Types Of Health Insurance Plans You Should Know And Their Benefits


Good Health is the only priceless asset that no man wouldn’t love to have. But there are situations where the Cost for maintaining good health becomes highly expensive and at times unaffordable and such leads to neglecting certain health challenges and tagging them as simple wounds like cuts. What if I told you that there’s a way to cover the entire cost of any health challenges through health insurance Plans? Would you be interested? Then here is everything you must know about health Insurance revealed in this article.


What is Health Insurance?


Health Insurance is a form of leverage offered by insurance companies. This leverage covers the bills for any health challenges you might face. 


Health Insurance will cover directly from minor issues to complex ones, such as surgery, depending on the amount you paid for insurance and the insurance company

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How Health Insurance Work: The Pros And Cons


This form of insurance saves you the pain of having to pay for any treatment or medical services. All you need to do is to submit a request to the insurance company you belong to and then submit their reply to the medical center for your benefit. 


The biggest advantage here is that your health bill is covered and you don’t have to spend a penny on any treatment. 


The only disadvantage is that the type of plan you choose amongst all the health insurance plans will greatly determine the duration of the treatment as well as the intensity. 


High Health insurance plan will attract good coverage unlike low health insurance plan


What Are Health Insurance Agencies?


These are agencies whose insurance specialization is solely on health. They are sometimes called health Insurance companies.  


Just like every other insurance company, health agencies have certain rules and regulations as well benefit. 


Benefits of Health Insurance Agencies


Health Insurance Agencies are charged with the duty of making health challenges easy for you. 


They also help in reducing health expenses thereby promoting Saving of money. 


Health Insurance Agencies prevents the issue of running out of cash when faced with any health challenge. 


Since you are a member, and you have chosen a plan amongst the number of health insurance plans, they will immediately respond to any health challenge you might have. 


What you should consider before choosing any form of Health Insurance Plans


The major purpose for the different and numerous types of health insurance plans is to enable you to choose the Perfect one for you as they all contain different health insurance offers.


Before you choose any health insurance plans, you need to consider the following


1) Health Insurance Provider

2) Health Insurance company

3) Location of the health insurance company

4) The need for the health insurance


How Much Does Health Insurance Cost For An Individual


This price is greatly determined by the health insurance plan you go for. 


But the approximate charge for a health insurance plan is over $300 a year. 


What Are Health Insurance Provider Networks?


This is just the availability of Nurses, Doctors and other medical personnel.


Before choosing any plan you have to consider the type and group of health personnel present in the type of plan you choose because all the plans have different health insurance provider networks.  


This is a big factor in choosing the perfect health insurance plan because the health insurance provider network is completely different for all types of health insurance plans.   


Health Insurance Company: How it affects your choice in choosing from the perfect health insurance plans


The type of health insurance company will greatly affect your choice because not all health insurance companies offer complete health insurance plans. 


You will also check how renowned the health insurance company is because you wouldn’t want to join or use any insurance company that doesn’t support your type of health insurance plan


Location of the health insurance company: How the location affects your choice. 


The distance between any health insurance company and your residence will be of Paramount importance to you. 


Far insurance companies will give you the stress of having to wait free days before the response to go on with the treatment. 


At times you will find it difficult to reach out to them especially when filling up the insurance benefit form is done in the office. And due to that, you’ll decide to shoulder your health bills. 


The best health insurance companies are the ones close to you or a stone throw from your residence. 


The need for health insurance plan


Every health insurance plan is different and has its own insurance bills. 


There are personal health insurance plans and also family health insurance plans. 


Do you really want them to cover your health expenses, are you financially Down or stable?


Before filling for any, you ought to first understand why you need it


How do you buy private health insurance plans?


The best and easiest way to buy it is by going to any health insurance agency around you. 


Another means is by going to any health organization and asking for a health services insurance network. 


Types of health insurance plans

There are various types of plans as well as the spec of personality it is suitable for. 


Types of health insurance plans and their terms.  


1. Medicare: 


This type of health insurance plan is designed for older ones.


It is for people within or above the age of 65years. It has been extended to people with disabilities. 

2. Medicad:

Medicad is a form of health insurance plans specifically for the following set of person


  • Low income family
  • Mentally challenged People


Medicad is specifically run by the federal and state government

3. Health Insurance Provider Network: 


This form of insurance is either provided by the health practitioners or health insurance agency. 


This plan is suitable for people who are financially stable but don’t want to run out of cash when faced with any health challenges.   


This form of health insurance plans covers a wide range of plans and they are; 


  • Health main finance (HMO)
  • Preferred Provider organization (PPO)
  • Exclusive provider organization (EPO) and 
  • Point of service plan (POS) 


Further details and information on this type of health insurance plans can be found here.

4. Short term insurance plans:


This plan is not a permanent one as it’s for a short duration. 


It is for people who do not want to enter any form of long health insurance plans. 


And it’s also perfect for people who are tied to work completely.

5. Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA): 


This form of health insurance plan is an act passed in the year 1986 and it is beneficial to the following set of persons


  • People who have lost their job
  • People who have retired but still want to continue enjoying their previous health insurance plans. 


Any form of health insurance plans you go for is  good. It’s a product of your decision depending on your reason. 


What is the cheapest health insurance plan?


The cheapest health insurance plans is the medicad and the Medicare. 


They both offer great insurance plans to both the elderly and family with low family income. 


Bottom line, Health insurance plans are perfect for any individual because it reduces the entire cost of health care and treatment. 


It has the great tendency of stopping you from overlooking any minor health issue because you have already covered it.  


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