9 Reasons Why Travel Insurance Is Absolutely Important

So many travelers see travel insurance as a waste of scarce resources especially when traveling on a budget. This I can easily relate with as money is scarce an no one wants to spend more than necessary. However, traveling comes with so much risk as one is leaving his or her comfort zone. These risks have to be appropriately managed or mitigated and this is why travel insurance is important for any one desirous of going on a journey, whether its a regular trip, work related or a vacation. Unless you are able to accurately predict what would have within the next moment, then travel insurance becomes unnecessary as it will provide peace of mind and help cushion the losses that may arise as a r
esult of uncertainties. Anyone who can’t afford travel insurance,  definitely can’t afford to travel. Most often, a trip would happen without a hitch but when you become unlucky, it could be a terrible experience without an insurance cover and this alone makes it worth every dime. An emergency evacuation can cost more than $100,000 and you can imagine what it would feel like to be in such a situation without an insurance cover.Travel insurance policies vary and you should spend time to read the fine prints thoroughly and ask questions to fully understand what you are covered for; example limits on medical expenses, cover for emergency evacuation etc.

These are some of the reasons why you should include a travel insurance in your budget when planning a trip.

Reasons Why Travel Insurance Is Important

You many need to cancel your trip:

A situation could arise that requires you to cancel your trip, examples of such include the death of a loved one, house or office emergency. For this policy to be useful, you have to buy it when booking the ticket and not a few days before departure.

Travel insurance will enable you recover out of pocket expenses for covered reasons and more.

You miss your connection:

Your connecting flight may be delayed and it could result in your missing out on planned activity like a ship or boat cruise. It would be expensive to catch a boat or ship that has departed but travel insurance can help mitigate this risk.

Policies like “missed connection coverage” can cover expenses and enable you take another flight to catch the ship at the next port of call.

Flight Cancellation:

Bad weather or other circumstances may result in flight disruptions and cancellations. This becomes very challenging if you are on a return journey as you have to find a new flight to take you home.

Your travel insurance policy can cover such risk and would make money available for a comfortable hotel and to refund the expenses of a new ticket.

Damage To Your Destination:

A hurricane for example could destroy your vacation spot or hotel a few days before departure and it could result in loss of payments already made.

Travel Insurance policy like “travel insurance protection for weather damage” will ensure that you are able to recover your prepaid costs. It could also assist in a arranging a new location.

Terrorist Attack Occurs:

A terrorist attack could happen at your travel destination and this could result in airports being shut and lots of uncertainty. Your non refundable fees could be at risk under such circumstances but travel insurance could be of help.

Some Travel Insurance policies cover terrorism and this would ensure that you do not lose all your money spent.

You could fall sick or get injured during your trip:

Traveling as earlier mentioned comes with lots of risk. An accident or illness could occur during a trip and this may require emergency medical and may cost a lot of money. Hospital costs in the USA can go up to $10,000 a day and emergency transportation home for treatment can exceed $100,000. You can’t replace life and this is one very key reason why travel insurance is important for anyone traveling.

Travel insurance can ensure that your medical bill is paid if the situation arises.

Delayed or Lost Baggage:

The airline for whatever reasons could delay or lose your luggage or your baggage could be stolen or lost at your hotel/ destination. This can be very traumatic especially when the luggage contains items considered very important. This is one of the main reasons why travel insurance is important, but you should read the policy well to know the benefits and description of coverage and exclusions.

Travel Insurance covers this risk and will help you recover your bag or reimburse you for lost items.

Lost Passport :

Losing your passport while on a trip is a big deal as you would require a replacement to travel back. It could result in spending lots of out of budget expenses.

With travel insurance, you will receive help for expediting the replacement process and it would also cover cost of a new passport.

Your Travel company files for bankruptcy:

Your money could be at risk if your travel company files for bankruptcy. For example your planned location tour or cruise may be cancelled as a result of financial default from the service providers. This could expose your payment to risk but some travel insurance policy will ensure that you recoup your expenses and also be able to reschedule.


why travel insurance is important for anyone desirous of embarking on a trip cannot be over emphasized. Anyone who can’t afford travel insurance, can’t afford to travel. It seems like an avoidable cost but can make or mar the trip. Travel insurance is a legal contract created by lawyers and its important to thoroughly read the fine print to understand what is being covered. All travel insurance policies comes with specific benefits and exclusions and it makes absolute sense to take time to read the policy wording carefully.


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