Gary Primm Biography & Net Worth 

Popular Name: Gary Primm
Real Name: Gary Primm
Birth Date: N/A
Birth Place: San Marino, California, United States
Age: N/A
Gender: Male
Nationality/Citizenship: American
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Married
Spouse(s): N/A
Children: N/A
Profession: Businessman, Casino Magnate
Years active: N/A
Net Worth: $1 Billion
Last Updated: 2022

Gary Primm is a successful American businessman, most notable for his involvement in the casino business as a developer. He is the former chief executive officer and chairman of Primm Valley Resorts, an establishment he started and controlled to become one of the finest of its kind in the United States. Today, Forbes magazine identifies him as one of America’s most successful billionaire casino developers. More on his biography and business activities are available in the article below.

Life & Career

This businessman was born and raised in San Marino, California, in the United States. He is the son of Ernest Jay Primm, an early developer of casinos in the United States. The town of Primm in Nevada is named after the Primadonna casino, based there and developed by Gary Primm’s father, Ernest Primm.

The senior Primm developed the Primadonna Casino Resorts in Primm, Nevada in the mid-1970s. After his father passed away, Gary took over the family business in 1981 with the zeal of a dedicated young man, eager to walk in his father’s footsteps and do even better.

Gary Primm and his friend Kirk Kerkorian developed the New York Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas in 1997. He also owns a cannabis company called Deep Roots Medical which, as of this moment, is operating in Nevada.

His Primm Valley Casino Resorts was formerly known as Primadonna Casino Resorts. He led the company as chairman and chief executive officer for many years before relinquishing his roles. Best recognized as one of the finest in the United States, Primm Valley Casino Resorts is a group of three hotel-casinos located in Primm, Nevada, currently owned and operated by Affinity Gaming. Named after the Primm family, the benefactors of the hotel and casino properties are Ernest Primm and his son Gary Primm.

The Primadonna Casino Resorts were built by the Primm family at State Line, Nevada, and the family’s history in the area is the main reason why it received the official name of Primm. Whiskey Pete’s was the first of the family’s hotels. The Primadonna Resort was the second that they built. This hotel was later renamed the Primm Valley Resort. The third hotel built is Buffalo Bills. Several gas stations and convenience stores surround the casinos. There’s also a lottery and convenience store located on a section of the property in California.

Personal Life

We currently lack sufficient information to indicate if this businessman is married or has any children. He hasn’t made any detail of this kind public, as he hardly talks about things that aren’t related to his business interests in the media.

Primm lived in the Newport Beach area for several years before relocating to Las Vegas, Nevada. He has returned to live in Newport Beach in recent times.

He was involved in a tax dispute on the subject of his 145-foot power yacht, which is kept in Newport Beach, California. The dispute was later settled by the Orange County Tax Assessor’s office, which ruled that the yacht, named the Primadonna, was not in the slip at Newport Beach enough days in a year to warrant the collection of taxes.

Gary Primm Net Worth

As chairman and chief executive officer of the Primadonna Casino Resorts in Primm, Nevada, Gary Primm, a successful American casino developer and investor who has been in his life of business for at least five decades, has been able to register his name on the list of America’s billionaires with a net worth of $1 billion dollars.

Born and brought up in San Marino, California, Gary Primm grew up around casinos, particularly because as his father was a successful casino developer who taught him the ways of the business from the time he was just a boy. Though there aren’t any awards in business that this man has collected in his lifetime of doing business for over fifty years, we recognize him for his hard work and resilience, starting from the time he went on to develop his own casino in the 70s, and called it the Primadonna Casino. Primm, Nevada was named after his father, Ernest Primm, who owned most of the land in the town. After his father died in the early 80s, Gary Primm became the chief executive officer of his father’s development company. He then grew the business into Primm Valley Resorts and Primadonna Resorts, Inc., which controls three famous resort/casinos on the California state line today. Additionally, Gary also co-developed the New York, New York resort and casino located in Las Vegas, Nevada. His relationship with casinos has been the basis of his wealth throughout his career.

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