15 Money Making Apps That Pay You Real Cash


It is easy to guess right now that you wish to make more cash. The truth is that we all want that same thing! We all want to make more money without having to do so much or consume so much time. The good news is, there are money making apps that can help you get that desire a reality.

However, this is not saying that you’ll get rich overnight using these apps, but then, they are sure ways to keep your pockets watered with some extra cash. Some of them require that you complete a few tasks whether full-time or part-time.

What do you need to get started? A smartphone. You sure have one, we all do. With this smartphone, you can complete some surveys, do some side projects, get unused items sold, and so much more!

Since your Smartphone is now enabled to carry out some online stuff like payment of bills, access to your bank account, fund transfers, and so many other things – it’s, therefore, time to leverage on your mobile phone and earn some extra bucks for yourself.

However, as earlier stated, these money-making apps are not get-rich-quick apps – but will ensure that there is always cash in your hands which can be easily used to settle some pressing issues.

A report revealed by Vox that a regular smartphone user expends about 4 hours 30 minutes on their phones regularly. But what do they do on their phones during these hours?

You can choose to use yours wisely by making use of these money-making apps and whether choose to get paid through PayPal, gift cards, directly in your bank account, or via cash-back on the purchases you make online.

So, if you are ready, let’s get started with the best money making apps that pay real cash!

1. Acorns

Acorns webpage

Acorns helps users leverage on investment prospects in more than 7000 bonds and stocks of leading companies, asset classes, and exchange-traded funds.

The platform provides top-level security using 256-bit encryption, bank-level protection, two-factor authentication as other measures to secure users’ money. They also make available multiple articles and videos to help educate users of the system.

You can start off without making huge investments and can begin with as little as $1 a month. Create your own account in a matter of minutes and build your portfolio with the investments you make. They have multiple pricing options such as Lite plan at $1 a month, Personal plan at $3, and $5 for Family plans.

Sign up on Acorns here.

2. DoorDash

DoorDash is a site that allows users to pick up and deliver food items to prospective customers and get paid. This is a very juicy option to get that extra cash in your pocket.

The founders are Stanford students; Stanley Tang, Evan Moore, Andy Fang, and Tony Xu. They employ the use of technology to make food delivered to customers who have made prior demands. When you drive for DoorDash, you’ll receive some cash and earn tips which you keep for yourself. You can also earn from special promotions and get ‘Peak Pay’ from amplified cash gifts.

Indeed notably stated that DoorDash drivers earn as much as $15 per hour. However, they still have to incur explains such as parking, gas, and tolls. You must be 18 and above and can kick off with any good car of your choice.

You should also have a driver’s license, a smartphone, and have no bad driving record. You can also embrace areas where delivery on foot, motorcycle, bike, or scooter is allowed.

Sign up on DoorDash here.

3. Ibotta

The Ibotta money-making mobile app is another amazing cash-back app that pays you real cash.

How does this app work? Earning on the app can be achieved in three ways; for every eligible purchase you carry out – you upload the receipt before you qualify for the special offer – you link the store’s loyalty card or make use of the Ibotta app to purchase at only eligible stores.

However, you need to compete for some tasks within the app to access the money-saving tools. Also, receipts are uploaded manually. So, your earning can be directly deposited into your Ibotta account, and then make withdrawals. The app is available for use on Walgreens, Walmart, Domino’s, and Booking.com.

Ibotta began harnessing groceries. Right now, the platform has expanded into various other categories which include clothings, per deliveries, and entertainment among others. You’ll get paid engaging in in-store and online purchases covering over 1500 brands and retails chains. That is massive though!

For you to earn on the platform, simply add offers and provide receipts of shopping trips within the app, and harness link debits cards or credit cards while also linking your retailer loyalty accounts. Their app or website will help with making online purchases when you need to.

Ibotta offers rewards which may come as direct credit, gift cards, or PayPal payment, while you earn a $20 bonus upon referrals, welcome bonus, and a wide range of other pay methods.

