5 Best Ways To Get Quick Loans For An Emergency


Emergencies are almost inevitable. When they come and you have no means of settling them, being able to get quick loans in such a situation is a surefire way to rescue yourself.

However, it is important to note that if perhaps you get approved, you are not likely to receive access to the applied loans straight away until you have fulfilled some requirements. This requirement could be applying at a particular period of the day for a quick loan.

And if you are unable to achieve that, then you’ll be required to hold on till the following day or longer to receive your funds. This is largely determined by your bank and the type of same-day loan you are going for. Some kinds of quick loans can be quite expensive; hence, it is vital that you understand perfectly what you are going for before receiving a loan. Be sure it is what you are capable of repaying in the required time.

Paying cash

Have a second thought before embracing high-cost loans such as title loans and payday loans as they can become a burden with their high interest rates and fees.

We have carefully selected the best personal loans which are not likely to cost you much compared to the other kinds of get quick loans or same-day loans.

However, before we delve deep into how to get quick loans, there are some questions people ask which you may want to know.

Can I Get A Quick Loan With No Credit Check?

Whoever will be willing to release funds to an applicant will want to do a thorough background credit check of the applicant be issuing the loan. This will help the lender institute a level of security of the issued loan. Hence, it is not likely that you’ll be issued loans by any lender with no credit check.

Can I Get A Payday Loan If I’m Unemployed?

CashNetUSA expects applicants to have a source of income that is steady and verifiable to make you qualify for a loan and for payback periods. But then, as an unemployed person who receives Social Security, disability, child support or alimony, you might be eligible.  

Where Can I Find A Quick Loan Near Me?

You have a few options to consider online to get quick loans, and these loans may come almost instantly, especially when approved at early times of the day. For instance, if you are approved before 10:30 a.m CT Monday – Friday. If you get approved after 10.30 a.m CT Monday – Friday, funds will come the following business day.

Things To Know About Quick Loans Or Same-Day Loans

While sorting the urgent situation is the very likely thing you find most important. However, understanding the fees involved, interest rates, and even the impact it can have on your finances on the long run is something you should deeply look into.

Here are some types of quick loans or same-day loans you should know about:

1. Title Loans

This is a kind of small dollar loan with high interest which could very likely offer you cash on the very day you apply for it. Title loans would require your vehicle as collateral. The loan provider receives your car title to provide you with the required loans. After settling back your loan, you receive your title back.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) revealed that title loan is around $700 and can be provided with an APR that can be as high as 300%!

Bear in mind that over 50% of people who go for this kind of loan constantly go back to borrow while about 20% of them finally forfeit their cars as a result of their inability to settle the loans.

2. Payday Loans

These kinds of loans are short-term loans for are considerable small cash which you are expected to pay on your next payday. Lenders of Payday loans are not likely to look at your credit scores or whether you are able to pay back your loan or not before issuing the loan. This means that even if you already have rough credit, you may still get a loan. But it may come at a high cost.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) stated that their fees can turn out as high as 400%. And if you are unable to pay the original loan quickly, the debt may eventually be rolled over into a new payday loan and this may be accompanied by additional fees that could also increase your payday debt hugely.

3. Pawn Shop Loans

You may also get cash by approaching a pawn shop with a valuable item. You can get an amount of cash that is previously agreed on in relation to the item to be exchanged for which often falls short of the actual value of the item.

If you are able to settle the loan amount with added fees on the agreed due date, you may get your valuables back. But if you fail to pay back as agreed, your item might be sold to recover the money. Pawn shop loans can be accompanied by really high interest rates which may total into very huge APRs like 240%.

Best Ways To Get Quick Loans

A. Earnin

Earnin is a loan app that helps you borrow money against your next paycheck and there is no traditional credit check being performed. As a first -timer, you are permitted to get loans of up to $100. As you keep repaying your loans and continue using the app, your loan privileges increase to up to $500.

Here are things to know about Earnin

1. You must work at the same place every day to use this app. You may also track your hours using electronic timesheets. You should receive payment on a consistent schedule. This could be weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly or monthly. And over 50% of each of the paychecks should be deposited directly in a single checking account.

2. The platform doesn’t ask for interest charges or fees for provided cash advance loans. People are expected to instead provide optional tips which may not be required to harness the apps.

