Unbeatable Ways To Market Your Website For Free


You have successfully set up your website, congratulations! Now you have to market it. Launching your website is the first step to reaching out to your target audience.  You will have to do necessary things to  promote your website on search engines to generate the right kind of audience. These marketing approach often cost a fortune, and you are not likely to be able to afford it. However, if you are ready to put in hardwork you will discover how you can market your website for free!

Marketing can be delicate and tiring at the same time. There are lots of paid advertising options that may or may not generate quick results.  Paid advertising options do not  sound so budget friendly as you must have already done a lot to set up your website. 

Whether you have a budget for paid advertising or not, the free options are worth exploring. The good news is when done consistently, they would be yielding even more traffic than some paid advertising options. There are several ways to go about this and we will be discussing in details one after the other. 

Market Your Website
Market Your Website

Content Marketing

More and more web owners are turning to content marketing. This is one of the most ideal ways to draw authentic traffic to your site and land the right audience. With the knowledge of search engine result pages, you could find topics that are searched for the most on search engines and write on this topics. 

Selecting topics with the least posts will lessen the work needed. Publishing posts that answer those questions give you a better opportunity to rank well on search engines. All that is needed to achieve the required success using this method is having consistent content. Updating your website with content at regular intervals will drive traffic to your site for free. 

Making Use Of The Latest SEO Strategies

Search engines optimization strategies are techniques that will help your site rank high on search engines. Hence driving traffic to your website becomes easy. Integrating SEO to your website is the first step here. 

Both on-page and off-page SEO should be done wisely. Pay tact to the content creation. Build a strong network with others in your niche. You could follow their posts and drop relevant comments. Reach out to top sites in your niche and offer guest posts with links to your site. Make the most of forums and groups, leave answers to questions that will move people to check your site out. 

Take Guest Author Posting On Top Sites Seriously

Posting content on other sites with links to your own site makes search engines consider your site as valuable. This will make your site rank high on search engines pages. When you reach out to owners of top sites, ensure your guest posts are of high quality. The quality of your post goes a long way in determining the level of traffic that will be generated. 

Sending poor quality content makes you lose credibility and it is going to affect you. You may end up losing opportunities to post on other sites. So take your guest posts seriously as they speak on behalf of your site. 

Extend Your Reach To Magazines, and Blogs 

Once you have quality content, reach out to blogs in your niche. Writing on popular topics and sending to Magazines and Blogs to publish for free will grow your sites audience. All you have to do is write about your website as byline so readers will know where to get first hand and credible information next time. This also positions your site as an authority in your niche. 

Market Your Website On Social Media

Social media has become an indispensable tool for businesses. Almost everyone has a social media account so the population is large. Many website owners make good use of social media to market their sites. You can make use of media pages to promote or market your website by creating content that makes people visit your site. You can also engage with your audience via these  pages. 

The groups on social media channels like Facebook is also a way to promote your site. People ask questions a lot and dropping relevant answers will promote your site. You could also start conversations around popular topics to get people to know your site. 

Start Clubs And Network

Clubs are a great way to promote your site. Several Blog and website owners start groups and clubs to build communities for people in that niche. If your site is about personal development, starting a club that discusses personal development and give tips is a great way out. From time to time, you can drop links to your site in the club. This way you will be growing your sites traffic every time the club grows. 

Only Post Quality Content 

If you really want to grow your site, never underestimate quality. The quality of contents you post on your site goes a long way in determining the traffic generated. Ensure the content is always relevant and answers the questions people ask. The information given should be satisfactory. Readers should be comfortable with the answers they get on your site. The keywords should not be stuffed but used naturally. Keyword density should be right. The tenses must be simple and easy to read. Readability can not be over empathized. Having sections where readers can drop comments or show if they were satisfied with the information or not is also great. Do well to follow up with the comments and reply them on time. This is a way to maintain your current audience and grow your site. 


Your methods may seem slow but consistency is key. Don’t start today and give up tomorrow. Stay committed to the process. It surely will yield large traffic but it could take a lot of time. Paid methods may achieve the goal quicker but the free methods to market your website still work. Be active in groups and consistently engage with your audience on your social media pages. You will have a large audience with time. 

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