When you shop online there are multiple pending periods as pertained to individual retailers to earn cash backs. While some may require a lengthy period to receive credit upon your acquisitions, however, to get whatever you earn there must be $20 as cashback. This means that receiving cash through this app may not be as quick as you expect but it is worth a good try.

It works greatly on Android and iOS. Sign up here from the web.

4. Poshmark

Poshmark helps prospective users earn on accessories and clothing. Look through your closet for items that have been lying there without being used for a long while. We all often have this mountain of items that have been neglected there. The good news is that, with this app, you can earn really good cash by uploading them on the platform for sales.

Ensure that the pictures you take are really good ones. And also make sure that the items are in great condition and will still be well appreciated by anyone else. Input your product description, a price tag, and then share your listing.

A special quality of the app includes a ‘Posh Parties’ feature that allows users to share items. This feature are online shopping events that are geared towards certain brands, categories and themes. You’ll get notified via email whenever a purchase comes, about a Poshmark prepaid shipping label. And then, the package is sent.

You do not have to be physically present to aid the process as Poshmark takes up everything. They also ensure a simple and quick payment process which may come as direct bank deposit or as check within 72 hours after a process is completed. 

When you make sales of $30, the company gets $5.90 or $2.95 to $15. But sales below $15 comes with a 20% commission.

Poshmark app can be downloaded on Android and iOS.

5. Honeygain

Honeygain is another money making app that pays real cash! In fact, they literally revealed on their site that by just downloading the app, you can make $19 a month!

The amount you get however, is based on where you reside, how fast your internet connection is, and a few other factors. But then, whichever way you earn, the app is still very much worth considering as a side hustle.

Honeygain works nicely on macOS devices, Windows, and Android. While you have nothing else to do to earn once you have completed downloading the app on your device, however, you need a minimum amount of $20 in your account to cash out your funds. Payment can be made through PayPal.

Sign up on Honeygain and get cash sharing your internet connection.

6. Swagbucks

Even though the Swagbucks app will not get you the million, it’s one of the apps that pay real cash. With the Swagbucks apps – you earn points for taking surveys and polls, online shopping, browsing the internet using Swagbucks as your default search engine, and watching entertainment videos.

So, the Swagbucks mobile app allows you to earn all the required points. To start earning, you need to sign up on the Swagbucks platform and after which you choose an activity and begin to earn a point which can be exchanged for rewards or cash.

The company was launched in 2008 and has since paid out over $410 million in rewards and about 7000 daily gift cards.

Sign up for free here

7. Rakuten

Rakuten is formerly known as Ebates. This is a money-making shopping app that rewards shoppers some cash back after shopping. With over 2500 stores in partnership with Rakuten – the platform earns some commission from the store via referrals and then goes on to share these commissions with users through cashback.

Online stores like Amazon, eBay, Expedia, Walmart, JCPenney, Kohl’s, Macy’s, H&M, and so many others are partners to Rakuten.

Here is the kicker, after downloading the Rakuten money-making app, you begin to earn a percentage (usually between 1 to 2 percentage) when you patronize any of the over 2500 stores attached to it.

Also, signing up for this app will qualify you to get paid every three months once you hit the $5.01 mark. It began operation in 1999 and has since rewarded customers over $1 billion in cash backs.

Visit the site to sign up for free.

8. Survey Junkie

With the Survey Junkie app, you get paid when you give out your opinion, yes! Your opinion. Firstly, you need to build a profile – because this is needed so that the app can match you with relevant surveys to your lifestyle.

Therefore, when you complete these surveys – you earn virtual reward points which can be redeemed for gift cards on Amazon or Target. Also, cash-out can be done via PayPal.

Sign up for free here.

