8 Best Startup Books of All Time


This book will review briefly 8 best startup books of all time. Also, when you want to start a business there are many things that you have to face as the promoter. You will have to wear many hats and function in different capacities until the business launches, and starts generating profit. Although statistics show that only a few make it at startup, yours can be among these 20 percent that makes it according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. With all the books written on how to start a business, you don’t need to spend so much on consultants because this information is mostly online. You can receive mentoring in any area with less than $50.

So, to advance you fast and smoothly on your quest to start that business, here are the best startup books. Get them and launch that startup now.

8 Best Startup Books of All Time

  1. Will It Fly? by Pat Flynn

The author is a leader in things that concern the entrepreneur’s lifestyle. In this book, Pat Flynn offers practical advice on how you can test your business before you start the business. Also, testing the business idea first will tell you if the business is realistic and could make a profit.

In this book, the author takes you through five phases like confirming if your business idea aligns with your goals, breaking down points of your business idea you may not have thought of, assessing the market of your business idea, testing your idea and then deciding if you should launch the idea or go back and fine tune the idea. You can get the book if you think you have a good idea and want to validate it before startup. Buy the book on Amazon.

Best Startup Books

  1. Crushing It! by Gary Vaynerchuk

Crushing It, is one of the must-read best startup books of all time. If you need to start building your brand then this book is one of the best startup books you can get. What differentiates a good business and a great one is branding. So think of this book is a primer before you start that your business.

The Author is a recognized expert in entrepreneurial matters. In this book, he takes you through why you must have a distinct brand and gives you the foundational basis of a good brand. Besides, the book will help you build a brand that the clients you are trying to attract, will appreciate. He also teaches you how to use social media to marketing your business.  Buy the book on Amazon.

Best Startup Books

  1. Profit First by Mike Michalowicz

This book will help you to discover the financial side of starting a business. Also, the book will teach you how to grow your profit no matter the life cycle of your business. Also, you will learn to operate the business with positive cash flow and avoid the stress of lack of enough cash to run the business.

Furthermore, this book explains all you need to know about finances for your business in simple terms. So, even if you are not an accountant, you will understand it. Buy the book on Amazon.

Best Startup Books

  1.  $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau

The $100 Start-up is top on this list of best startup books. To start a new business, the funds are always an impediment for most people. But if you have a small capital, you can still start that business.

In this book, the author Chris Guillebeau, gives you 50 case studies of entrepreneurs who started their business successfully with little capital. He analyzes each of this business and draws out the reason they were able to succeed despite having little funds at startup. In the book, you will learn to use your expert knowledge and passion to create profitable businesses.  Buy the book on Amazon.

Best Startup Books

  1. Women Who Launch by Marlene Wagman-Geller

As a woman, you may find it particularly hard to start a business or even get funds to start one. But if you are in that situation, don’t worry as this book will give you the information you need to start that business.

In the book, the author gives you a profile of many successful women who crossed the barrier of capital, among other obstacles, to start their business and succeeded in it. You have names like Sara Blakely for Spanx, Juliette Gordon Low for staring the Girl Scouts. This book celebrates women who were able to courageously start a business and leave a legacy. Buy the book on Amazon.

best startup books

  1. Zero to One by Peter Thiel

If you are looking for another one of the best startup books of all time, get Zero to One by Peter Thiel. When you start a small business, it is a small thing but when you open a Startup, it is a different matter. In this case, you have to deal with a lot of issues like employees, investors and the initial amount to start the business. To avoid shutting down the business due to overwhelming challenges, Zero to One offers you the ideas you need to stay in business.

The author is a PayPal co-founder who outlines the qualities you need to run a successful Startup business. Also, he focuses on using innovation to launch the business into the market and to avoid the disruption that may kill the business early.  Buy the book on Amazon.

best startup books

  1. Atomic Habits by James Clear

Time is valuable for everybody and for a business that is just starting, it is even more important. So if you are struggling to do a lot of things on time in your business, then Atomic Habit can help you. In the book, the author shows how you form a habit and why you should know how we form a habit. He says knowing that will let change an old one and form a new one. His methods are to try and make small changes that continue to increase daily.

Atomic Habit is a self-improvement book than a Business book, but you can use it to plan your daily activities and the way you behave. So if you change your habits, you will be more productive, and take the needed steps, to grow that your business.  Buy the book on Amazon.

best startup books

  1. Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek

Leading well means growth for your startup and that is why Leaders Eat Last By Simon Sinek, is added to the list of best startup books. If you run a one man business or freelancer, it is okay. But at a time you would need to think about making the business bigger. And so, you would need to learn about leadership and how to build cohesive teams.

In this book, the author focuses on how to make your team trust you and others in the team. He explains that is important for increasing motivation and productivity. The book is conversational yet, tells you how to be an effective leader and ways to improve yourself as the leader.  Buy the book on Amazon.

best startup books


In this article, I listed and reviewed briefly 8 best startup books of all time, you need to read. The books are diverse and share different ideas that range from Leadership to funding and building a business. Also, you will learn how to interpret the numbers in a business and manage your time for more productivity. Get these books now and enhance your business.

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