Hortensia Herrero Biography & Net Worth


Hortensia Herrero Biography & Net Worth

Popular Name: Hortensia Herrero
Real Name: Hortensia Herrero Chacón
Birth Date: 20 May 1950
Birth Place:
Valencia, Spain
Age: 71
Gender: Female
Nationality/Citizenship: Spanish
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Married
Juan Roig
Children: 4
Profession: Businesswoman, Investor, Entrepreneur
Years active: N/A
Net Worth: $2.6 Billion
Last Updated: 2021

In today’s report, we will focus our attention on one of Spain’s richest women. In case you’re wondering who this is, look no further, because we’ve provided you with a name and a face in this carefully collected and well-detailed publication.

Simply referred to as Hortensia, Ms. Hortensia Herrero Chacón is a Spanish businesswoman and entrepreneur who Forbes Magazine and several other finance-tracking platforms list as one of the wealthiest women on the planet. A renowned philanthropist and art lover, she owns 28 percent of the Spanish supermarket chain Mercadona, and dedicates a decent amount of her time and life to giving back to the society in every possible way. She is one of the most prosperous Valencians, and below are the details of her life and accomplishments in full.

Early Life: Childhood, Education

Hortensia was born in Valencia, Spain, on 20 May 1950. She is the daughter of two Spanish citizens and experienced most of her childhood days in the Valencian Community, in eastern Spain.

For her education, this lady completed her high school at a local school in Valencia before advancing to the University of Valencia, from which she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Economics.

Professional Life: Entrepreneurial Career

Hortensia Herrero is a businesswoman and entrepreneur. She and her husband have invested in multiple business ventures within the country, all of which currently fill their banks with steady profits. Since 1990, the pair have been holding roughly 80 percent of the shares of Mercadona, a leading supermarket chain in Spain. Hortensia also serves as the vice president of the company.


Her business endeavors aside, for a moment, you need to know that Hortensia is also one of the most respected humanitarian workers in the country. She dedicates her time to charity in a way that one can even argue that she gives more time to philanthropy than she does to her businesses.

Hortensia Herrero started her philanthropic and patronage work by establishing the popular Hortensia Herrero Foundation in Valencia. The Foundation’s main goal is to recover, develop and make known the historical and cultural awareness of the Comunitat Valenciana. Its primary activities have been concerned with the recovery of artistic legacy and, in addition, it has instituted projects related to the scope of music, art, dance, and ballet. Some of its main actions in respect of the recovery of Comunitat Valencia’s artistry and cultural legacy have been: The College of High Silk Art, San Nicolás Church, and Santa Lucía Hermitage. The non-profit foundation also collaborates with many projects to support and encourage culture, such as the master’s degree in Audiovisual & Multimedia Productions, and the cooperation with the Faculty of Fine Arts. Furthermore, the foundation also supports the initiative ‘Open Valencia’, which is being promoted by the Association of Contemporary Art Gallery of Valencia, and several others. In addition to all the above, The Hortensia Herrero Foundation, since 2014, has developed the festivity of the charity concert Valencia Danza/Somos Arte.

Hortensia Herrero Net Worth
Mercadona Co-Founder, Hortensia Herrero

According to the foundation’s website, Culture has been among humans for thousands of years. It tells the story of what humanity used to be. It is the most valuable heritage left to the people of this world. For this reason, the Hortensia Herrero Foundation pushes initiatives that are aimed at helping the people of Valencia recover, protect and promote their artistic heritage. In addition, the foundation equally supports programs that promote cultural awareness, education, and knowledge in the Valencian Community. It doesn’t stop there. The Hortensia Herrero Foundation, through its website, also claims to be determined in fostering awareness, interest, and knowledge toward art and culture through designing projects developed by worldwide artists within the Valencian Community.

Achievements: Awards & Honors

In 2014, Hortensia Herrero earned the nomination of ‘favorite daughter’ for her contributions to the beautiful and peaceful city of Valencia.

She is listed as one of the richest businesswomen of Spanish origin.

Personal Life: Husband, Children, Private Interests

Ms. Hortensia is married to Juan Roig, a man she met when they were both students of economics in the University.

She resides in Spain with her husband and their four children.

Hortensia Herrero Net Worth: Salary, Investment, Income Sources

Hortensia Herrero’s net worth is roughly $2.6 billion. This Spanish businesswoman makes the bulk of her wealth from the Spanish supermarket chain Mercadona, where she holds about 28 percent of the shares. She is the vice president of the business which she built from scratch together with her billionaire husband Juan Roig.

A University of Valencia graduate, Hortensia met her husband back in college when they were both attending economics lectures, but little did they know that the future held many great things for them. Since the early 1990s, the couple hold over 80 percent of the shares of their establishment, Mercadona, which currently has about 1,500 locations around Spain and records more than $24 billion in revenue annually. The philanthropist has also spent more than $15 million in the course of restoring the legacy of her city through her organization, The Hortensia Herrero Foundation of Valencia.

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