9. InboxDollars

The InboxDollars pays between $0.50 and $5 but you could get some offers up to $20 or more. On this money-making app, earning can be through shopping, completing tasks through the app, by just watching TV, reading emails, watching how-to videos, or searching the web.

Interestingly, the InboxDollars app offers a free $5 sign up bonus and pays real dollars and not points.

So, you need to sign up on your mobile phone and activate your account and qualify for the sign-up bonus.

Besides, you can activate your account by going through the first PaidEmail in your mail inbox and verifying the receipt. Next, you carry out many surveys and start earning..

Sign up for free here.

10. Airbnb

Airbnb is one money-making mobile app that has changed the entire hotel industry. So, if you’ve got extra space in your home and you don’t mind sharing it with guests – this could be a way of always earning some bucks to help you settle some urgent expenses.

Besides, your rates are determined by local competition; this could be between $40 to over $400 per night.

Sign up for free here.

11. MyPoints

MyPoints money-making mobile app is a cashback reward app that is similar to Swagbucks and Rakuten. The MyPoint app helps you to earn a reward in the form of points when you make purchases at designated stores.

So, some of the stores in partnership with MyPoints are Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Macy’s, Home Depot, Target, and Groupon.

However, the points garnered can be changed to gift cards or earned using your PayPal account. So new members get an automatic $10 welcome bonus in the form of a Visa gift card or Amazon gift card once you make a qualifying purchase that qualifies you for the bonus.

Sign up for free here.

12. Foap

Foap is a money-making app that pays you real cash when you sell your photos and videos. So, you need to download the app and then upload your videos and photos to your online profile.

With this app, you can sell a photo for as low as $5 and for as high as between $60 to $100. Having a PayPal account is a requirement for getting paid on the Foap mobile app. However, your profit is shared equally with Foap.

The Foap app boasts of over 2.9 million active users and brands like Mastercard, and Bank of America buys content through the Foap app.

Sign up for free here.

13. Shopkick

Do you know that you can earn real cash by just walking into a qualifying store? Yes, it’s as simple as that with Shopkick.

With the Shopkick app, you get rewarded when you shop, either online or any other qualifying store.

So, other ways of getting rewarded (earning points called “kicks”) on Shopkick are; by submitting receipt of purchases, barcode scanning of selected products, making use of a linked card in buying a product, watching videos, and buying stuff online.

The “kicks” earned are redeemable for gift cards in stores such as Amazon, Target, and Starbucks.

Therefore, you can start by identifying a mall with qualifying Shopkick retailers and earn some bucks by just walking around.

Download the app for free.

14. Google Opinion Rewards

You can begin to earn once the Google Opinion Rewards app is downloaded on your Smartphone. Carry out a short survey on different spheres of life – yes, short surveys. It could be in your personal opinion on a certain subject matter, or even a review.

Also, this money-making app pays you some extra bucks when you share your internet and TV usage with Google Opinion Rewards – just go ahead and watch TV and use the internet as you will usually do.

Payment is via PayPal or Google Play credits once you complete a survey. The payment ranges from $0.10 to $1 for every completed survey.

However, you need to hit $2 before a withdrawal can be done and it requires no purchases or whatsoever to earn any point. So, with 20 to 30 weekly surveys from Google – you are guaranteed some extra bucks.

Sign up for free here

15. Mistplay

The Mistplay app rewards you for discovering and playing new games on your Smartphone. To start, download the app, discover new games, take part in the challenge, and earn points.

At a certain level in the game – units earned can be exchanged for gift cards to your favorite stores.

However, you can earn more points when you get to higher levels in the game and participate in more challenges.

Get the app on Google Play.


Countless opportunities abound on the internet through which one can earn real cash even if you don’t have the traditional 9 am to 5 pm job. With these 15 money-making apps that pay you real cash – you can put your time and Smartphone to the right use.

These are not get-rich-quick apps but will help you to earn a significant amount of money that can be used to settle some urgent and pressing needs. Wouldn’t you want to try any out? 




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