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Want to know more about the best personal finance software and apps on the globe? Here are the very best out there, giving apps for your smartphones and your PCs.

Financial management is usually looked at as one wholesome complicated venture, since it involves recording one’s income and expenses, and it is not really easy keeping track of one’s expenses. But with innovations and advancement in technology, the digital era has made it so easy to manage one’s finance and track one’s expenditure making it easier to work with a budget, giving one total financial control.

There’s just something about having one of the best personal finance software for yourself. These help you deal with receipts, invoices, papers, and all that financial nightmare, on your behalf. Additionally, many of them can help you keep track of your finances, to help you manage your spending, reduce debt, and keep track of app subscriptions.

Some of these applications also provide financial advice on the side as an additional service, giving you much more control over your finances.

In this post, we will be considering some of the best personal finance software and apps that will enable proper management of your finances.

Best Personal Finance Software and Apps

personal finance software and apps


Mint is a free personal finance service from Intuit. It aids you to create a budget and track your expenses by allowing you to input and track your bills, as well as synchronize your bank and card details while helping you monitor all transactions all in real-time.

It is designed to help you set goals and reminders, budgets, notify you on budget limits, payment due dates, etc. giving you a total financial overview.

  • Mint is free and is available on Android and iOS.



YNAB is a paid personal finance service. It is designed primarily to help you save by curbing overspending by allocating your money to specific purposes.

YNAB has several features including budgeting advice, online tutorials, workshops, etc. you can try the app free for 34days and 12 months for students who can show a valid proof of admission. Afterward, you will be charged a fee of $11.99/month or $84/year with a 100% money-back guarantee.



Quicken is one of the most successful financial management software in the market. It offers a lot of capabilities from budgeting to bills payment, to investments. You could link your bank as well as credit card details. There’s also a terrific feature for tracking your investments including your 4011k pension plan, and investment portfolio. It also allows you to pay bills directly from the app, as well as offer investment coaching.

Quicken has a free trial for 30 days with a payment option you can upgrade to the Quicken starter, deluxe, premier or home & business for a fee of $34.99/year, $44.99/year, $67.49/year and $89.99/year.



Banktree is one of the best personal finance software and apps on the market. It offers you the ability to keep track of your budgeting in multiple currencies. It is an excellent app for travelers. The mobile app even allows you to scan receives when on the go. Banktree also provides detailed and easy to understand reports, which breaks down all aspects of your finances without fuss.

There’s a 30-day free trial. Afterward, you can pay £35/$40  with one-year free updates and an additional £5/$6, if you add additional PCs. The mobile apps are free additions, that come with your PC app purchase.

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Personal capital focuses more on investments as compared to other apps. It allows you to manage all your financial accounts directly from the app.

You can include your bank accounts, credit details, investments accounts, and even your mortgage accounts. In addition, personal capital also helps you plan for your retirement.


Buddi makes it as easy as it can be as an open-source budget software. It allows you to budget, track accounts, and create personal financial reports in several ways. If you are aiming to save, this software can aid you in achieving that.


PocketGuard helps you manage your finances on-the-go. With a simple and elegant interface, you can track your finances, make payments, create your budget and monitor your bank and card accounts,


Acorns is designed to help you become an investor with a great portfolio. It does this by accessing your financial capacity and through some algorithms help you invest your spare cash (change from after purchasing with the app) as well as your direct investments (one-time or recurring) into its exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Acorns help you achieve all this for a simple fee of $3/month.


Mvelopes operates with the foundational idea of the traditional envelope budgeting, where the money is kept and tagged in different envelopes for different purposes. This software uses the same approach but in a digitized manner, categorically breaking down budgets.

It helps you track your daily expenditures with a view of your planned budget. Like other software, you can connect your bank and credit details and monitor your finances on-the-go. Mvelopes offer a 30-day trial period after which you will have to pick from the basic version for $6/month, plus version for $19/month, and the complete version for $59/month.

 10) Money Dashboard

Money Dashboard is a fascinating personal finance application that helps you keep track of your expenses with deep insights. You will have a pie chart that depicts your loans, transport, consumables, and your balance at a glance.

It integrates seamlessly with your UK bank and credit card accounts helping you stay on top of your finances. Money Dashboard is also very safe, and it is surprisingly completely free to use. You will also enjoy dedicated apps for IOS and Android devices, keeping track of your finances on the go.


Wally helps you track your budget by setting a saving target, creating a daily budget, creating expenses, and income reports. It makes it easy for you by letting you take photos of your receipts and attaching essential information to them.

Wally is also available on Android and iOS


GnuCash helps you manage your financial data. It offers individuals and small businesses an on-the-go accounting tool. It can be used for bill payment, creating and managing invoices, tracking bank accounts as well as monitoring income, stocks, and expenses. Although easy to use, it requires foundational knowledge on accounting to fully exploit it.

13) Moneydance

Moneydance is designed for Mac users. However, you can also have dedicated applications for Windows, and Linux. However, with this app, you can enjoy an instant and detailed overview of your recent expenses, upcoming bills, and your finance.

It is one of the best desktop management packages for a neat track of your personal finances. However, if you want to synchronize with your bank accounts, this only works for US bank accounts. To use this app, you will need to pay $49.99 per household, which allows you to run on multiple desktops within the same house. They don’t offer a free trial, but you can enjoy a 90-day money-back guarantee. Moneydance also comes with an IOS app for tracking on the go.

14) HomeBank

HomeBank is one of the best personal finance software and apps on the globe. It gives you powerful and handy reports to effectively manage your finances. Even more, it supports unlimited accounts and gives you dedicated apps for Linux and Mac. You can also import data from other personal finance software, such as Microsoft Money and Quicken. However, you will have to manually edit after money transfers. However, it is designed specifically for users, who won’t like too much automation, but a  nice middle giving you lots of power over how your finance sheets and tracking look like.

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15. TurboTax

If there’s one thing that has caused a lot of havoc in our lives, it’s our taxes. Without staying on top of your tax preparations, you risk paying steep fines plus the problems to your credit. With TurboTax, you can effectively manage your tax preparations with a clear picture of everything including the attached schedules. It is free for filing for federal and state returns if you use form 1040 without the attached schedules. However, you can also consider connecting to a CPA on TurboTax team for more personalized counsel on your taxes.

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Now you know all about the best personal finance software and apps out there, what’s your take on this? Have you used any of these applications recently? Do you need help with them? Please send your questions and insights in the comments section.

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