10 Practical Frugal Living Tips To Save a Ton of Money


What does it mean to be frugal? It means living economically when it concerns money and food, living a simple and plain life that costs little. Also, if you are married and have children, frugal living could become more of a priority for your family as you try to save money. Living frugally could help you financially as you are able to plan what you need in advance and to buy things creatively.

The most practical way to live on less is to live frugally and that involves overhauling your finances, paying off your debts and radically cutting off all kinds of waste wherever possible. It just means being more intentional in your income and expenses.

10 Practical Frugal Living Tips That Will Save Tons of Money

Here are the frugal living tips that will transform your finances and still give you a decent lifestyle.

1. Give Your Home A Frugal Makeover

To make your home more fugal involves a lot of things. For instance, you can start by replacing light bulbs with led bulbs and turning off the lights when you are not using them. Also, you can change the bath to showers and take shorter showers to save water.

You should also turn off heaters in the room that you are not using to save energy and give up your TV license and use cheaper ones like Netflix. And try to use energy-efficient appliances in your home. Besides, you may change your car home insurance provider to a cheaper one to save some money.

2. Be Crafty With Your Cleaning

Make your own cleaning products to save money and to reduce the chemical composition of those cleaning products. This is one of the frugal living tips that you must act on when you consider the amount of money you will save from this method.

3. Be A Frugal Grocery Shopper

You spend a lot on groceries and that is why you should cut down on the type of groceries you buy by cutting down your eating habits. To cut down the money you spend on eating, make a meal plan weekly. This will help you buy the exact items you need from the supermarket and not waste food.

But, you should not put your health at risk because you want to live frugally. You can eat well and still be frugal. Also, stop buying plastic bags in supermarkets. Take some along when you go for shopping to avoid charges for these bags. Just keep some in the boot of your car so that they are handy.

Finally, buy things like toilet rolls, washing powder, and household utensils in bulk because they are cheaper that way.

4. Experiment With Different Brands

Here is another one of the frugal living tips that will guarantee lots of savings for you.  Look at your shopping list and the brands you normally buy and then switch all of them gradually to cheaper ones and watch out for the differences. Confirm if the difference is noticeable by taste compared to the savings.

For example, you can buy wheat biscuits instead of costlier Weetabix. You should weigh the price and the taste and the alternative and see if the change in cost and savings are worth your while. Note that if the number of brands you switch is high, then your savings will be high too.

5. Don’t Buy What You Can Get For Free

Look out for free or cheaper options for some things. For instance, don’t buy newspapers and magazines since you can read them online if you have internet access. Also, don’t buy books instead use your local library. You may visit our local library to borrow books for free. You may even get some e-books free on Amazon Kindle books free.

6. Travel Frugally

Travel and transportation are expensive and these frugal living tips will help to reduce travel expenses. Here are some options you can use to live frugally. Use a bicycle or walk when it is possible. Walking or riding on a bicycle will keep you fit and save your money too. Also, don’t buy water when you go out. Take your own water bottle and a hot water flask.

Furthermore, you should drive economically by breaking only when you must do so and gauge your tires and make sure they are inflated to the right levels to save fuel.

7. Buy Multi Travel Tickets And Rail Cards

If you travel by using public transport often, find out whether you can get any discounts for frequent travellers. Also, Bus services offer affordable multi travel tickets. Confirm if they are available and get them. And, buy railcards to save some money on Train travel.

8. Be A One Car Family And Avoid Paying Toll

Here are some frugal living tips about your cars and how you use the road. Be a one-car family to reduce maintenance costs on extra cars. If you live near your place of work, you could take public transport or take a walk sometimes. Also, do not drive on toll roads to avoid paying toll on the road. You may consider how much the time you may waste on the normal roads cost you in income. Do the math.

9. Give Your Finances A Frugal Overhaul

Take control of your finances by making sure your income and expenses align with your frugal lifestyle. So do the following. Make a budget to control the money you earn and what you are willing to spend. Also, save up some money for emergencies. This will keep you from panicking or borrowing when you need money for an emergency. You should be able to change the washing machine and repair your car from the emergency funds.

10. Pay Off Your Debts

Paying off your debts is one of the frugal living tips that you must implement immediately if you have any debts. You should pay off your debts early so that interest doesn’t accrue on debt. And try to live within your means by planning what you can afford. Having debts keeps you perpetually behind in your finances. So, learn to manage your expenses and do not spend what you don’t have.

Conclusion: Living frugally does not mean being a tightwad. What it means is that you are more intentional with your income and expenses. You can live frugally and still live a good life that meets all your needs, helps you stay out of debt and still support your favourite charity. Also, you can enjoy the things you want by finding close alternatives that are frugal. Try these suggestions now.
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