Financial Advice For College Students


Donald Trump, the former President of the United States of America, was given a small loan of a million dollars to finance his business. Lucky, right? However, not everyone was born with a silver spoon in their mouth to be as advantageous as he was. Most have to earn it. Getting a million dollars to finance your pursuits may prove to be difficult but don’t we all take one step at a time to get there?

Financial freedom is one of the most vital skills one may acquire. It gives you the perquisite of having your heart and mind free from what-ifs. And is that not everyone looking for a maturity step? To achieve this, the following are some financial tips for college students from experts.

1.   Learn self-control.

You may have already nodded to yourself in agreement with my statement. There is a reason why this is the first step. This is because without self-control, then it will always be a step forward and two steps backward. It is safe to say that college students are particularly guilty of making deplorable decisions. Quick example; a student was paid a handsome salary after performing a task. He later got drunk and smashed his friend’s flat screen in anger because he could pay for it. Let me not get you sad by telling you how much the screen was. He might, however, stop watching too many movies for now.

Learning self-control may probably be the best financial decision you may make for yourself. Avoid paying for items just because you have the ability. You may look back and regret buying that pair of socks for 200 dollars. Even if it is possible to buy an item on credit, you could forego it and save for it to buy later. You’ll still find it.

2.   Budget your money.

Even a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The first step of financial independence is conjecturing how money works to make it work for you. There is a particular kind of sadness and regret that follows when you have no idea of how you have spent your money and the amount paid. Like every problem, this regret has an explanation; budgeting. It does not hurt to know your money channels and monitor your spending. Budgeting can help you a long way, enabling you to pocket a few dollars from some unnecessary spendings sighted. Practice the art of budgeting. It saves you a lot of regret and questioning.

3.   Save.

Life is not usually black and white; it is hard to predict it. It may be hard to realize how significant saving is until you are in a tough spot. But does it have to get to that to have a wake-up call? It only starts with a small coin or note, and little by little, you fill the pot. Saving does not necessarily be for rainy days. You could save for a new car or apartment. However, an emergency fund may be reliable when in desperate need of assistance. Think of it as a way of securing your life so that in case of anything. You could bounce right back to the game. I may not be an expert, but I know having security in your future is not a bad idea.

4.   Be open to investment ideas.

Investing is not nearly as difficult as it looks. It involves doing a few things right and avoiding pressing mistakes. Investment may include a lot of risks, but every action consists in taking a leap of faith. Take baby steps. The whole point of investment is to give returns to your money, no matter how little it may be. Stop looking for the needle in the haystack and buy the haystack instead. It may be risky, sure, but nothing comes easy.

There are many investment ideas. For example, as a young essay writer, I may choose to invest in an academic essay writing service to assure my chances of getting a job. If successful, I may look for another investment such as advanced writing to increase my returns. It can be that simple.

5.   Get a job.

Thomas Jefferson wisely said that you should never spend money until you have it. It always feels nice to provide for yourself, despite the parents having the ability to render you with everything you need. As highlighted by various expert essay writers from AdvancedWriters, there are many ways for a college student to find a job. Once you get a job, all financial pieces of advice proffered should feel like a sleek ride.

6.   Use credit wisely.

It would help if you never disregarded that credit is debt. So, before you buy anything using your credit card, ensure it is indispensable. Free advice; you do not want to keep paying your debts five years from now. Costs accumulate in the blink of an eye. To avoid this, avoid sloppiness and remember to pay back your credits in the shortest time possible.

7.   Look for ways to spend less.

Being a student is often very advantageous. The number of discounts and coupons available to students is countless. Use them to the best of your ability, and when there is the chance to spend less, take it.

8.   Guard your health.

Years pass as pronto as the wind, and soon enough, you will be out on your own to fend for yourself. This step may appear complicated, but decisions such as getting a health plan make it swiffer. You do not have to obtain money from your account since the health plan covers you in case of any sickness. It is vital to prepare and prevent. Do not wait to repair and repent.

9.   Guard your wealth.

Piggy banks are often the easiest go-to saving method. However, how secure are they? Imagine the frustration and sadness in case of theft of the piggy bank. It is hence advisable to switch to a more innocuous option, such as a bank account. Bank information must also be held in confidentiality to avoid any fraud activities.

10.  Search for available financial help.

Through studying, you can get better at anything you put your heart to. Several books offer financial advice. Please have a look at them to allow yourself to get better. If you learn how to manage your money in your 20s, your life gets more straightforward, and you can grow your wealth exponentially.


An academic writing expert, Joan Young, quotes that financial freedom is available to those who learn about it and work for it. There is nothing undoable. Project your effort and commitment to it, and you sure will get returns.


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