprehensive research in Psychology, Sociology, Economics, and Organizational Behavior. And reveals how a career woman’s mind works.  Get this book on Amazon.

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  1. Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade

The books’ author is Robert B. Cialdini and it was published in 2016. Also, it focuses on the importance of persuasion during bargaining and negotiation meetings. The book is based on different case studies and talks about human Psychology and bargaining. The book says if you can persuade others then you will succeed in your negotiation. You will succeed because of what you say, how the listener reacts, and what you do before the discussion starts. Get this book on Amazon

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  1. Negotiating the Impossible: How to Break Deadlocks and Resolve Ugly Conflicts

This is another book that is part of the best negotiation books you should get immediately. Deepak Malhotra is the author and they published it initially in 2016. It states that persuasion is crucial when you are bargaining and negotiating with the other party. The book shows you how to prepare for a negotiation meeting. And lists the process of negotiation and applies normal life scenarios to tough business situations. Also, the book reveals the working of the minds of parties and their mentality. Get this book on Amazon.

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In this post, I gave you a list of the best negotiation books that you must read. The books are mostly from renowned authors. Also, they are practical and have loads of examples for handling a real-life negotiating meeting. Get the books and improve your negotiating skills.

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