Top 7 Best Auto Loan Refinance Banks of 2021


You may have become discontented with the interest rates on your auto loan, including monthly payments and the duration. Refinance your auto loan should be the way to go. There are leading factors being considered by lenders who are looking out to refinance your vehicle.

These include how huge the loan is, the condition of the vehicle, your present interest rate, your current credit score, and the period of your loan.

Being aware of your credit score is vital to finding an estimate of the specific interest rate you’ll be eligible for. It is important that you give good consideration to if the lender is making a strong pull on your credit or not, as it can cause an effect on your credit score for financing in the future. For the top 7 best Auto loan refinancing banks of 2021, here are important things to note:

Refinance Your Auto Loan

The Top Best Banks For Auto Loan Refinancing In 2021 Are:

1. AutoPay – Top choice for the most options

2. LightStream – Top choice for great credit

3. Capital One – Top choice checking rates with no impact on your credit

4. LendingClub – Top choice for Peer-to-Peer loans

5. Consumers Credit Union – Top choice for credit union

6. Bank of America – Top choice Trusted Name

7. USAA – Top choice for Members of the Military


How Does An Auto Loan Refinance Works?

An auto loan refinance involves making a substitution for your current auto loan with a new one with the aim of gaining a lower interest rate. The new loan you acquire will help you clear off your old loan. New paperwork, interest rates, terms, and conditions would be provided.

The decision to refinance your auto loan is often borne out of dissatisfaction generated from the terms, rates, or credit score from your previous loans. Refinancing helps to save cash, but it is important that you take note of refinancing fees.


Auto Loan Refinancing Requirements

There are diverse requirements put forward by different lenders to refinance an auto loan, but there are some likely things you’d be required to do. Most of the requirements are:

  • You should reveal proof of income
  • Provide your identification documents
  • Minimum of 660 or more credit score stipulated by a lender.
  • Wait for between 60 to 90 days after the original loan so that your vehicle title has been transferred.
  • You must cover a specific number of miles. There are lenders that will require below 125,000 miles and below 10 years.

How Much Does Auto Loan Refinancing Cost?

Different auto lenders have different requirements for auto loan refinancing and fees. There are auto lenders that charge origination and processing fees when doing refinance paperwork, while you’ll be required to pay a prepayment penalty from the original lender.

But then, not all. There are other lenders who do not charge any fee. So, it is very important that you find out these costs and fees ahead of time.

So, let’s get started!


1. AutoPay – Top choice for the most options 

AutoPay is a team of lending experts, technologists, and customer service fanatics that proffers great deals to individuals on auto-loan refinancing.

Having pulled players together from diverse experiences and backgrounds, they work to create a new way to do car loans. They have high expectations set to produce real impact and fast growth with detailed consideration by the company and team.

AutoPay provides clients who have gained improved credit scores since taking out original auto loans with highly discounted loans. They make comparing loan provision from multiple lenders easy with just an application. Your credit is also drawn with a soft check which comes as a good option for people not seriously considering refinancing their loans and is also easy on their credit scores.

AutoPay often partners with credit unions, and they make it easy to shop around. Their lowest rate is 1.99%, and is only obtainable by people with a top-tier credit score. An average AutoPay customer has a credit score of 706 with a 5.49% average interest loan. If you are able to find your credit score before time, it would make a great difference in helping you estimate the APR on your refinancing car loan.


2. LightStream – Top choice for great credit

With good credit, you will be able to leverage completely on LightStream. The platform is a subsidiary of SunTrust bank that makes provision to customers that have gained excellent credit. They require a minimum of 660 FICO.

LightStream provides users with a distinct solution for loans. Customers who have strong credit are able to lend to make purchases without the need for collateral. Or in categories where there are very minimal or no loan options.

Loan provision can be between $5,000 to $100,000 and has very flexible terms and competitive rates. Loans can be delivered into the lender’s local account within a very short period. And requires no charges, fees, or penalties for early payment.

With a variety of offers, LightStream loans are cost-efficient, provided in an environmentally friendly manner without the need for papers, and with very competitive rates.

LightStream loans can be used for Car loans & Refinance loans, Fractional loans, home improvement loans, IVF financing, Pool loans, Jewelry financing, Timeshare financing & Vacation ownership loans, Medical & dental financing, Boat loans & Aircraft financing, Horse loans, PreK-12 Education loans, Adoption financing, and almost everything else you can consider.

Your credit score can drop a bit due to hard inquiries. This isn’t really an issue especially if you apply for a new credit frugally. Their APR begins at 2.49% with refinanced auto loans accessible in 50 states in the country.

