Ronda Stryker Net Worth & Biography

Popular Name: Ronda Stryker
Real Name: Ronda Stryker
Birth Date: 1954
Birth Place: United States
Age: 68
Gender: Female
Nationality/Citizenship: American
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Married
Spouse(s): William Johnston
Children: 3
Profession: Businesswoman
Years active: N/A
Net Worth: $4vBillion
Last Updated: 2022

Ronda Stryker has been on the board of Stryker Corporation’s Governance and Nominating Committee as its Director since 1984. She is also the Vice-Chairperson and director of Greenleaf Trust. One of the wealthiest businesswomen in the United States, Ms. Stryker, one of the children of a former president of Stryker Corp. and a grandchild of the founder of the company, currently serves as a member of the Harvard Medical School Board of Fellows, Vice-Chair of Spelman College, and the Vice-Chair and a director of the Michigan wealth management firm, Greenleaf Trust. She is popular among those that have benefitted from her capacity for bringing a strong interest in promoting the benefits of diversity and numerous matters regarding social responsibility. As the largest individual shareholder of Stryker Corp. and a member of the founding family, this woman gives the company a strong shareholder standpoint, unlike that of any other board member, making her a valuable contributor to the company’s Board of Directors. Her wealth has been made due to inheritance and hard work. After completing her bachelor’s degree from the University of Northern Colorado, she furthered her education at the University of Western Michigan, from which she graduated with her master’s degree. The company she currently leads, Stryker Corp., is a medical device company that was established in 1941 by her grandfather Homer Stryker, and she inherited a portion of it along with her siblings Pat and Jon Stryker. With worldwide offices and subsidiary companies, this intelligent entrepreneur acts on the Stryker board and serves as a Director of various companies, Community Foundations, Arts Institutes, Greenleaf Trust, and more. She is also deeply involved in charity work. As a philanthropist, she sponsors education initiatives focusing on young girls and women. Apart from being involved in the family business, she also worked for years as a teacher. More details follow below.

Early Life

The billionaire heiress Ronda E. Stryker was born in 1954. Her parents were Lee and Betty Stryker. Her father and his second wife Nancy died in 1976 when he crashed his plane in Wyoming. She is a grandchild of Homer Stryker. Her sister’s name is Patricia Stryker, and her brother is named Jon Stryker.

For her education, she attended the University of Northern Colorado for a bachelor’s degree before earning her master’s degree from Western Michigan University.

Professional Life

Ms. Stryker has been a director of Stryker Corporation for more than 30 years. She has maintained a position on the board of Stryker Corporation’s Governance and Nominating Committee as its Director since 1984. At this time, she is also the Vice-Chairperson and director of Greenleaf Trust. Additionally, she currently serves as a member of the Harvard Medical School Board of Fellows and Vice-Chair of Spelman College.

Achievements: Awards & Honors

In 2013, Ms. Ronda Stryker received the YWCA Lifetime Woman of Achievement Award in recognition of the outstanding contributions she has made so far in her life and for being a positive role model to all women.

She has been an important personality in the Stryker Corp business, where she has actively maintained crucial roles for more than three decades. To date, she is considered one of the most influential women in business in the United States. She is also one of the wealthiest, thanks to her brilliance in business and her dedication to all that she ventures into.

Ronda Stryker is a member of the board of fellows of the Harvard Medical School.

Personal Life

Ronda has been married to William Johnston for many years now. He is the current chairman of Greenleaf Trust, an investment management firm that owns shares in Stryker Corporation. They have three children and reside in Portage, Michigan.

Ronda Stryker Net Worth

Available information at the time of this publication indicates that Ronda Stryker’s net worth is $4 billion dollars. She is one of the wealthiest residents of Michigan, and she is never shy about talking of her accomplishments in business openly.

The main source of Ms. Stryker’s wealth is the medical device company, Stryker Corp., which her grandfather started in 1941 and left in her father’s control. Her father eventually died and she inherited a portion of the company and has been leading it in significant positions for more than thirty years. Stryker Corp. rose to prominence based on Homer. Stryker’s innovative invention of the mobile medical bed. Ms. Stryker is the only family member still active on the company’s board after her siblings and other family members sold their shares in the company and moved on to other things. In addition to her roles at Stryker Corp, Ronda Stryker is also active in philanthropy and continues to serve causes in society to this day.

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