Li Zhongchu Biography & Net Worth


Li Zhongchu Biography & Net Worth

Popular Name: Li Zhongchu
Real Name: Li Zhongchu
Birth Date: N/A
Birth Place:
Age: N/A
Gender: Male
Nationality/Citizenship: Chinese
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Married
Cecelia Zhongchu
Children: N/A
Profession: Businessman, Investor, Entrepreneur
Years active: N/A
Net Worth: $3.3 Billion
Last Updated: 2021

Li Zhongchu is a successful Chinese information technology businessman and entrepreneur. Many people know him for being the founder and chair of the popular Information Technology company known as Beijing Shiji Information Technology which specializes in providing IT support to around six thousand hotels in the People’s Republic of China. Since receiving his Master’s in Engineering in 1987, Mr. Li Zhongchu has been actively involved in theoretical physics research and has tried his hands in many things that pertain to physics and life sciences. He abandoned his initial research institute and started the Beijing Shiji Information Technology Company Ltd in 1998. Currently, the Wuhan University graduate is the president and chairman Shiji. He also serves as the Director of the company’s 6th Board. More details follows below.

Early Life: Childhood, Education

Mr. Li was born in the People’s Republic of China to Chinese workers. He was raised by his parents within the country as well.

For his education, Zhongchu attained his Bachelor’s degree in Space physics after completing his studies at Wuhan University. He later bagged his Masters of Science degree in the field of engineering in the year 1987.

Professional Life: Business Career

After completing his bachelor’s studies at Wuhan University, Li Zhongchu started working as an employee of the Chinese government, doing IT maintenance work. In 1998, he decided to start up something for himself and proceeded to start up his own IT venture, the Beijing Shiji Information Technology, which he managed from his bedroom at that time. During the SARS issues back in the early 2000s, he obtained contracts with big hotels and other companies in the country that increased his business base.

About the Company

Beijing Shiji Information Technology Company Limited is a professional information technology company that is specialized in the development and marketing of management information system software programs for the Hotel industry. The Company also provides Information Technology system integration and also Information Technology support services.

The Shiji Group was founded in the year 1998 by the Chinese entrepreneur Li Zhongchu. Though he originally started this business as the Beijing Shiji Information Technology Company Limited from his bedroom, the business venture has now grown to include a wide variety of brands and affiliates who work together in close connection to accomplish their setup goals.

Li Zhongchu Net Worth
Shiji Group Chairman, Li Zhongchu

Shiji Group and it’s over 80 subsidiaries and brands are experts at providing world-class technological solutions for their customers in the entertainment, hotel, retail, and food service industries.

Established by just one man in the year 1998, the group now boasts of over 5,000, employees, more than 70 offices in several countries, and up to 91,000 hotels in addition to over 200,000 restaurants and more than 600,000 retail outlets.

According to its founder Li Zhongchu, Shinji’s core mission is to help its clients mainly in the retail, food, and entertainment industries serve their guests better through a fully incorporated network of hospitality systems. The group remains committed to security, modern connectivity, and ease-of-use so that its patrons can do what they’re good at – serving their guests. They also offer the worldwide hospitality industry a modern and standard technology stack that is scalable, secure, ready to be utilized in the future.

In their food service, the Shinji group claim to be experts at providing POS systems to the food industry that integrate flawlessly with the rest of their clients’ businesses. According to the brand, no matter the kind of entertainment business that a client owns, Shiji can help scale, streamline and gather quality insights that can transform the business with the help of their world-class solutions. The ultra-versatile company also focuses on helping retail businesses manage operations both small, medium and large.

The Shiji Group of companies, led by the founder Li Zhongchu, remains committed to connecting the worldwide business of hospitality. They exist to offer an integrated suite of IT solutions that empower entertainment, hotel, retail, and food service companies to better connect with their guests and customers.

Achievements: Awards & Honors

Li’s greatest accomplishment in life would undoubtedly be his success with the Shinji company he founded back in 1998. After starting his business in his room where he managed it for a short time, he expanded his empire and branched out to reach several industries such as retail, food, entertainment, and more. Today, he is listed on Forbes’s world’s wealthiest people’s list, occupying the 1140th position.

Personal Life: Wife, Children

Li Zhongchu is married to Cecelia Zhongchu. They both reside in Beijing, China.

In the instance that he’s not concerned with his work, the businessman shares lovely moments with his family and travels around the world on holiday trips with his wife and their children.

Li Zhongchu Net Worth: Salary, Assets, Income Sources, Stocks

The successful Chinese businessman and entrepreneur currently has a fortune of $3.3 billion. His net worth has been earned from his prosperous life in which he excelled in several industries, particularly in information Technology. As we speak, Li Zhongchu is the President and Chairperson of Beijing Shiji Information Technology, a brand that is well recognized for its software packages that are employed in the hotel and hospitality industries. He started his career as a government employee before moving on to write his name in the books of history.

Today, Mr. Zhongchu owns more than 60 percent of the Shenzhen listed company, Beijing Shiji Technology Ltd. In 2014 when Alibaba Group purchased a 15 percent stake in Beijing Shiji Tech, it cost them almost $460 million, and Zhongchu earned a decent sum in the deal.

A brilliant Wuhan University graduate, Li Zhongchu has published many writings in the Journal of Atomic and Molecular Physics. He has also worked in a Chinese Aerospace Research Institute as one of his many endeavors throughout his lifetime.

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