30 Creative Ways To Make Money During Retirement


Are you thinking of how to make money during retirement? Then this would assist you greatly. So, being retired does not translate into abandoning work completely – it might be an avenue to emotionally or socially enhance your life. Also, it might be a way of supplementing your retirement earnings.

So, retirement is not a time to trade nine-to-five slog for a life of leisure; however, it’s a time to earn extra income to generate some additional from what you love to do. With a little push and an enterprising spirit – you can transform your pleasure into profit.

Therefore, here are 30 creative ways of how to make money during retirement.

How To Make Money During Retirement

1.      Earning From Copywriting


You do not need to be a novelist to start writing. Copywriting websites such as Indeed, Copify, or London Brokers can help you turn words into some bucks. Platforms like Upwork and Fiverr can be used to locate some copywriting, editing, and some other creative jobs.

You could learn this art from London Breakers – where they have easy tutorials, live support, and many topics to pick from. They pay into your PayPal account twice a week.


2.      Renting Out Your Gadgets


You know what! You can use websites like Zilok (Europe and US) to rent out your gadgets and gizmos. For instance, that electric drill, food processor, and that extra iPhone sit with a lot of dust can fetch you money. Also, you could earn extra bucks by connecting people who require something with people who have them.


3.      Renting Your Car


With websites like RelayRides and Getaround, you don’t have issues thinking of how to make money during retirement. Instead of paying to park your car at the airport when traveling, Getaround would rent out your car, clean it, and take care of it. Whereas, RelayRides permits peer-to-peer car sharing.


4.      A Yoga Instructor


Don’t think you are too old to become a yoga instructor. It’s been discovered that some of the best yoga instructors are in their 60s. So, you can start your yoga journey today and who knows where this can take you.


5.      A Pet Sitter


Another great way of earning additional money is by becoming a pet sitter. However, this might involve staying in their place over the night or having critters in your home. The pay is usually higher than dog walking. A Pet-sitting website like Rover is a good platform for finding jobs.


6.      Selling Your Crafts On Etsy


If you are talented in scrapbooks, home décor, crafts, and stationery, then Etsy is a great platform to sell your work. It allows you to have an online shop where these handmade crafts are displayed for sales. It is estimated that over $2.8 billion from about 30 million buyers was realized on Etsy last year.  


7.      Becoming A Driver


Companies like Lyft or Uber have made this very easy. It’s flexible as it allows you to fix your schedule. Besides, you earn additional tips when you deliver exceptional services like offering great cars, bottled water, some forms of packages, and a great conversation.


8.      Tutorials


Websites such as Udemy and KoomCam are great platforms for selling your knowledge. Firstly, you get registered as a seller and begin to teach people how to sew, cook, makeup, tending the garden, how to play a musical instrument, or any other thing you know how to do. This is another great way to make money during retirement. 


9.      Writing Of EBook


Everyone specializes in doing one thing or the other. You could be a nutritionist and you have such great information to share, but all your ideas, advice, or recipes in an EBook. Publish the EBook and host it on your website or Kindle for sales


10.  Cleaning Of Offices


There are small businesses that require people who can help clean their offices at night. It’s not too grueling – all you do is empty office waste bins and clean the break room. This is not as strenuous as house cleaning because you spend at most 20minutes doing this.


11.  Newspaper Delivery


Have you ever thought of this as a way of making money during retirement? You could earn money while throwing a newspaper. Interestingly, you have enough time to rest and enjoy the rest of the day because you get done on time.


12.  Caretaker/Babysitter


This is another cool way of how to make money during retirement. This involves helping parents to babysit. So, if you have children and have raised grandchildren – you could earn money by providing temporary care for busy parents. You could earn up to $12/hr depending on your area. Use Sittercity.com or Urbansitter.com to get jobs.


13.  Be A Home Cook


Are you good at cooking or baking? If yes, then you can make some money by sharing your culinary skills with travelers and some locals to get some money. Websites like Feastly, Eatwith, and Cookapp would help you get the available jobs.


