5 Signs Your Business Should Seek Safety Consulting


Congratulations! You’re a new business owner or already have a well-established company that’s survived its natural ups and downs. Either way, it’s likely that you feel your work has just begun. Perhaps you’ve seen a drop in revenue, sales, or customer count. You may have taken on too many new projects that have crowded out your primary responsibilities. Whatever it is, there’s something not quite right, and your not sure where to go from here. When focusing on your bottom line, employee safety might not be the first thing you think of, but it could be just what you need. Here are 5 signs that your business should seek safety consulting.

1. A Rise In the Number of Accidents

Although rare, accidents are not unheard of. Businesses are increasingly affected by distracted driving, worker fatigue, and faulty equipment. When your business begins to suffer an increase in accidents, you need an expert who can see what’s gone wrong and why it’s happening. Sometimes small changes to the daily routine make a big difference in terms of safety and accident reduction. It’s also possible that you’ve simply been lucky for some time, and the first accident is right around the corner. Accidents are a significant expense and can severely impact morale, which can be challenging to recover. Machine safety consultants can identify any issues that may lead to increased accidents and can help address any machine safety standards concerns before they become expensive life-altering disasters.

2. Increasing Rate of Claim Payouts

When you see an increasing number of people bringing claims against your business, it’s time for safety consulting. Claims will increase because there will be more people getting hurt. It may be that people are becoming more aware of how accidents can happen, or it may be that injury has become more common without your knowledge. For example, you may have had a few disgruntled employees over the years but never dreamed that someone would bring a personal injury claim against you. It’s going to be a more significant loss, and it’s probably not just the injuries you’ll find yourself dealing with. It’s time for safety consulting to fix what’s wrong and prevent those accidents from happening in the future.

3. A Lack of Revenues or Increased Costs

This one is hard for a lot of business owners to swallow. They’re used to thinking about immediate issues and concrete results. They don’t like to think anything could happen behind the scenes. This is why it’s so important to seek out the services of a safety consultant when you notice a dip in revenue or a rise in costs. It would help if you had someone to do an independent investigation and give you some insight into what’s going on, along with suggestions for improved performance and profitability. Are revenues declining? Are costs rising? A loss of efficiency is starting to affect your bottom line? It makes sense to get a second opinion. If you notice these sorts of things, chances are your employees have too.

4. A Lack of Growth

According to Forbes, your business should constantly be growing. Even when it’s not expanding from the consumer side, you should be getting more extensive and more efficient on the inside. If your business has stopped growing, you may have hit a roadblock preventing you from growing. Safety consultants can help give you solutions to challenges that others may have overlooked. Growth is the number one indicator of success for any business, so if you feel that something is holding you back, it’s time to seek help. It is crucial for your success that you find a way to change your business to get moving again. A lack of growth can indicate that you’re suffering from limitations you aren’t aware of.

5. A Growing Dissatisfaction Among Staff

When your employees are unhappy, it’s going to show up in a lot of different ways. Productivity may decline, morale may be low, people may begin to leave, and you may have trouble finding new people. This is a severe problem that can carry on for a while in a business before anyone at the top realizes it’s happening. The solution is to watch your staff and be ready to call in safety consultants when you notice something is wrong. The tendency is to think that you know everything that’s going on. You don’t. It would help if you had someone to help you see the things you can’t see. Dissatisfaction and apathy differ from unhappiness, and it takes a specialist to see them.


There are many reasons for your business to seek safety consulting services. Ultimately, it will save you money and keep your workers safe and productive. If you’ve noticed any of the warning signs mentioned above, call a safety consultant today to get your business back on track.

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