11 Characteristics of The Rich


There must be a precise pattern of living every rich person inculcates that makes them not only get wealthier but sustain the wealth, and this pattern is what I think every person who wants to get and remain rich should emulate.

This saying that “The rich will get richer while the poor get poorer” is completely agreeable, the reason being that there are obviously things that the rich keep doing that the poor haven’t discovered yet or isn’t ready to do.

Today in this post I will take you through what rich people do, and some of the very important activities the rich consistently indulge themself with that keeps the wealth flowing.

Although this post may not completely cover every aspect, I believe it will give you a good head start on your journey of wealth discovery. So, for a moment if you don’t mind, rhetorically ask yourself what rich people do and see if you can attempt an answer.

We will answer the above question by listing 11 effective characteristics of the rich and how these characteristics help them sustain their wealth.

1. Rich People Are Time Conscious

The rich understand the value of time and how every second counts. Time management is one core characteristic a lot of people play down, it plays a very essential role in wealth creation.

Endeavor not to waste the minutest second. Organize a good priority list where you have considered from the most important activity to the least important and make sure to be faithful in carrying out each one at the time apportioned to it.

Although there will be days you may feel otherwise, remember not to take it too hard on yourself as you should spend quality time resting as well.

2. They Surround Themselves with Like-Minded People

Rich people surround themselves with people who share their positive ideology and inspiration about wealth.

When you are in the midst of like-minded people it inspires you constantly to get to your most potential with no fear of judgment and most importantly, they speak a language that resonates with your beliefs.

“Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers, and thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see greatness within you, even when you don’t see it in yourself.” – Steve Jobs

3. They Are Always Learning

No one ever knows it all, so to keep knowing, you keep learning. It is one of the most popular traits in every rich person, they keep learning. The average billionaire studies at least an hour daily, and they are much more likely to read books that relate to wealth creation, career development, personal development, biographies of successful people, and general well-being.

They don’t just receive knowledge when it comes to them, they make a conscious effort to acquire them. The rich continuously invest in knowledge.

4. The Rich Prioritize Health

According to Thomas Corley- Author of ‘Rich Habit, Poor Habit’ – ”Rich people are much likely to eat healthy food and keep junk food to a minimum”

For you to keep making more money, you have to keep living. They not only watch what they eat, but they also stay fit as well by involving in simple necessary physical exercises.

To stay rich, they have to maintain discipline including exercise.

5.  The Rich Focus on Opportunities

Most people waste time on things that aren’t necessary, they spend time whining and complaining about a problem without necessarily finding solutions to it.

Rather than looking at a problem as an insurmountable obstacle, the rich see every problem as an opportunity to make even more wealth.

During times of challenges no matter how big or small the wealthy lookout for improvisations, solutions, and even opportunities that challenge will likely be accompanied. Every problem has its own Opportunity

6. Rich People Take Calculated Risk

One of the most popular traits of the rich is ‘Risk Taking’, they take risks in investments, skills development, and business expansions.

The surest way to meet the next big opportunity for the rich is to take risks and they do this most often.

Remember it is one thing to take a risk, it is another to take a well-calculated risk and this is what the rich do, They Take Calculated Risks.

They Do Not Pull luck, it is only the poor that pull lucks in a lottery, gambling, etc but the rich consciously involves calculated risk-taking for the next big thing

7. The Rich Are Mindful of Their Spending

The poor spend money to impress people who don’t care the rich on the other hand do not spend money on frivolities. Most wealthy people do not like waste, they spend money on things that offer value

8. Rich People Have Multiple Streams of Income

The rich understand the benefit of multiple streams of income and how keeps this keeps the money inflow. Creating multiple streams of income allows cash inflow from different sources.

In any case where the is a deficit in one, the other will stand in and complement such deficit. There is always a backup plan!

Most poor people have a single source of income, and anyone can tell what is likely to happen if that source experiences bankruptcy.

9.  The Rich Save Money

Saving money is one of the very important characteristics of the rich, they save most of their income mostly to reinvest when the need arises.

Because the rich are always looking out for opportunities, they are constantly preparing for the day the opportunity will show up by saving.

If you are trying to inculcate rich habits, I will strongly recommend that you start with learning how to save money for opportunities.

10. Rich People Give

Rich people voluntarily and more constantly carry out giving activities ranging from time, money, talents, resources, etc, It is usually their way of giving back to society.

11. The Rich Lookout for Investment Opportunities

It is very simple; the rich make money work for them by recognizing opportunities and investing in them.

Some of the most important words for the rich are opportunity and Investment, they are always seeking opportunities to make more money.

11 Characteristics of The Rich

  1. Rich People Are Time Consciousness
  2. They surround themselves with like-minded people
  3. They Always Seek Opportunities To Learn
  4. They Rich Prioritise Health
  5.  The Rich Focus On Opportunities
  6. Rich People Take Calculated Risks.
  7. The Rich Are Mindful Of Their Spending
  8. Rich People Have Multiple Streams Of Income
  9. The Rich Save Money
  10. Rich People Give
  11. The Rich Lookout For Investment Opportunities
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