5 Moving Supplies Checklist You Shouldn’t Ignore


Moving home is by far easier when you have everything you need, and that includes your packing, lifting and moving supplies.

When you are halfway into the process, you’re more likely to focus on the task than how to get the supplies you need for the task. So, before anything, read through our moving supplies checklist to know what you may need and keep everything ready before you fully engross yourself in the packing art.

1. Packing Gears

It’s easy to throw in everything you own inside a mover’s truck without considering what might happen to them when you fail to safeguard them from the elements. Before throwing your homewares in the van, consider getting essential packaging materials like:

  1. Boxes: it serves as a compartment for your heavy, large and delicate items
  2. Bubble roll and packing paper: works as a cushion or pad for your homewares
  3. Rolls of packaging tape: secure the up and bottom flaps of the box
  4. Scissors or utility knife: helps you cut the tape and reopen the box.
  5. Marker: helps you keep tabs on your box contents

2. Moving Gears

The next item on our new apartment supplies list you need to get is the moving gears. What you use to transport your load will differ from those you use when packing them. Don’t skip this process as it may cause you to lose several items to cracks. Your move-in supplies checklist should include:

  • Blanket: helps you cover your furniture and other delicate items
  • Shrink Wrap: protects any wooden, upholstered or metal furniture from scratches and dirt
  • Mattress Bag: helps you keep the mattress clean when transporting it
  • Ropes: holds and secures your houseware inside the van and prevents them from shifting due to speed bumps or maneuvers
  • Broom and dustpans: help you sweep your room

3. Heavy-lifting and Carrying Equipment

Since we have the packing supplies checklist and that for moving out of the way, you need to consider the equipment that will help you lift each load you’ve packed. The heavy-duty equipment that will come in handy includes:

  • Hand truck or trolley: looks like a dolly; however, the difference is that it can slide under the stuff you want to lift without carrying it. A hand truck helps you carry and transports your belongings.
  • Dolly: helps carry and move your heavy load.
  • Strap: helps secure items placed on a hand truck or dolly
  • Work gloves: protect your fingers and palm when lifting houseware

4. Choosing the Best Packing Materials (the how)

You now know what supplies you will need when packing for a move. Thumbs up! Now it’s time to know how to choose the best quality and right ones you need. To find the right supplies;

a. Make a list of all items before moving.

This step ensures you know every single detail of your belongings before move day so that when it comes down to shopping, you can create a shopping list that can best protect your property.

b. Create a shopping list

The shopping list is basically a list of supplies. Here, you need to jot down everything you feel will do packing, moving and lifting both delicate and weight items easy. So, your shopping list will include every supply we discussed above.

c. Purchase quality boxes

The most important aspect of getting packaging materials is choosing the right box because your box acts as the last protective layer for your homewares. If it isn’t good enough, you risk damaging your items before getting to your destination. Understand that every box isn’t the same. Some are designed with high-quality paper, while others aren’t. If you are buying a box, choose those made with quality materials. When you choose a used one, make sure they are sturdy enough to carry your housewares. If they are not and you can’t find an alternative, use a packing tape around them to make them as solid as possible.

5. Other useful Packing Tips to Consider

You have your packing supping supplies at hand doesn’t mean you are set to expertly package them for the transit. The truth is that you will need some additional pro tricks to achieve a well-planned move. Some pro packing hacks that will come useful include:

a. Planning and maintaining lists

While you wrap up your homewares, you need to also organize them to avoid cluttering your home, especially when you need something urgently. To achieve this, create an inventory list. This list should contain the contents of each box so that you can easily find what you need.

b. Stack boxes at the exit

After you are done arranging items inside the box, never put them inside the room. Doing so will make the task of lifting and transporting them to the moving van stressful. Instead, place them close to the door of each room.

c. Create boxes of the right size

The chances are that you won’t get the right size box to pack your large equipment like pianos. If you stay in Chicago, the good news is that piano movers Chicago can help you find one that will fit your large equipment. But, if you don’t live in Chicago, it can be difficult getting your shipping company to render this service. Instead, get creative and make one that will fit the large homeware.

d. Photograph equipment and electrical connectors

Before disconnecting any electrical cable, wire or device, make sure you know how to connect them again. If you don’t, the best way to get them working is to photograph them before disconnecting.


Controlling the chaos of moving isn’t easy. You can try a handful of techniques but still, find yourself in a messy situation without proper planning. Before getting fully into the process, make sure to get your packaging, lifting and moving supplies list to ensure the task goes as smoothly as possible. If not, hire professional shippers to do the job for you.

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