Tips For Starting A Knitting Craft Business


If you love to knit and you are now  turning into a business that will fetch you some cash while still going about your regular activities then there are tips for starting a knitting craft business that I will be showing to you. These tips will also be helpful to a newbie who loves to start knitting intending to make some cash from it.

It is interesting when you engage in the things that you love to do. This is because you will work with your heart even when the challenges in it show up, the passion that you have will keep you going.

starting a knitting craft business
Starting a knitting craft business

Knitting is all about creating loops and joining these loops with the aid of a needle to form various patterns. You have to learn how to be creative about your designs to make it unique from your competitors in the knitting craft business.

Knitting business is seen as a means to an end for some while some take it as a hobby through which they express their fashion with passion. Starting a knitting business can make one financially independent totally but it all depends on the approach applied which will determine how soon or quick the financial breakthrough will come.

One of the first concerns that may pose as a problem in starting a knitting business is the time to be spent on making a garment. This is nothing to worry about as you will have to find a solution to that challenge and the fear it may want to create for you to be able to successfully start a knitting business.

This article thoroughly answers the question of how to start a knitting business.

Get books with quick-knit but fashionable patterns

This is one of the many tips for starting a knitting craft business. It is an important issue that may want to pose itself as a problem and that is your ability to make money while you are yet to be known as any of the designers of knitted products. The truth is that there is no well-known designer that started great, everyone had a starting point just as you are about to do but that which will give you speed is to begin and possibly specialize in smaller well-designed knitted products that will not consume all of your time to make.

You may try out some well-designed headbands, baby caps, hats, purses, and camisoles.

Locate Yarn Suppliers

You cannot knit without making use of yarn because it is the major material needed. You may try to spin your wool by yourself which will cost you more effort and time but will save you some money but on the hand, you will need some funds to get set. You will need to find out where you can get people who will trade in yarn at a wholesale price and also in large quantities. With this, you will be able to purchase at a reduced cost hence increasing your profit in the long run. Apply this approach to all the accessories that you will need to make your well-designed goods.

Also, don’t forget that quality matters, and will determine to a great extent the height of your success in the knitting craft business so ensure to get a list of suppliers that can provide you with quality materials that will help you to make your knitting craft business success.

Make Original Knitting Patterns

Another important point is to make awesome original patterns that you intend to sell. Create designs for goods that are trending. For example, where you notice a particular cap is often used for events, you can make different attractive designs of the caps and concentrate your marketing on the category of people that use them.

Ensure that you have all the necessary materials and equipment needed to make the designs that you have concluded on. Do not forget to have the various sizes of needles and the weighing machine to be used for measuring your yarn.

Marketing Strategy

Since you have decided to start earning from the knitting craft business, you should know that no one will just come to patronize you except they are aware that you are into it. For you to able to achieve this dream of yours, there is a need for you to have an approach that will be used to make your goods known and also get it to those that need and use them.

Your craft can be sold both online and offline, so you can decide where you want to make your sales. You can try out the following strategy.

  • Make a list of your targeted audience
  • Start your sales offline to have the responses of your customers. With these responses, you will understand the areas that you will need to improve on before reaching out to a larger group. You can make use of art exhibitions to advertise your goods.
  • Having made some improvements on your product based on your customer’s responses, you can move on to getting customers online where you can have a grip on a larger number of people to patronize you. Some of the online options available for marketing and selling your products include Amazon, eBay, or Etsy.
  • Now that you are experiencing some progress, the next questions you should ask yourself are how you intend to be making your sales in the long run. First, how much effort do you intend to put into the craft business? Will you make the products and get someone to help you to sell them? Do you intend to sell occasionally at public venues such as fairs? Do you want to have a website? Note that any of the options you settle for has its ups and downs which you must put into consideration.

Know Your Speed

Knitting takes a lot of time and so you must know how often you can deliver. Don’t take orders that you will not meet up with as this can make customers and intending ones get discouraged. 

Overloading yourself can also make you have poor designs in a bid to try to meet up with your orders; this may also discourage your clients from future patronage. Take orders according to your speed and ensure to make your clients always want to come back each time they make their purchases from you. This also is one of the many tips for starting a knitting craft business.


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