How to save money when moving for a job


Job hunting is one of the most common reasons why people move. Being close to the workplace is very important unless you work from home. Thus, getting to the workplace can be a thing that makes or break a career. However, moving isn’t always cheap, especially if you are living far from your new workplace. Also, many people relocate regularly for a job, which can be very expensive in the long run. So today, we are going to explore some of the most efficient ways in which you can save money when moving for a job. So, make sure to stick with us to the end and hopefully save some money on your subsequent relocations!

There are a lot of ways in which you can save money when moving for a job!

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Moving on your own is not necessarily cheaper

Many people who have to move regularly for the job live in hotels and rented apartments, bringing only the items they think are necessary. However, this only happens to a small number of workers, and in that case, moving on your own is justifiable.

However, if you are moving most of your belongings, and if you are going to stay in the new place for a more extended period, a DIY move is almost always far more expensive than relocating with the help of a moving company. It’s simple, really. They have the right machinery, materials, and expertise for the job, and you probably don’t. If that weren’t the case, moving companies wouldn’t exist at all.

Organize your move on time

Creating a plan for your move is probably the most crucial step of every relocation. You have to get your hands on the right packing supplies, pack your stuff, and agree on a date. Also, figuring out your budget is a significant point in that plan, as is calculating the cost of your move. There are a few expenses tied to moving a house or an apartment, and we will mention all of them.

Getting packing supplies

Most packing supplies are easy to get. You can get most of them in the nearest supermarket, for not a lot of money. Here are some of the essential packing materials you need to purchase:

  • a packing tape
  • sturdy boxes and plastic bins
  • a sticky tape
  • a marker
  • some kind of protective material like plastic beans

Many stores and markets throw away boxes regularly. You can ask them if they can give you some of them.

Searching the storage for boxes

However, there is a way to get some of them for free. For example, you can get boxes from the market in your vicinity. Most stores have boxes they are willing to dispose of. So, check if they can spare some.

Also, you can use newspapers as an alternative for packing paper or bubble wrap. Crinkle them and fill the empty space in the containers. Just make sure not to use them on everything, as there is a chance that ink will be imprinted on some of the materials.

Calculate the cost

One of the biggest money savers when it comes to moving is calculating moving expenses thoroughly.

Many moving companies offer free moving quotes on their websites, so make sure to use them to get an estimate of how much you will be spending on hiring movers. There are even some apps that can help you manage your finances. They are handy, and we recommend using them for everything, not just relocation.

Besides the cost of hiring a moving company and obtaining packing supplies, you also have to account for moving insurance. Although most moving companies offer moving insurance, you may want to consider getting an insurance policy from a third party as it will be a more encompassing solution. No matter how reliable and trustworthy the movers you hire are, accidents happen, And the insurance they offer doesn’t usually cover the total value of your belongings. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Moreover, if your calculations show that you need more money and don’t have the funds, consider getting a loan from various sources. You can borrow money from friends or family, or better yet, get a loan from online lenders. Some lenders, like CreditNinja, even offer financial calculators to help you assess the loan you plan to borrow.

Choose the date carefully

Moving at different times costs differently. It would be best to research when the cheapest time to move is. Since this means that the price depends on the time of year you decide to relocate, you are probably wondering when it would be best to schedule your moving date.

During a moving season, moving services are going to cost more, naturally. When the moving season is depends on your location; so it’s different for different parts of the globe. But generally, moving during winter tends to be more affordable as the demand is lower.

Do some research on the moving company

Sure, hiring a moving company is almost always cheaper than moving on your own, but that doesn’t mean that all the moving companies’ prices are the same. Some moving companies have higher moving rates, and the free market doesn’t always correct the prices. This means that you have to vote with your wallet.

On the other hand, hiring a moving company with lower rates isn’t always the best solution. Sometimes there is a reason why the rates are lower. Maybe movers with lower rates have a less than satisfactory service, meaning that you’ll have to spend more to fix their potential mistakes.

This is why you have to invest time in finding the perfect moving company for you. You have to check if the moving company in question moves people’s stuff to your destination. You should also see if they have their own storage and everything in between.

Sell some of your stuff

There is even a way to make some money before your move begins. You can always organize a backyard sale or sell some of your stuff online. Of course, you only should sell items that you don’t need.

Many people regularly sell their stuff to cover some of the moving expenses.

Don’t bring everything you own if you want to save money when moving for a job

Moving companies calculate the cost of a move by the distance traveled and by the weight. Usually, movers don’t care what you are moving (as long as they accept those items), but how much you are moving.

Moving companies usually don’t care what they are moving, but how much stuff they’ll be moving.

Mover checking the box out

This means that your moving price is going to correlate with the weight of your items. There is no reason to bring everything you own to your new location. Sometimes, it is cheaper to buy new things than relocate everything all the way from your old place.

These have been some of the most efficient ways to save money when moving for a job or for any other reason. Make sure you put everything on paper, so you know what to expect.

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