Simple Rules For New Business


Actually running a new business isn’t difficult. There are simple rules for new business to succeed, and they are easy to understand – find clients and keep them. Hence you may either be doing something wrongly or someone somewhere is making things difficult if it seems as if you aren’t making progress with your efforts.


The fast-moving industry has demanded that companies sit up with their marketing goals to keep up with the trend. Many marketing firms have had to move into harnessing social media platforms to keep their audience. Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Blogsites are among the leading platforms harnessed by firms to keep their audience. And while these innovations are very helpful, they are not as helpful to closing new business by itself.

New Business
New Business Rules

The wave of social media has not replaced the position of grooming human relationships. Most of the leaps new businesses have still come through in the old way – earning the trust and confidence of prospective customers and clients. In essence, to experience business growth, there has to be a solid foundation of relationships built.


How Business Growth Use To Happen


In advertising history, it has always been of necessity for someone represented from the agency to be seated from a good prospect across the desk. It was always important to build great relationships as they matter a lot to how successful a business would go. Referrals were equally as relevant to every business.


Now, there is a big shift. The advent of social media has caused many agencies to deviate from the tested and trusted old ways of doing business. Businesses are now trying to build online relationships by measuring who are their real followers, creating cool “growth in social” infographics, and tracking blog hits. No doubt, this has helped businesses and personalities in several ways, but the quality of relationships built on social media can never be compared to the tried and true ways.


Gaining and building relationships is not dispensable. Build relationships and your business grows, ignore or starve relationships and your business dries. That’s just it! So, for you to build relationships, there are a few things to know.


The Rules for Building Relationships

  • Keep Contact List Of Prospects


To start, it is important to set up and build a potential CRM that can help you keep track and maintain contacts with your prospects. A lot of marketing firms are shockingly not doing the needful as regards having a prospect database.


  • Create Awareness


Have an outreach. Strategize ways to develop a program that aims at building awareness while harnessing all tools available to you. These tools could be sending direct emails, social media, speaking engagements, attending industry conferences, cold calling or texts, and more. Do everything necessary to set up and maintain a relevant, productive drip campaign.


  • Get Personal


Try to do a follow-up at each point of contact engaging a one-on-one telephone call without requesting for a call-back. Leave a warm and nice personal note to double the effect.


  • Be Frequent


While you should not get annoyed with your efforts, ensure to keep contacts with prospects through articles, category information of interest, and white papers. Do things such as; “I saw this and thought of you…” Friends do this for one another.


  • Listen Empathetically And Be Proactive


Always listen with readiness to offer help to the prospects. You’d have to be empathetic while listening to the prospect. Be prepared to help always.


  • Win With Speed


Be at alert to take advantage of opportunities when it comes. And ensure to take charge with speed without delaying when you sight an open opportunity. Says something like, “Isn’t now a good time for us to get together?” Build and develop trust. Do not try to sell. You have to have a new client if this is correctly done.


You will only get praised when your agency begins to experience growth. Your agency’s business system must build awareness with a huge number of prospects, create relationships, and win a lot of first visit opportunities.


Here are five additional rules as pointed out by ThriveGlobal


1. Identify Your Market Scope


Be sure to check the scope within which your company’s marketing strategy would play out before pushing forth to advertise your products or services. It may be unlikely, identifying the exact figures of companies that relate to your own company in the market, but you could identify the market scope of your business making a comparison of the related business services and companies. Be sure that running that business within the related market will be lucrative to your company.


2. Identify Who Your Target Audience Is


Your business is nothing without the people who will be patronizing your products or services. Identify the people you are meeting their needs and proffering solutions to their challenges. It may be easy to generalize and think that everyone can benefit from your business. But be sure that some people benefit more from what you offer than others. You should be able to identify specifically what their needs are before setting up a business that satisfies those needs.


3. Pay Attention To The Concept Of Your Business


Provide a business plan or idea to drive your business to success. Be clear on your thoughts and your commitment to your plans and strategies. Perhaps your focus is on running an event company, it is essential that you have a clear focus on ideas and the key points to drive business growth. If you are clear about your business idea, identifying the requirements of meeting the needs of your customers will be easy. 


4. Give Preference To Business Standards


When kicking off a new business, avoid being very rigid and strict about your business strategies and structure. Begin with the standards set by businesses in the related market for smooth business growth. Follow vital elements such as plans and strategies of your business. They may not necessarily be documented for others to see, but they are necessary to fulfil market standards.


Set the required rules to get your business running daily. Services will be provided to your target market in accordance with standards and rules that apply to their satisfaction. You can consider setting these strategies and plans and to be provided online with simple information about your company. Include more creativity and add some juice to your plans and strategies to get your target audience impressed for better feedback.   


5. Get Professional Help


Your business will thrive better with the help and support of people who have gone ahead of you and are skilled in the same industry. Get suggestions and feedback from professionals. You are sure to get better information and guidance that would be of help to your company and stand you out from the competition.


You should also approach professionals for your business strategies and plans. You do not have to go through the experience of an ignorant and new business owner. You do not have to fail multiple times to find out what works for your company. You can skip many areas of the potential setback by planning, strategizing, and getting help from professionals. By doing this, you’d have removed hazards or barriers towards the growth of your business.


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