Small Businesses You Can Start With $100


It is often the dream of several people to begin a business and become their own boss. However, the challenge of raising enough money to start the business prevents many from achieving their dream. You do not have to start a business with huge capital, there are small businesses you can start with $100 and grow them gradually.

The initial cost associated with establishing a business is usually money spent on marketing and advertising. So, with good flyers distributed at strategic locations, good social media marketing, one-on-one marketing, and other marketing techniques, you could kick start your business adventure. 

Therefore, the following are some examples of small businesses you can start with $100 if you already possess a set of skills and expertise.

Small Businesses you can start
Small Businesses you can start

Social Media Manager

Social media is being used by educational institutions, businesses, and non-profit making organizations to reach their audiences; however, not everyone has the time to do this. If you are knowledgeable about different social media platforms and want to offer targeted services to the public, try exploring the social media space.


This is one of the businesses that can be started with $100 and below. The use of online platforms makes the marketing of your service much easier and accessible. For example, would make you offer assistance to students in academic subjects.

However, other subject areas like cooking, chess, or singing can also be tapped into when you visit Usually, tutors can charge up to $50 hourly, though these websites take a big part of the fee it can be an avenue to build a local client base and begin to hire other tutors to work for you.

Cab Service

Registering with ride-sharing platforms such as Uber, your car can be turned into a business venture without spending a dime. However, all things being equal, the money realized can go into the regular taxi or chauffeur service. Ultimately, your goal is to make a larger profit and end up hiring employees or become a subcontractor.

Cleaning Service

You could clean houses or office space making use of the personal equipment and suppliers that you already make use of in your home. The profits realized can be invested in specialized gadgets for bigger clients.

A report has it that after divorce, Carrie H Johnson started a cleaning service business during her stay at low-income housing. After a while, the company developed into a multimillion-dollar business having over 165 employees.

House Painting

Several states in the United States of America do not require a license to become a painting contractor. With minimum equipment, you can start with indoor painting.

Interestingly, one can get useful tips on YouTube videos, free home depot workshops, and some regular painting practices around the home. Matt Shoup narrated that he began with $100 and went from house-to-house and later built a painting business with $2.5 million as annual revenue. 

Grocery Delivery

With a car, you could begin grocery delivery. There is an already market for delivery service because of the establishment of many online shopping services. To make a decent profit, it is advisable to make your delivery affordable and cover a very limited area.

You can start by visiting the elderly in a complex and promising delivery twice in a week for proper processing of orders. Getting a PayPal card reader would make payment processing simple. It attaches to your Smartphone and charges 2.7% of each transaction without any hidden charges.

Virtual Assistant

You could become a virtual assistant (VA) with just a phone, a computer, and an internet service. This is one of the hottest small online businesses you can start with $100. The assignment varies from client to client but usually includes; editing, management of social media accounts, preparing reports, research, the setting of appointments, and several other services.

VA Amy Andrew on her website said from her experience that it’s a great work at home opportunity and something that can be handled by many. Also, at some point in time, you would need to hire others to help complete tasks.

Recycling Of Scrap Metal

A thorough search of your shed and garage might be all that it takes to commence a scrap metal recycling business. Aluminum and copper ranks as one of the most valuable metals and there are scrap metal dealers in almost every community. After your first sale, go ahead to search for new supplies.

There are online scrap metal discussion groups where all the needed tips and advice can be gotten. This small business has all it takes to become a multi million dollars business. Stephen Greer arrived in Hong Kong after college with nothing but has built a scrap metal recycling business worth over $250 million.


Dropshipping makes it possible for you to sell your products on your eCommerce platform without making contact with any inventory. The products are purchased from your site and you place the order while the supplier delivers it directly to the buyer and the profit is yours.

There are several online drop-ship product suppliers. So, research and be sure to find a reputable supplier. While some do varieties of products, others specialize. One way to make more sales is through the use of a website; however, auctioning on sites like also works.

Pet Care

Several owners of pets do not have the time to watch over their pets because they have day jobs to attend, however, they are willing to part away with some bucks to take care of these pets. All that is required is your love and passion for pets and a bit of experience in the area of understanding their needs.

Property Management

Real estate entrepreneurs and other businesses have multiple properties but lack the time to monitor its maintenance, and that’s where you come in – assists in property management at a certain fee. Here, there is no take-off fund required.

All of these businesses are home-based and require the use of the skills that you already have. Also, they are small businesses you can start with $100. Each of the businesses can be advertised using a one-on-one marketing strategy and through referrals. Also, it is good to know that the success of any low-investment business would be determined by how much commitment and dedication you put into it.


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