Jeff Weiner Biography & Net Worth


Jeff Weiner Biography & Net Worth

Popular Name: Jeff Weiner
Real Name:
Jeff Weiner
Birth Date: February 21, 1970
Birth Place:
New York City, New York, United States
Age: 50
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Height: 168cm
Weight: 76kg
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Married
Children: 1
Profession: Business Executive
Years active: N/A
Net Worth: $150 Million
Last Updated: December, 2020


Jeff Weiner is an American millionaire businessman who is best known as the former chief executive officer of the globally recognized business-related social networking website, ‘LinkedIn’. Jeff joined the company as an Interim President on December 15, 2008, and worked his way through several positions, dedicating his time and giving all he has to the job. Within the company, he is highly celebrated for the instrumental role he played in LinkedIn’s acquisition by Microsoft in June 2016, for the sum of $26 billion. Further reading discloses Jeff Weiner’s biography and career highlights as a now successful business executive. Also find out his financial data and salary per annum, which ultimately makes up his ever increasing net worth.

Jeff Weiner’s Early Life

Jeffrey Weiner was born in New York City, New York, United States, on 21st February 1970. He lived with his family in California in his younger days as a growing child, and was known to be very attentive and serious with his studies. A fragile young boy, his ever loving parents made sure he received extra care and assisted him in everything he needed to excel academically. He had a very strong and unique bond with his family, and his father mentored him to develop and grow into maturity as a self-knowing man.

After completing his studies at The Wharton School, he moved to the University of Pennsylvania, graduating in 1992 with a bachelor’s degree in Economics. After completing his graduation from the University of Pennsylvania, Jeff became more focused in his life and sought after ways to better himself as a goal-driven person.

Jeff Weiner’s Career

Weiner worked with Yahoo for over seven years, occupying many leadership positions in his time at the company. He joined Yahoo in 2001, and rose to the position of executive vice president in the company. During his tenure here, he managed to boost the performance of his staff by introducing his unique ideas. His performances with Yahoo portrayed him as a goal-oriented and dedicated executive who was capable of turning things around for good no matter what position or situation he found himself. His team led to the introduction of products to more than 500 million customers. He was a vital part of the leadership team that directed the purchase and merging of AltaVista, Fast, and Inktomi, which helps to advance Yahoo’s Network Division search technology.

Jeff Weiner Net Worth 2020
Jeff Weiner

Jeff has also worked for Windsor Digital as one of its founders, as well as a managing director. He worked at Warner Bros as a vice president. He was an Executive-in-Residence of the leading venture capital firms Greylock Partners and Accel Partners.

He has also worked with Braxton Associates, serving as a strategic planning analyst. Jeff was formerly employed as a strategic management consulting division person at Touche and Deloitte. In 2012 he found employment at Intuit Inc. as a director.

In December 2008, Jeff Weiner joined LinkedIn as an Interim President. The company, best described as a social networking site, was launched in 2003 and is available in over 24 languages in the world. LinkedIn handles more than 100 million active users, and has since launched their mobile version in 2008. This website has several units, including Marketing solutions, Talent Solutions, Premium Subscription.

The company traded its first share in the New York stock market in the year 2011 under the symbol ‘LNKD’. Jeff Weiner is currently the executive chairman of LinkedIn. He took up this position in 2020 after having served as the company’s chief executive officer for many years. As chief executive officer, he played a vital role in the company’s acquisition by Microsoft in June 2016, for the sum of $26 billion.

Awards & Achievements

Jeff’s collection of awards has been growing over the years, mostly owing to his accomplishments as a professional business person. In 2011, he received an EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award for his achievements in the field of business as an employee of LinkedIn. Three years later, as LinkedIn’s chief executive officer, he was named among the top ten chief executive officers of United States Tech companies, in a survey by Glassdoor.

Personal Life & Family

Jeffrey Weiner has been married to an European woman named Lisette for many years. She belongs to Zaire, Belgium, and Portugal descent. This happily married husband and wife are the proud parents of one child.

In 2016 Jeff received social attention and appreciation after he donated the sum of $14 million for LinkedIn employees. He is associated with many philanthropic works, including Malaria No More and In his leisure time, he enjoys playing golf and spending time with his family. He is staunch believer that power of clear vision and time management are the most important things needed to drive ones career forward.

Jeff Weiner Net Worth

As per the time of this writing, Jeff Weiner, a renowned American businessman and multi-award-winning executive chair person, has a net worth of $150 million. Estimation of his overall worth comes from his career as a business executive and entrepreneur as well. He has shares in LinkedIn, a social networking platform which he joined in 2008, and currently leads as chief executive officer. At the time of the sale of LinkedIn to Microsoft in 2016, Jeff Weiner owned approximately 408,000 shares of LinkedIn, which were worth about $80 million. He owned 650,000 options which were estimated to worth around $120-140 million. After joining Microsoft as the chief executive officer of LinkedIn, Jeff received salary, bonuses, stock and other compensation worth about $100 million to stay with the company.

Jeff is a brilliant person, and his masterclass has always been present throughout his career. He has a big collection of costly cars, and a luxury house in California which he bought in 2010 for $5.3 million. He is considered to be among the most famous and experienced executives in the world.

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