Top 10 ways for blockchain to work in real world


Bitcoin is just a small concept that is working through blockchain technology. You need to understand that the real thing is not bitcoin but Blockchain technology because, through the blocks, only anyone can make a transaction in bitcoin. The real-world implications of the blocks in technology are the new topic that everyone needs to understand because it will shape the future further. Blockchain technology is a distributed, decentralised, and digital ledger that helps you create multiple cryptocurrencies on the internet. Apart from facilitating the transaction, it also records every transaction made virtually. In simple words, we can say that the blocks in technology today are being used at a large scale to transmit funds from one place to another and log the information for the same.

Do you know other possibilities to use the block in technology? Blockchain technology has broader implications across the boundaries of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Therefore, everyone needs to understand the use of Blockchain technology in various things that we do in daily life. A clear understanding would be possible if you go through the top 10 implications of bitcoins in this post.

Transfer of money

The first and the topmost daily life implication in which you can use blockchain technology is money transfer. Whenever it comes to the transfer of money, safety and security are at most, and therefore it can be provided by Blockchain technology. The encrypted data of the blockchain technology allows you to transfer your money from one place to another without anyone getting to know about it from the official trading app .

Monitoring supply chain

Money supply chains are facing drawbacks because of the paperwork involved in it. Also, when there is a lot of paperwork available, the management cannot pick up the fault in the system. However, it will be easier for the management to pick up any miss happening or fold in the supply of goods and services with Blockchain technology. Therefore, it will make the supply chain even more efficient and smooth.

Loyalty rewards

Many retail programs are running in different countries of the world through which the retail store providers give loyalty rewards to the consumers. However, to keep a record of all the consumers, Blockchain technology is used widely. It creates a lot of time-saving as well as cost-saving factors because of which it is trendy in this department.

Digital identity

Identity is something that everyone has to present to get any services across the globe. Above 1 billion people are facing challenges related to identity. However, some huge companies like Microsoft are looking forward to implementing Blockchain technology with the authenticator application to form digital IDs for every person.

Data sharing

Sharing data from one place to another is very complicated with the physical-based mediums. You have to incur a cost to transfer files, as it will take time. However, with the help of blockchain technology, you have to upload it, and the other person will get it within a couple of seconds.

Copyright protection

Implying copyright and royalty on different kinds of music contracts is one of the most critical areas in implementing blockchain. With the help of locking technology, it will be easier for the created to get its fair share of income by selling copy-written digital content or music.

Digital voting

Voting practices face hindrances in different corners of the world because of the increasing population. However, with the help of the implementation of Blockchain technology, it will be easier for the officials to check if someone is entering the data on the Blockchain system. Therefore, it is going to help in utterly transparent voting.

Transfer of physical commodities

Transfer of ownership related to real estate, land and motor vehicles will also get massive help from Blockchain technology. After the sales, the papers can digitally travel on the internet with the help of Blockchain technology which makes it easier and less time-consuming.

Food safety

You can also press the food item from the manufacturer to the supermarket with the help of locking technology.

Unchangeable backup

Loss of data is one of the most critical problems the general population faces these days. However, as Blockchain technology stores unchangeable data, you can easily store it back up with it.


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