Top 10 Nations with Cryptocurrency Adoption


As per the recent reports of Cryptocurrency-based platforms, several nations have claimed their affinity towards virtual currencies. These reports have come as their P2P business activities. These nations have a particular affinity towards digital currencies, particularly Bitcoin. We have seen their plans to invest in these private coins, or others plan to embark on their own. Regardless of their choice, Bitcoin seemed to have emerged as the most significant and oldest virtual currency as per the market cap is concerned. Yet, we see the coin is prevalent everywhere. Now, looking at the picture about digital coins, it is inflating with passing time. How about looking at the top 1o nations that were quick to adopt Bitcoin or any other digital currency in a big way. You can even explore sites like Immediate Profit to know more about it only with us. Meanwhile, how about checking the top 10 nations who adopted digital coins in a big way:

1). El Salvador

The first in this list is the Central US nation called El Salvador. The nation emerged as the first nation to adopt Bitcoin and declare it legal tender with the fiat currency USD. As a result, all the top and small technology-based business groups in the nations have started accepting Bitcoin as their payment option. Now, the country plans to settle Bitcoin City, where they intend to promote BTC in a big way.

2). Cuba

The next is Cuba, wherein we have seen the announcement coming from its government about recognizing the digital coins within the island nation. The central bank of this nation has come along with some rules and regulations for digital currencies. It has helped discover how the license providers are coming along with the license providers linked to several services within this nation.

3). Ukraine

The next nation is Ukraine, based in Eastern Europe in this world. It has passed a bill suggesting that Bitcoin be an asset in the nation. The bill further assures that BTC can clarify the good assets and measure them to secure various users coming from other malpractices. However, the nation’s President is yet to give their consent on it, and once he does it, people can use Bitcoin as their legal tender.

4). Germany

The capital of this country, Berlin, has been synonymous with digital currencies in Europe. Several stores based in the nation have announced their affinity towards Bitcoin, and they have been accepting it as a payment option for a few years. Earlier in July, the country passed the law that helped the particular funds allocate around 20% of capital in digital currency-based assets.

5). The US

The United States seemed to have obtained a mixed reaction to virtual currencies. However, the top companies like Subway, MS, DN and many more have started accepting their payments in BTC. However, the country has put forth some regulations, making us feel that consumers should comply with certain compliances. They have put BTC under taxation, which means they have adopted the coin.

6). Canada

The country is also known as BTC friendly place and views the coin like an asset rather than mere virtual money. It means that digital currency-based transactions can act like barter transactions, and they can come along with a high income that remains under the garb of your business income. However, a few top banks in Canada have banned it for obvious reasons.

7). Australia

The nation has now declared Bitcoin a virtual asset, not just any currency or legal tender. In addition, they now have started calling BTC an asset for different capital gains along with tax purposes rather than any currency.

8). Finland

The country is known for kids recreation globally but has also shown a good affinity towards Bitcoin. They have now declared BTC like a financial service and remain exempted like any VAT thing. It is a commodity and not any money there in Finland.

9). The UK

The nation is also called a pro-digital currency. Thanks to the nation’s support all these years from the commoner and top national institutions.

10). India

This nation has not declared Bitcoin or any other digital coin legal, but it is on the verge of doing so. However, it is not banning the coins, unlike claimed earlier. Instead, we will see the nation making it taxable, which means you have BTC under legal circles.

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