5 Ways To Stand Out In An Interview As An Independent Contractor


As an independent contractor you’ll have all the flexibility you need in setting your own rules, finding jobs, working at your own pace, and setting your own schedules. Many people who are just starting out on their own find this opportunity a perfect kind of work-life balance.

Being able to chase after your own dreams and aspirations is a great way to stay glued to what you love doing most. Starting is one thing, but keeping the income coming steadily is another, and because of the level of competition that may already exist in your industry, it is important for you to be equipped with the knowledge on ways to stand out in an interview as an independent contractor.

Independent Contractor

Being an independent contractor, one struggle you’ll have is being offered the job. It can be very challenging being granted projects by companies and individuals which offer good rates, and a lot of freelance workers who are out in search of work, find getting gigs that will offer them the kind of financial independence they want a very difficult experience. 


However, we have researched some five awesome tips to help you stand out in an interview as an independent contractor. Check out ways you can start bringing yourself those huge contracts by being outstanding in your work experience. 

Independent Contractor

1. Ensure You Are Well Qualified For The Job


Since you do not know what kind of work experience your fellow applicants would be bringing to the interview. As someone who has acquired multiple background work experiences in multiple jobs under different employers, you already have diverse and useful skills that will give you an edge before your potential clients. Even if your competitor has had ten years of experience in just one company, your own level of diversity still gives you an edge.


To make your own independent contracting skills stand out, reliable, and trustworthy, you should consider getting certified as a licensed contractor. Courses, educational materials, and exam prep across the United States based on how to find your way around job search as an independent contractor in notable companies like Rocketcert will give you an edge before your employers and make your resume stand out.


Having these skills will make your potential employer know how devoted you are to fulfilling and excelling at independent projects, and also ensure that you can handle working with companies as a freelance worker in the level of position that would be offered.


2. Be Informed About Independent Contractor Laws That Applies In Your Location


In the United States, being an independent contractor has limits to what you can do and achieve. The AB5 law, for instance which was passed in California earlier 2020, doesn’t allow gig workers to have beyond 35 projects within 12 months. So, when you are venturing into new job interviews, it is very crucial to be aware of the laws that restrains you as an independent contractor or even limit you within a particular state or area you plan to work.


So, having this discussion during an interview or with your prospective employer will reveal how inclined you are about the state laws, and also know what limitations you may be having working for the organisation. And if you need to work around finding other opportunities after your work-period is over with that organisation. In addition, you would have demonstrated to them that you think ahead, value being well prepared for situations, knowledgeable about your crafts and workplace practices, and utmostly serious about what you do.


3. Build An Online Presence That Is Credible


Having a credible online presence cannot be negotiated in this time and age. Your employers want to know about your experiences, mission, and your work ethic. And at a time when quarantine has forced many to work from home, companies and prospective employers are going online to seek reliable candidates for their jobs. So, beyond just viewing your resume, they also tend to make other research about you within the internet space.


As a freelancer – photographer, graphic designers, web designers, and writers among others –  it is very important to have your personal website to show off your work and projects. And with the rise in the use of social media, it is very important to be visible on major social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to give prospective employers more credibility to what you do. You could also harness Google My Business to increase your credibility.


If indeed you want to improve on your chances of being offered the next big job, then, you must spend time building a credible online profile for yourself as an independent contractor. 


4. Express Positive Image Of Yourself


It is very important that you express a positive image of yourself during the interview. Present yourself in a positive light by talking about the things you are proud of. Talk about things that bring joy to you in the jobs you like to pursue. It can be more work being an independent contractor or freelancer, as you constantly are in search of jobs and contracts to fill, which is unique having a potential hire.


Discuss why you finally choose being an independent contractor to working 9-to-5 everyday. Reveal how much you have achieved on your job search and state what your experiences are like, sharing things you’ve learnt  from your previous projects. This will build more trust in you by your prospective employers. With the solid connection to work passion, your past work experiences will project you in the right light.


5. Share Your Experiences In Searching For Work


Finding yourself in an interview is a sign that your prospective employer has found some hopes in you after going through your resume. They most likely already have an overall of the kind of contracts you have completed in the past as  an independent contractor. So, while you will very likely be expected to share your experiences in multiple positions and the skills you have gained that are relevant to the role at hand, it will be of benefit to also share your experiences in discovering your previously held positions.


Let them believe you are different from all other independent contractors vying for the same job as you make searching for jobs a job in itself. You will tell how dedicated, committed and experienced you are to your prospective employers by mentioning that you send cold emails to hiring managers, meet physically with your community to discover gigs, or that you harness social media platforms in discovering open job opportunities. And have built open communication and success in your past jobs.


Several independent contractors do not remember to highlight their experiences about themselves and keep the conversation memorable during interviews.


Now that it is becoming much more difficult being landed a job, you’ll stand out as an independent contractor with one thing that makes you different. Your unique skills in marketing yourself will stand you out to business, companies, and individuals to earn a job you’ve always wanted.


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