How To Sell Your Old Textbooks and Make Some Cash


One smart way to make money is to sell your used textbooks as a college student. You can sell the old books you may never need, except for your precious textbooks, of course. Fortunately, you do not need to get overwhelmed searching for different bookshops that will buy your used books.

There are some commendable platforms (both online and offline) where you can get the best prices for your textbooks. We will show you the best places, and you will be amazed at how much you can make.

Follow our step-by-step guide carefully and learn how to sell your textbooks online. But before we begin, follow the tips to get you prepared to sell your old textbooks. It can increase your book’s value and get a higher price.

Let’s dive right in!

Tips For Preparing to Sell Your Old Textbooks

Keep in mind that it is crucial to keep your books in good condition if you plan on selling them for profit. That is because your textbook state determines how much you will get when you sell it. Try to avoid marking your textbook. For example, highlighting some passages or writing in the margins.

However, sometimes you can get a higher price when there is a highlight or notes in your textbook. If the notes are relevant and not too much in the book, you can sell them at a higher price. But of course, that may not always be the case. So try to keep it at a minimum or avoid it entirely.

Do not eat and drink while studying to avoid spilling on your book. And always shelf your book when you are not using it. Try as much as possible to limit the book’s wear and tear. That will increase your book’s chances of getting sold for a valuable price.

Another relevant tip is to sell your old textbooks as soon as you complete your course or when you are done with the book. You should not wait because the prices can drop when publishers release new editions or the books become less popular. As the textbook lies on the bookshelf, you could be decreasing the book’s value.

how to sell your old textbooks

5 Places To Sell Your Old Textbooks

You probably know that you can sell your textbooks at your university bookstore as a college student when you complete your semester. But did you know you can sell your college books online as well? You can, and usually, you can get a better return on investment than what you get at the physical bookstore.

Here are 5 of the top companies where you can sell your old textbooks.

1. Bookfinder

Bookfinder has been in the book industry since 1997 and has been recommended by New York Times and Forbes. They have a partnership with buyers who purchase more than a million titles. To sell your textbooks, all you have to do is enter your ISBN on their website. You will see every offer for a book and select the one you prefer. You do not pay for shipping; their buyers take care of that.


BookDeal knows that selling old textbooks for a reasonable price is not a simple task. You have to compare multiple offers to decide on the best one. You also have to evaluate the buyers’ trustworthiness and keep a critical eye on the selling process until you get your payment.

The company also understands that if your payment is less than what you offered, it can be a challenge to solve the problem alone. That is where they come in. BookDeal makes it easy for you to rectify all these problems and give you everything you will ever need, all in one place. They make sure that the selling process is seamless.

If you did not know, your textbook’s value changes every day. And that includes the hours based on the buyer’s need, book usage, and national demand in the following semester. So you have to compare your book’s value with different buyers as much as possible. That way, you can choose the ones that offer the highest pay.

At, they take over everything for you while informing you of everything that goes on. That means transparency from the beginning of the process to the final stage. They also ensure that you get paid for what your book is worth at the end of the day.


AbeBooks have been in the bookselling industry for over ten years. Due to that, they have gained enormous popularity among people, particularly students. The organization has millions of book titles and has similarities with Amazon.

You have the option to sell your old textbooks to collectors and numerous booksellers. However, if you choose to sell your books there, you need to know and understand your potential buying audience. You have to find out where they would usually shop, for example, in October for old textbooks.

4. Chegg

One of the things Chegg prides itself on is low textbook prices, and they purchase used textbooks too. Just like any other buyback process, you begin by entering the ISBN of your book. You then find out how much they will pay for it. If you choose to sell, they will provide a shipping label for you to print and use. You will get your payment in 10-15 business days.

5. Bookbyte

Bookbyte buys old textbooks from you as long as the book meets their resalable conditions. You have to enter your ISBN from your book to know how much they will pay you or if they will accept the book at all. If you like the price they give you, you agree to it, ship your book to the company, and get paid within 4-14 days after shipment.


There are many ways to sell your old textbooks online. The points discussed in this article are practical ways to sell your books and get paid. But there are other alternatives you can use if you do not want to sell online.

One way is to send your old textbooks to local shops or maybe car boot sales. You can also submit them to bookshops. You can get paid for your books in these places as well. There is a form you may have to fill, and they will take care of the rest.

However, if you want the best way to sell your textbooks, selling them online is the best way to go.


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