Jaime Botin Biography & Net Worth


Jaime Botin Biography & Net Worth

Popular Name: Jaime Botin
Real Name:
Jaime Botín-Sanz de Sautuola y García de los Ríos
Birth Date:
10 April 1936
Birth Place:
Santander Cantabria
Age: 84
Gender: Male
Nationality: Spanish
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Married
Adela Botín
Children: 5
Profession: Banker
Years active: N/A
Net Worth: $1.7 Billion
Last Updated: March, 2021


Jaime Botín is said to be one of the richest men in Spain. You’re about to find out many things you probably never knew about this man, and learn interesting information about his personal life, strings of businesses, sources of income and current financial situation. Mr. Botin is a Spanish billionaire heir and art collector whose key source of income is his involvement in banking. Despite having been arrested, sentenced, and fined many millions for smuggling a stolen Picasso painting, this Spanish businessman still maintains his billionaire status and continues to keep his head high amongst his peers in the banking sector. More details about this personality will be unveiled as you read on.

Jaime Botin’s Early Life

Born on 10 April 1936 as Jaime Botín-Sanz de Sautuola y García de los Ríos, he is one of the sons of Spanish businessman Emilio Botín. His elder brother Emilio Botín is a former chairman of the Santander Group, and after he died in 2014, his daughter, Ana Patricia Botin, who is Jaime’s niece, took over from him.

Botin attended the University of Valladolid in Spain and graduated with a law degree. He also attended the University of Deusto from where he graduated with an economics degree.

Jaime Botin’s Career

Botin was the Vice Chairman of the Santander Bank in the 90s. He stepped down in 2004.

The Executive Chairman of Spain’s Santander Group (Groupo Santander), Jaime Botin entered the billionaire registers for the first time in 2015. He has made his huge fortune credit to his 23.3 percent stake in Bankinter S.A., one of the leading banks in Spain. He holds and controls the asset through his own company Cartival S.A.

Jaime Botin Net Worth
Jaime Botin

Born into an experienced family that has been tied to banking for decades, it was Jaime’s great grandfather who established Banco Santander (Santander Bank), another high-ranking bank in Spain. Jaime Botin was 52 years old when he got the opportunity to take over the top position at Banco Santander as president in the years 1986. However, he was not the only person to be in charge of the bank as his brother Emilio, their father, and grandfather have all occupied the chair of the bank’s president for some time.

Personal Life & Family

Like most wealthy people, especially billionaires of his class, Jaime Botin tries to maintain a low life and keep her personal life and private affairs away from public eyes. However, it is a widely spread fact that he is a happily married man who has been married to his lovely wife Adela Botin for many years. Their marriage has been mostly peaceful with hardly any reported controversies, and they are the proud parents of five children who all live with them in Madrid, Spain.

Jaime Botin is the owner of a popular painting by Pablo Picasso called ‘Head of a Young Woman’. This piece of art costs a fortune but Jaime thinks it is worth his cash as well as a place as one of his properties. In 1989, he paid Alan Bond a significant amount and acquired the Adix yacht.

In June 2017, Mr. Botin was indicted on allegations of trafficking in art, in connection with his suspected attempt to illegally export a Picasso painting. In January 2020, he was sentenced to eighteen months in prison and was also given a fine of $58 million for smuggling a stolen Picasso

Jaime Botin Net Worth

Botin is a Spanish banker who is considered as one of the richest businessmen in the whole of Spain. He lives in a country where there are a total of 47 million people and the average GDP is $1.419 trillion. Over the past few years, Jaime Botin net worth has been increasing significantly. What currently stands at $1.7 billion has come mainly through his involvement in the banking sector of his country where he owns 23.3 percent stake in Bankinter S.A., one of the leading banks in Spain. He is a member of a well known Spanish banking family and is currently known to be the largest shareholder of the Spanish bank Bankinter S.A.

Jaime Botin is widely regarded as a billionaire heir even though he has worked hard for his fortune personally. His great grandfather was behind the establishment of the Banco Santander which is Spain’s largest bank. His grandfather as well as his own father and elder brother have all served as presidents of the bank. He was the bank’s vice chairman for many years until he left his position in 2004, but has continued to invest in businesses and increase his stake in Bankinter.

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