3. Capital One – Top choice checking rates with no impact on your credit 

When you fill Capital One’s simple questionnaire, you’ll know if you’d qualify for loan refinancing without any impact on your credit score. You’ll be required to owe a little above the other loan refinancing options provided here. After pre-qualifying, your credit application should be submitted, and also means selecting the length of your loan along with its corresponding APR which would be posted on your credit report. You’ll need to provide your VIN, lender details, send in supporting documents (such as proof of Insurance), and E-Sign your contract.

You do not have to pay an application fee here, but there are charges by each state on a variable title transfer fee. The fee is often sorted by the company and added to your final loan amount.

So, to get started, submit an application to find out if you qualify to refinance your current auto loan. Select your preferred offer, go through your input and fill in the credit application. E-Sign your contract, provide your current details, and other documents.

An applicant on Capital One must be at least 18 years of age, a valid physical street address must be in good standing on any existing account there is. In the case of an absent physical address, an applicant may opt for a Fleet Post Office address, or an Army Post Office address. Such must also have a minimum monthly income of $1500 to $1800 depending on credit score.

Documentation required for auto refinance in Capital One includes Vehicle title, proof of income, proof of employment, proof of residence, a limited power of Attorney to modify vehicle title, among others.

4. LendingClub – Top choice for Peer-to-Peer loans 

LendingClub has been consistent with helping Americans attain their financial goals since its founding in 2007. They boast of welcoming over 3 million Americans on the platform. Members are given access to a wide range of financial services and products that are provided through their technology-driven platform, which helps them with reduced rates when lending and also earn more when they save.

The Peer-to-Peer lending option is a huge consideration for people who would love to embrace working directly with an individual lender over a stipulated time-range. After applying, you have the decision to vie for your most favorable between two options. But then, if you do not owe much on your existing vehicle loan, LendingClub isn’t going to turn out a great option.

While they have accessible loans of up to $100,000, they are not likely to offer you a loan of less than $5,000 for this reason. Borrowers who have credit scores as low as 510 would benefit from their lending system. But bear in mind that you’ll pay hugely for the privilege.

Most borrowers who consider LendingClub choose them for less hassle and minimal interest rates, unlike traditional financing options. There are no prepayment penalties or hidden charges involved, and they offer top-notch customer service.

5. Consumers Credit Union – Top choice for credit union 

Consumer Credit Union & Andigo Credit Union (which has now become a division of Consumers), have built a long history providing satisfactory services to members and communities inclusive during pleasant and unpleasant times. They work to create an environment that appeals to differences and also supports inclusion. The company holds a belief that inclusion, equity, and diversity are essential to creating a relevant, diverse, and growing union.

And just like many other credit unions, you’ll be required to become a member of the organization to benefit from the credit opportunities. They offer flexible loan terms and can offer you a loan of as little as $250 and about six months at a time.

It is important that you have completely decided on refinancing as they will perform a hard pull on your credit. After that, they will work with you so long your score is above 640. Depending on your credit history and the loan length, the current APR for refinancing is as low as 2.49% to 4.49%.


6. Bank of America – Top choice Trusted Name


The Bank of America offers you a trusted financial institution when you opt for an auto loan with them, and a decision that takes just a very short moment. Once you become a member, you can harness their online tools for free without incurring any fee or charge.

There are a few things to note to get qualified for the loan. For instance, your car is expected to be below ten years of age and cover less than 125,000 miles on it. You’ll also be expected to have at least $5000 left on your loan. The bank’s current APR for refinancing a vehicle is 4.13%. You should make a price comparison harnessing a car loan calculator to help you determine your savings. Paying off existing loans with proceeds from a new loan is a smart approach to save on financing costs, benefit from lower interest rates, and lower monthly payments.


7. USAA – Top choice for Members of the Military 

USAA has attained almost a century since it was founded. It is instituted to meet the financial demands of the military and their families. Its customer service and rates are quite difficult to beat.

You do not have to make any payment for up to 60 days after receiving a loan. This helps you to catch up if you are already behind. You can also pick from any of their vehicle’s protection plans if you’ll love to include them.

The organization offers to refinance for 60 months and with even longer terms. It works directly with your lender, taking out the refinancing hassle. Their website reveals their rates, and they are as low as 3.04% APR. And this includes a .25% discount for automatic payments.

Their rates can change with prior notice and are determined by factors such as approved credit, model year, term, and loan amount.




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