Top 10 crypto games to get hype in 2022


The world we knew a few years back is no longer available nowadays. The involvement of highly advanced computer systems and advanced technology is undoubtedly changing the whole system. We used to make payments cash-only, but now we have different mediums. We can also use cryptocurrencies to make payments and digitally available fiat currencies. The term crypto is changing the whole world at a very speedy pace, and also, no person in the world is alien to it. It is also rapidly entering the gaming industry, and it needs to be understood clearly. It can lead us towards the future, and therefore, we should understand its implications on today’s gaming industry.

Blockchain technology has been used in games for a very long period now. Since the discovery of Blockchain and Bitcoin, some games have started to transform their payment system. For a very long period now, we have made cryptocurrency transactions in the game. It has made the transaction straightforward, sophisticated, and very quick. There are several games nowadays which are going to be very popular in the future. Below is a list of a few games with crypto integration that you must download to play in 2022.


In this game, you will be in a world where you will face Ether monsters. These monsters can be trained, captured, and traded as crypto creatures. It is entirely different from another type of cryptocurrency you will come across in the market, and you can contact other users through smart contracts in Ethereum Blockchain.

Crypto kitties

It is a game developed by a Canadian creator, and in this game, you can collect and sell virtual cards for the actual cryptocurrency value. With the help of the outbreeding of different cats and their variations, you will get varied results. You will get a lot of adorable friends in this game, and it is adorable. However, it has got mixed reviews from the people who have played this game.

Axie Infinity

For everyone out there who likes to play Pokémon games, this is the game that you can play. It is a game inspired by the top-rated Pokémon franchise, and in this game, you can also collect creatures like Pokémon to make money. You can convert the creatures you collect and train into cryptocurrencies, and hence, you can make money. You are going to experience a familiar environment if you have played Pokémon.

Bomb crypto

This game will collect some fantastic creatures and create the new NFT-based creature from the homepage purchases. It is a game inspired by an old viral game, bomber man, and in this game, you are going to compete with other bombers. It is pretty popular among foxes because you can convert the creatures into Bitcoins.


You will enter an entire science fiction world of deadly wars in this game. You have to fight with the other space explorers in space, and by doing so, you will collect some points and coins. With the help of these points, you will be able to purchase more weapons to become safe in the game.


If you are looking forward to spending some time gaming and still earning money, this is the best game for you. It is a game which is a Battle Royale, and you get reward points for every time you shoot your enemies. When you make a headshot, you get points and money. Also, it is a game developed by Satoshi’s games, and therefore, it has a real-life connection with bitcoin technology.

Guild of Guardians

This game will be out in the market in early 2022, and the makers of gods unchained inspire it. In this game, you are supposed to explore some hidden dungeons to find points and earn money from them.

Idle cyber

It is a game based on Plato and mechanism and allows the player to live with some money in their hands. It is a futuristic game, and in this game, you have to fight some creatures which are robotic and try to end the human race.

Sandbox 3D

You might have heard the name sandbox 3D because it is one of the most popular games of 2021. In this game, you have to create your world, and you can have parties, hang out, and have a concert. It seems like Minecraft, but it is entirely different because you don’t get Fiat currency but crypto out of it.


Multiplayer games have always been popular because of interaction with other people, and this game allows you to play with people from different corners of the world. It is a card game, and you can get a lot of earnings if you are lucky enough to hold a rare card in the game.

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