Jerry Jones Biography & Net Worth


Jerry Jones Biography & Net Worth

Popular Name: Jerry Jones
Real Name:
Jerral Wayne Jones
Birth Date:
October 13, 1942
Birth Place:
Los Angeles, California, United States
Age: 78
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Height: 193cm
Weight: 85kg
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Married
Eugenia Jones
Children: 3
Profession: Businessman, Investor
Years active: N/A
Net Worth: $9 Billion
Last Updated: 2020

Jerry Jones’ wealth comes from his involvement in several profitable ventures. Over the past decades, the American billionaire businessman has made many investments which have immensely contributed to his wealth and growth in the world of business. Since 1989, he has been the owner of the National Football League‘s Dallas Cowboys and has single-handedly helped the football team to reclaim their former glory. Jerry’s association with football started along with the start of his playing career when he joined his college team as running back. Along with some key people as coaches and teammates, he won the National Championship with his team. Following a master’s degree and several small business ventures that failed, Jones hit the jackpot with an energy exploration firm called the ‘Jones Oil and Land Lease’. He made this company a priority and expanded it extensively, and made massive profits over time, and eventually went on to acquire the Dallas Cowboys football team of the NFL. He did not shy away from making bold and strategic decisions he felt would help the team, and immediately forced his dynamic personality on the franchise, bringing about comprehensive changes in the management and administration of the Dallas Cowboys. He did not only lead the team to an unbelievably successful run, but also did well to improve its finances substantially. With an inclination for speaking his opinion without mincing words, he has often been a subject of controversies. However, the on-field successes of the Dallas Cowboys didn’t endure in spite of Jerry’s changing coaches regularly, but the monetary resources of the franchise only got better with time. While he might not be one of the most popular people in the National Football League, he certainly is among the most effective individuals who have played a significant role in the improvement of the league. Therefore, here’s Jerry Jones’ biography and every other important details about this intelligent business magnate.

Jerry Jones’ Early Life

Jerral Wayne Jones was born in Los Angeles, California, United States on October 13, 1942. His parents are Arminta and J.W. Jones, and he spent his early years in North Little Rock, Arkansas. His father was the owner of an insurance company, and was able to make enough money to cater for the family and provide young Jerry with almost everything he needed until he attained maturity.

Jerry attended North Little Rock High School for his schooling and played the running back position in his school’s football team. When a football scholarship came from the University of Arkansas, he accepted the opportunity and was a starting guard and a co-captain in the Arkansas football team. His teammates included Jimmy Johnson and Glen Ray Hines, and the team clinched the ‘National Championship’ title in 1964 under the guidance of Hall of Fame coach Frank Broyles.

Jerry Jones’ Career

After experimenting through a number of businesses that were unfortunately unsuccessful, Jerry Jones started the energy exploration firm called the ‘Jones Oil and Land Lease’ and went on to find significant success running this business. After some years of expanding his business and saving up, Jones paid the sum of $140 million to H.R. Bright for the Dallas Cowboys football team on February 25, 1989, and became the sole owner of the NFL franchise. After his purchase, he laid off the team’s coach, Tom Landry, and employed Jimmy Johnson to carry on as coach. Eventually, he also fired general manager Tex Schramm, and ultimately took over all matters by himself. His aim was to give the Dallas Cowboys its lost glory and take the team back to winning ways.

Jerry Jones Net Worth
Jerry Jones

His hires worked out perfectly for him as the Cowboys went back to winning ways and were considered one of the top NFL teams in the 1990s. Under his management, the Dallas Cowboys won the Superbowl in 1992 and also in 1993. They also came out victorious in 1995 as well after a quite tough league season. Jerry Jones got Fox channel on board as the primary broadcaster of the team, and this move ensured he had secured the financial future of the team as well as his own.

He has also appeared on Television as well, in documentaries, shows, and movies. He appeared in the 1989 ‘Dallas: War of the Ewings’, and was also seen in the television series ‘Coach, Entourage, and Dallas’, and has also appeared in ‘South Park’. Jones has appeared in several television commercials for Pepsi and Diet Pepsi MAX. In 2013, he narrated a documentary for business partner and fellow player Jim Lindsey.

Awards & Achievements

M.r Jones is a serial award winner and his records are quite outstanding. In 1964, he won the FWAA College Football National Championship while playing for the Arkansas Razorbacks. As the sole owner of the Dallas Cowboys football team, his team is a three-time winner of the Superbowl. The team also won the Outstanding Team ESPY Award in 1993.

Jerry Jones was inducted into Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2017. He was declared as the National Football League’s Executive of the year in 2014, and has also received the Horatio Alger Award.

In 1994, he was named ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ by ‘Ernst & Young’ magazine. The following year, the ‘Financial World’ magazine declared him the owner of the biggest sports organization in professional sports.

His acquisition of the Dallas Cowboys sparked a major turnaround in the team’s fortunes. He made fundamental changes in the coaching staff, and became personally involved in the team’s administrative matters and went on to  improve the team’s financial situation, which led to the team’s incredible and successful run in its history as the cowboys won the ‘Super Bowl’ three times in four years.

Personal Life & Family

While still a student at the ‘University of Arkansas, Jerry Jones met Gene, a model who had formerly emerged the winner of a beauty pageant. The duo fell in love and proceeded to get married in 1963. Their union has brought forth three children and nine grandchildren. All their children hold top positions in the Dallas Cowboys franchise.

He has established a non-profit organization called the ‘Gene & Jerry Jones Family Arlington Youth Foundation. This organization exists to help various charity groups that work for young people in Arlington, Texas.

Jerry Jones Net Worth

Jones is an American chief executive officer, entrepreneur, and owner of the Dallas Cowboys team of the National Football League. At the moment, Jerry Jones net worth is more than $9 billion and this fortune has come from various sources.

Firstly, Jerry Jones started to earn salary while working with Modern Security Life of Springfield, in Missouri. He served in the position of executive vice president for years before moving on to establish his own company Jones Oil and Land Lease. This is an energy exploration firm which searches for natural resources such as oil and gas in Arkansas. In 1989, Jones bought the Dallas Cowboys for $140 million. Today the football team is worth more than $5.5 billion.

Together with his wife Gene Jones, this business magnate owns an enormous mansion in the Highland Park area of Dallas which is said to worth around $20 million. He also leads the real estate development agency Blue Star Land. In 2018, the agency paid $38 million for the development of a 200-acre site, which should be transformed into a site called Star Business Park. In 2019, the real estate development company picked up another 60-acres site nearby. The management of Blue Star Lands have revealed that the company wants to create a 400,000 square foot merchandise distribution and sales hub for the Dallas Cowboys on part of the property.

Mr. Jones is not even one of the most popular men in the world of sports, but he is certainly one of the richest. He is one of the wealthiest sports team owners in the history of the NFL. After failing with several initial ventures, this intelligent and determined man stumbled into oil, and it led him to create his vast fortune and enable him purchase the now highly valuable Dallas Cowboys sports team. Also a kindhearted philanthropist, this man is an inspiration to many, and the youth who are the main focus of his philanthropy have a lot to learn from him.

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