9 Profitable Investment Opportunities in Nigeria


Are you looking to explore some of the most profitable investment opportunities in Nigeria? Then you’re on the right page. As the most populated black nation on earth, Nigeria is glutted with investment opportunities capable of making you millions.

From agriculture to medicine and health, these investment opportunities have garnered lots of profits for investors resident in Nigeria foreign States.

Regardless of your budget size, there are one or more investment opportunities out there for you to dump your cash on the line into for future (and promising) ROIs.

9 Profitable Investment Opportunities in Nigeria

Below are investment opportunities in Nigeria you can leverage to secure a rigid financial framework in future:

1. Stock

Investing in stock is easily one of the profitable investment opportunities in Nigeria. The stock market is an online world where investors reserve the option to buy and sell shares of publicly traded companies. These companies are publicly traded, which means that outsiders can invest in them and become shareholders. In Nigeria, the most acceptable channel of trading or investing in stocks is the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

But the downside to the Nigerian Stock Exchange is that you can’t invest in top companies that have higher prospects of generating juicer profits. You can mostly invest in Nigerian companies, which is quite a drawback. The good news? You can invest in these top companies (like Alphabet and Netflix) using other stock trading/investment apps.

If you’re lost in the cloud as to how stock trading/investment works, it’s simple. You simply buy company shares when they’re down, and sell when the value (and stock) of the company skyrockets. The stock market is volatile, and this makes for a possibility to recoup (and even quadruple) your investment within a short while.

So if you’re in search of a worthy investment opportunity in Nigeria, give stock investment a top-notch spot on your consideration list.

2. Education

Education is one of the top investment opportunities in Nigeria today. You can invest in education and have a surge in profit turnover within a short period of time. Some secret billionaires in Nigeria right now have an unmatched foothold in the education sector. You have two primary options here as an investor. The first is to establish a standard private school, and the second option is to establish a tutorial centre.

Both of these investments hold the potentials to transition your financial status. Investing in education will not only enrich you, but will have a ripple on the economy, and the lives of millions.

3. Real Estate

Throughout history, some of the wealthiest people have had their hands deep in real estate. This is because the need for accommodation is basic to human existence.

As an investment, real estate is profitable and is yet to be fully exploited in Nigeria. So if you’re looking for profitable ideas and investment opportunities in Nigeria to dump your cash, then the real estate venture is the one for you.

Buy properties and flip them for higher cash. Apart from buying properties, there are other real estate gigs you can participate in. For example, building houses and placing them on rent to people who’ll pay a fixed price yearly for accommodation.

You can also build stores, hostels, event centres, and other structures for different purposes. Acquiring landed properties and reselling them twice or thrice the initial price isn’t out of the list.

4. Food

We can’t survive and thrive without giving our body the required nutrients it demands. And since this is one undeniable fact, investing in food is one of the most lucrative investment opportunities in Nigeria and in the world. To grasp the profitable traits in the food industry, you can establish a manufacturing company, set up a mega (or local) restaurant, and even delve into drink production/bottling.

5. Tech

Want to invest big? The tech industry is one place to look. Major tech players in the 21st century are billionaires. And in Nigeria, the tech industry is definitely one of the most profitable investment opportunities to look into.

If you’re able to solve a societal problem, then you’ll be smiling to the bank. Let’s name a few instances… popular Facebook solved the problem of socializing between distance and today, Mark’s net worth is a little above $130 billion. Bob Parsons ($3.4B) founded the web hosting company GoDaddy. Patrick Collison and John Collison founded the digital payment gateway Stripe and their net worth stands at $95B at the time of writing.

The point is an investment in tech remains one of the most lucrative opportunities in Nigeria that you can think of.

6. Hire Purchase

It’s as simple as acquiring assets and getting paid when clients hire your assets. You can go into different types of hire purchase investment. Not limited to the acquisition of a primary/single asset, you can acquire multiple assets and give them up for hire. For instance, you can acquire a vehicle, musical instruments, event facilities (like canopies, tables, chairs, and curtains), and get paid when interested clients hire them.

Hire purchase investment is easy, it requires your initial capital and supervision.

7. Agriculture

The agricultural sector is Nigeria’s first love just before the oil craving began. Nigeria had a rich economy founded on the transaction/trade of agricultural products. To this day, agriculture is still a very productive investment opportunity for investors looking to invest in Nigeria. The land is fertile for farming, and almost every kind of food crop can be farmed in Nigeria.

Year in year out, farmers and foodstuffs traders rake in lots of profit. Your story can fall along the same line and you don’t have to be a farmer to invest in agriculture in Nigeria.

8. eCommerce

Jumia is worth more than $1 billion at the time of writing. If we start talking about e-commerce platforms dominating the Nigerian digital marketplace, we can count them by hand.

This leaves a massive space for investors to fill the gap. Jumia, Konga, and a handful of other e-commerce businesses bank millions (if not billions), making the e-commerce industry one of the most promising investment opportunities in Nigeria.

9. Health/Medicine

In 2018, Global healthcare spending rose to the tune of $8.45 trillion. And this figure is bound to break $10 trillion in 2022. Investment in health is an investment in life, and the returns are glistening. In Nigeria, there are not very many known healthcare centres renowned for remarkable health services.

As an investor, You can set up a mega pharmacy, a hospital, healthcare centre/clinic. Whichever one you pick, the services are pretty expensive and you’re more likely to make tons of money enough to drown out your initial costs.

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