Rick Rubin Biography & Net Worth


Rick Rubin Biography & Net Worth

Popular Name: Rick Rubin
Real Name:
Frederick Jay Rubin
Birth Date: March 10, 1963
Birth Place:
Long Beach, New York, United States
Age: 57  
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Height: 182cm
Weight: 72kg
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Children: N/A
Profession: Record Producer
Years active: 1981 Till Date
Net Worth: $300 Million
Last Updated: December, 2020


Frederick Jay Rubin is a noted music producer. Better known as Rick Rubin, he usually goes by the moniker “DJ Double R.” He was born in New York, United States, and raised in several parts of the country. It was during his days as a student of New York University that he started doing music and established his own recording company. He is the founder of American Recordings, co-founder of Def Jam Records, and has also served as co-president of Columbia Records. Rick was very instrumental in the popularization hip-hop in the 1980s. He has recorded tremendous success working with some of the biggest artists of the music industry, including Adele, Aerosmith, Eminem, Neil Diamond, Lady Gaga, AC/DC, Shakira, Ed Sheeran, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Black Crowes among others. He has assisted in building the careers of many successful and popular performers of the industry, such as Run-DMC, Dixie Chicks, the Beastie Boys, Johnny Cash, among others. He has won several award nominations throughout his career. He has also won several Grammy Awards for his outstanding works as a producer. Rick Rubin net worth has been made from a life-long career in the music industry. He is considered to be among the most outstanding music producers in America and is a very influential figure in music business worldwide.

Rick Rubin’s Early Life

Frederick Jay Rubin was born in Long Beach, New York, United States on March 10, 1963 to Michael Rubin and his wife Rubin. His mother stayed at home to raise their son, while father worked as a shoe wholesaler. He had no siblings, and theirs was a Jewish family. Rick spent his early childhood years at Lido Beach, New York. He schooled at Long Beach High School in New York. He learnt the basics of playing the guitar and songwriting from Steve Freeman, the director of his school’s audio-visual department.

Rick Rubin and a number of his school friends formed a garage band, which led to the creation of a punk band named ‘The Pricks.’ The band performed at the popular New York music spot ‘CBGB,’ but they were evicted after getting into a brawl with the audience. Thereafter, Rick formed the group, ‘Hose,’ and went on tours in the country, especially through California and the Midwest. He eventually formed his own recording company with the assistance of the school’s four-track recorder.

Rick Rubin’s Career

In his senior year as a student of New York University, Rick combined with Simmons and they founded the production company Def Jam Records. In 1983, their company released ‘Hose’ by Hose, and it gained significant level of attention. He started to learn more about hip-hop and soon produced ‘DJ Jazzy Jay’ by the Zulu Nation. In 1987, he produced the album ‘Electric’ by The Cult. He then served as the music supervisor for the film ‘Less Than Zero’. Gaining momentum as a talented music producer, Rick started doing more with his record company and produced singles for many artists. In 1988, he separated from Simmons and formed Def American Records. He signed several metal acts to his new company, including Wolfsbane and Masters of Reality. His company Def American Records was later renamed American Recordings. In 1994, he produced ‘American Recordings’ by Johnny Cash. Following the commercial success of the album, he produced five more albums for Cash. From 1991 to 2011, he worked with the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and produced six albums for the band. Some of his other production credits include Death Magnetic by Metallica, Fijacion Oral Vol. 1 by Shakira, Ballbreaker by AC/DC, and Wandering Spirit by Mick Jagger.

Rick Rubin Net Worth 2020
Rick Rubin

In 2007, Rubin worked as a co-president of Columbia Records, and produced the hit album ‘Minutes to Midnight’ by Linkin Park during that time. As co-head of the company, he produced albums for several high-profile artists, including Jakob Dylan, Dixie Chicks, Weezer, and Neil Diamond. In 2011, he produced the hit album ‘21’ by Grammy-award winner Adele. He has helped many artists in the world of music solidify their places in the industry, and has helped them build their careers. Till today, he is still very active in doing his job, and still leads his record producing companies.

Rubin played the roles of actor, writer, and director in the 1988 film ‘Tougher Than Leather’. He has appeared in a number of music videos and films. He has appeared for the likes of Korn, Eminem, Dixie Chicks, Jay Z, and Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

Awards & Achievements

Rick Rubin has also won several Grammy Awards for his outstanding works as a producer. In total, he has won eight Grammy Awards. He won the awards in varying categories like ‘Album of the Year’, ‘Best Country Album’, ‘Producer of the Year’, and ‘Record of the Year’. He was included by Time magazine in its “100 Most Influential People in the World” list in 2007.

Personal Life & Family

Despite all he has accomplished with his career, Rick has never been married in his life. However, he has had many widely publicized relationships with several high-profile names in the entertainment industry. In 1987, he was in a widely reported relationship with Melissa Melendez. He has dated music producer Amanda Scheer-Demme, and also model Mourielle Herrera.

Rick Rubin Net Worth

All made from a life-long career in the music business, Rick Rubin net worth is estimated to be more than $300 million. His enormous wealth comes from his only job of producing music for several artists in the world. He is the founder of American Recordings, co-founder of Def Jam Records, and has also served as co-president of Columbia Records. Most of the albums and singles he has produced so far have been commercially and critically successful. He has also won several prestigious awards for his works.

Rick lives in an expensive mansion in Malibu, California with his current girlfriend. He has worked on almost all genres of music and performed greatly to be honored for his talents and ability to make good music and build the careers of artists. His name will definitely go down in history as one of the greatest music producer that has ever lived.

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