Cher Wang Biography & Net Worth


Cher Wang Biography & Net Worth

Popular Name: Cher Wang
Real Name:
Cher Wang
Birth Date: 14 September 1958
Birth Place:  Taipei, Taiwan
Age: 62
Gender: Female
Nationality: Taiwanese
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Married
Chen Wen-Chi
Children: N/A
Profession: Businesswoman, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist
Years active: 1997 Till Date
Net Worth: $1.1 Billion
Last Updated: December, 2020

Cher Wang is a Taiwanese entrepreneur and philanthropist. She is the co-founder of HTC Corporation and integrated chipset maker VIA Technologies She has also been a chairperson of the firms since 2007. She is listed among the most successful and powerful women in computer technology. As of 2014, Forbes listed Wang as the 54th most powerful woman on earth. She has been a blessing in the world by her intelligence and innovations. She has captured hearts, and has helped humanity by her contributions to technology. Cher Wang net worth has been made from her participation in businesses as one of the founders of the HTC Corporation. She has also reached out to the society severally as a philanthropist and has been able to assist some of the less privileged around her. We’ll be detailing Cher Wang biography in this article, as well as how she managed to breakthrough and achieve success in her career as a billionaire businesswoman.

Cher Wang’s Early Life

Cher Wang Wenchi Chen was born in Taipei, Taiwan on 15 September 1958. Her father’s name is Wang Yung-ching. He founded the plastics and petrochemicals company Formosa Plastics Group, and was one of the wealthiest people in Taiwan before his death in 2008.

Cher Wang studied at The College Preparatory School in Oakland, California, United states, and attended the the University of California, Berkeley, where she graduated from with a bachelor’s degree in economics in 1981.

Cher Wang Net Worth
Cher Wang

Cher Wang’s Career

After graduating from the University of California, Cher Wang joined the First International Computer (FIC) in 1982. In 1987, she collaborated with others and founded the integrated chipset maker VIA Technologies. Ten years afterwards, she worked with others and founded HTC. HTC is Taiwan’s biggest smartphones and tablets maker. It is also one of the leading brands in the world. Making its beginnings as a maker of devices mainly based on Microsoft’s Windows operating system (OS) software, HTC broadened its focus to mobiles based on Android operating system in 2009, as well as to Windows Phone operating system the following year.

In May 2011, Forbes ranked Wang and her husband Wen Chi Chen as the wealthiest people in Taiwan, with a total worth of $8.8 billion. In August 2012, she was placed 56th on Forbes’ The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women list. In 2014, she was listed as the 54th most powerful woman alive by Forbes.

In Oct. 2014, Cher Wang rejected the Final Award of the “HKIAC / A11022 arbitration” and moved to appeal to the Hong Kong High Court (Case No.:HCCT40 / 2014) before Judge Mimmie Chan.Cher asserted that the Award was converse to public policy. VIA product VT3421, an anti-hack chip (also called TF376) was suspected in assisting the Chinese government of surveilling devices of anti-communist and human rights activists. In a hearing before Mimmie Chan, in Hong Kong’s High Court, the defense counsel claimed that the Award was in defiance of Hong Kong’s public order and morals. In June 2015 Mimmie Chan remised the case back to Arbitrator Anthony Neoh. The tribunal upheld the belief in October 2015, and VIA lost out on the case for millions of dollars. The backdoor of hacking prevention chip VT3421/TF376 caused big issues in Taiwan. A total of eleven Legislative Senators made the suggestion to put the government procurement of HTC related communication products on hold until the VIA Electronics’ VT3421/TF376 hacking chip backdoor issue has been thoroughly investigated by the National Security Bureau and National Communication Committee.

In March 2015, Cher Wang took over the role of HTC Chief Executive Officer from Peter Chou and became involved in the day-to-day operations of HTC. In September 2017, HTC and tech giant Google announced a cooperation agreement worth $1.1 billion. Their agreement included that Google would obtain HTC IP through a nonexclusive licensing agreement, and that certain HTC employees would join Google.

Cher Wang is also a notable philanthropist who has dedicated her time and wealth to numerous charity causes. Her Charity Foundations hold stock of eight investment companies with a market value of more than $200 million. However, only $27,000 has been donated to charity(0.000135%). One of her most notable philanthropic gestures  include the $28 million that she gave freely to the Guizhou Forerunner College, an educational institution that provides free education for three years to students from low income families. There was also a time she donated as much as 6000 HTC flyer tablet PCs to 60 schools in Taipei. With her inspiring and successful journey, the goal-oriented businesswoman in Wang with her hard work and innovative mind imparts many learning. Mostly, it is her social responsibility and humility that greatly inspires the rest.

Awards & Achievements

Many people in this world dream big, but only fewer people ever get to live up to their dreams. For Cher Wang, she has achieved her dreams using her skills and intelligence. She has achieved a status in the society of today that can be admired by many people of all ages. It has not sounded strange that she has been listed as one of the most powerful women in the world for her exceptional entrepreneurial skills.

Personal Life & Family

Despite all that she has accomplished her many achievements, Cher Wang lives an extremely private life with her beloved husband Wen Chi Chen. Wang is widely known for her humility and simplicity. She flies in budget airlines and wears a simple suit to work. Philanthropy has always been a big part of her as well. She has made notable contributions towards education and assists the needy around her.

Cher Wang Net Worth

This Taiwanese businesswoman and entrepreneur inherited her father’s entrepreneurial spirit, and have involved her skills and intelligence in her career as one of the founders of HTC and VIA technologies. She is currently the chairperson of the companies she also helped in founding, and her wealth has come from her salary at the end of every year’s sales.

Cher Wang net worth is $1.1 billion currently. She is one of the richest Asian women and one of the most successful and most powerful women in the whole world.

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