3. Applicants must earn a minimum of $4 per hour after every necessary deduction has been made. The app only makes use of cash deposited into the checking account which is linked to Earnin through direct deposit to calculate your earnings. And if you get unemployment benefits through direct deposit from the state you are resident in, the company may also include that earnings in their calculation.

4. The platform’s Balance Shield feature creates an opportunity for applicants to prevent overdraft fees through sending alerts when checking balance is getting low. In cases where you sign up for Balance Shield Cash Outs and you have below $100 in your checking account, the app will automatically deduct as much as $100 from your earning.

B. Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo claims to provide loans to applicants on the new business day after being approved of a loan. You’ll be required to be an existing customer in good standing to be able to apply over the phone or online. This may also qualify you for a relationship discount on your rate if you have a checking account that is eligible and make automatic payments from a Wells Fargo account on your loan.

Unsecured Quick loans and personal loans on this platform range between $3,000 and $100,000.

Here are other things to know about Wells Fargo:

1. Wells Fargo also has secured loans available

The platform also provides secured personal loans that are backed by a savings account or CD at the bank. Secured loans that can be received range from $3000 to $250,000 which comes with a required $75 origination fee.

2. Co-applicants are permitted

Applicants may prefer to apply with someone else for a better possibility of gaining improved interest rates. This pattern is permitted on the platform.

3. There is no option for prequalification

You are not likely lucky with Wells Fargo if you are looking forward to what estimated terms you may fit in for without having a hard credit inquiry. There is a provision for a bank calculator where you can leverage on a potential rate by fixing in your own credit score tier and preferred terms. But then, the accuracy of such information cannot be generally guaranteed.


c. Marcus by Goldman Sachs

This is good for people who already have strong credit. According to Marcus, to receive approved funds after having your bank account verified it often takes up to like four business days. And you’ll need considerably strong credit to qualify. They stated that only people who have built “excellent credit” will be able to qualify for their lowest rates.

However, if you are only looking out for a little bit of money, don’t look in this direction. As this platform is basically for people who need a loan rate between $3,500 and $40,000.

Other things to note about Marcus

1. There are provisions for rewarding timely payments. If you have paid fully and on time for 12 months, Marcus will allow you to defer a payment and also extend your loan term for 4 weeks.

2. The company has stated that they will not charge you fees such as repayment penalty, origination fees, or late fees. But then, you’ll accrue increased interests if you miss a payment. And this information will be revealed on your credit reports.

3. Autopay discount allowed. Marcus provides a provision of small rate discount on personal loans for people who make automatic monthly payments.

D. LightStream

LightStream is best for people applying for large amounts of loans. The platform differs distinctly from small-dollar-loan-platforms with their loan provision that ranges from $5,000 to $100,000. Hence, it is worth considering for people looking for huge loans for businesses and other needs. Their repayment terms are between 24 months to 144 months.

1. LightStream loans can only be received by people who already have a strong credit history and they specifically stated that people who have the best credit qualify for the lowest rates.

2. The company provides qualified candidates with low rates loans and if you apply for autopay, you’d also receive loan discounts.

There is also a rate-beat program provided to combat competitors’ rates by little percentages when you qualify for certain criteria.

3. There are loan givers that allow you to check estimated rates and loan terms without having any impact on your credit scores before a formal application is submitted. Whatever loan you apply with LightStream generates a hard credit history which may impact on your credit scores.

E. Rocket Loans

Rocket Loans are best used in checking rates before you finally make submission of a loan application. The company uses a soft credit check which permits applicants to view their loan term and estimated rates without impacting negatively on your credit scores before you submit a formal application.

Take note that the final terms of your loan and its approval could differ from pre-qualification. They have loan offers that range between $2000 and $45,000.

1. Rocket loan rates range is decided by a wide range of factors which include your loan term, credit scores, income, and many more. Ensure to compare loan offers when you can.

2. The company charges a one-time origination fee which ranges between 1% to 6% of the loan figure. The fee is often deducted from your applied loan when it is approved and paid. Be aware also that the company charges a late fee of $15 if your payment delays after 10 days of the specified due date and also a returned check fee of $15.

3. While you can pay off loans early without you incurring a prepayment penalty, it is worthy of note that Rocket Loans provides repayment options of either 36 months or 60 months.

In conclusion, you may want to start thinking about possible unexpected expenses that may arise in the nearest future and start planning. You could consider making some savings to put you in absolute control of the situation or help you minimize the risks that you may incur. This will put you in a better position next time you need urgent cash.

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