14.  A Mystery Shopper


These people earn just by shopping and returning feedback to companies on their experiences so that the company can better improve on their quality. Though the income is not much, it could provide pocket money. To begin, visit Mystery Shopper Providers Association. Also, you can search for sites like Glassdoor, Monster, and FlexJobs. It is free to get on the mystery shopper job sites.


15.  Renting Your Space


Airbnb is a platform that helps you earn extra cash when you rent your extra space. It’s possible to rent out your entire home or a room either on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis. So, watch out for the next event to be hosted in your city.


16.  Selling Your Photos


This could just be your next money-making avenue. Do not just waste those digital photos sitting around on your computer system. Go online and search for stock photo sites where you can submit and sell some of the photos. So, go on snapping.


17.   A Local Guide


Still, thinking of how to make money during retirement? Then combine your knowledge of your community with your perception to get paid. Try to showcase your neighborhood by digging out the unfamiliar tourist centers others don’t know about.


18.  Online Surveys


You can get started by visiting the Cash Crate – a great paid survey site. You can carry out consumer research surveys, and also earn when you make referrals. Besides, you can earn when you buy stuff, play games, and socialize.


19.  Errand And Task Services


A good website for this is TaskRabbit. This website connects people who need to outsource daily errands with people who can get them done. So, get on the site and submit bids for tasks that best suit you. However, it’s only available in selected US cities.


20.  Online Translation


Bilingual women thinking of how to make money during retirement can take advantage of this opportunity to make money. You can visit Gengo – where you can choose the best job that suits you and you get paid via PayPal.


21.  A Personal Shopper


As a retiree, you can make money when you shop for people. Also, there is an opportunity to market yourself as an image consultant especially if you are good at style and color. Get started today and make money for yourself.


22.  An Event Planner


No one does not love the party. Therefore, you can earn money if you can help people organize a befitting birthday celebration, dinner party, get-together, and some other forms of event. Let people know what you do and be at your for every event.


23.  A  Mobile App Developer


If you are thinking of how to make money during retirement and you have a great idea for mobile applications and mobile games, then try this. There is plenty of money to be made here because the world is fast becoming a mobile app dominated.


24.  Become A Virtual Call Center Agent


Do you have a passion for people and have got great telephone etiquette. Then join LiveOps to make some extra bucks. You automatically become a contractor once you join the LiveOps virtual call center and can begin to earn money as a side hustle.


25.  Writing Resume


It is amazing to know that many professionals find it hard to write a resume, so, offering this service will surely fetch you some bucks.


26.  Gardener


It is a skill hired out by many professionals. If you are good at it, you can assist people to maintain or landscape their gardens, lawns, trees, and bushes. However, it is seasonal based on where you live and pays up to $15/hr. Sites like Hortjobs, Care, and MyWeekendJobs are platforms to get jobs.


27.  Independent Consulting


As a retiree, you have earned good expertise, experience, and contact – these can be used in project-based consultancy services. Develop a niche, which might include market research, market strategy, project management, and several others. So, you can be part of platforms like SpareHire, Flexy, Catalant, and Clarity to get jobs.


28.  Television Or Movie Extra


Though this does not pay much, it is a way of turning your dream of becoming a television or movie star into reality. When available, it might require between 8 – 12 hours of waiting. Craigslist is a good platform for getting casting calls and getting registered with a casting agency.


29.  Security Guard


Security jobs are less stressful and require just more than your watchful eyes. So, depending on your schedule, you can get a full-time or part-time security guard job.


30.  A Handyman


If you are a handyman and have got great tools, then some people can benefit from your knowledge by carrying out minor repairs. So, you can market yourself through flyers or business cards that you can give to people after every assignment. 


Bottom line


The 30 creative ways to make money during retirement would afford you a better lifestyle, have good credit and pay down your debts. So, if you want to know how to make money during retirement, try any of it and you will be glad you did.


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