Xiao Wenge Biography & Net Worth


Xiao Wenge Biography & Net Worth

Popular Name: Xiao Wenge
Real Name: Xiao Wenge
Birth Date: N/A
Birth Place:
Age: N/A
Gender: Male
Nationality/Citizenship: Chinese
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Married
Children: 3
Profession: Businessman, Filmmaker
Years active: N/A
Net Worth: $2.3 Billion
Last Updated: 2021

Movie lovers, especially fans of Marvel Cinematic Universe, may be familiar with Xiao Wenge, the Chinese businessman and filmmaker who has spent the last decade in the film and television industry, giving his best to ensure that movie fans are thrilled and entertained. Wenge is currently the chairman of the film and television production company DMG Entertainment. This is the company that is credited for producing the hit movie Iron Man 3 with the film unit of Walt Disney’s Marvel. Wenge has been credited for being the executive producer for a list of movies, including successful films like “Autobahn”, “Repeat I Love You”, and “Looper”, among other projects. He has also been credited for producing films like “Xia ri le you you”, “Go Lala Go!”, and multiple more. His DMG Entertainment is trading on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and has been responsible for the bulk of his wealth.

Early Life & Career

The Chinese businessman was born in the People’s Republic of China. He experienced his childhood in his native country as well, and even completed his education from elementary to tertiary within the country.

Mr. Wenge founded the film and television production company DMG Entertainment in China to help contribute to his country’s film industry. Since its establishment, DMG has succeeded in producing many films, including the popular Marvel project “Iron Man 3”, among many others.

He has held many respectable positions in the film industries of China and the United States.

From 2004 to 2012, he served as the chair of the Chinese Pen Society of Canada. In 2011, he co-organized the first-ever Chinese Canadian International Literature Conference. He presented at many Oversea Chinese Literature seminars in China in 2006 and was interviewed by CCTV (China) in 2014. He was also interviewed by OMNI TV in 2010 and in 2014, and also by Fairchild TV in 2009. Likewise, he gave interviews to Jiamusi television station in 2010, and also numerous Chinese and Canadian journals. As recent as 2017, Wenge presented readings and lectures at several schools, including Jinan University in China, Western University in Canada, the University of Toronto, and York University.

Xiao Wenge Net Worth
DMG Entertainment Founder, Xiao Wenge

Achievements: Awards & Honors

Xiao Wenge’s works over recent years have earned critical acclaim for not just the film stars but also the film producer himself. His contribution to Iron Man 3 is probably for the film’s critical acclaim to fans and in theaters. He is considered one of the most distinguished and successful filmmakers in China, and his connection with the film industries of Canada and the United States also ensures that he has a bigger platform to showcase his talents through his film production company DMG Entertainment, which currently ranks as one of the largest in the world.

Personal Life: Wife, Children

Wenge is a happily married man. He resides in Beijing, China, in a luxurious home of his taste along with his wife and their three children.

One of his two favorite things in the world, according to him, is film production. The second is going on vacation, touring the world, and visiting several places with his family. His three children, all adults, are also keenly involved in his trade and keeps a keen eye on his flourishing business.

Xiao Wenge Net Worth: Salary, Income Sources, Investments

The Chinese businessman and filmmaker, Xiao Wenge, who is regarded as one of the most successful film producers and directors of Chinese origin, is said to own a fortune of more than $2.3 billion. Mr. Wenge is best recognized for being the Chairman and chief executive officer of the movie and television production house, DMG Entertainment, which he single-handedly founded earlier on at the beginning of his professional life. Wenge’s sole means of making wealth is through his flourishing film company which has accomplished immense success in the booming film industry. His company is credited for the production of several popular films and TV shows, including the likes of “Iron Man 3”, “Autobahn”, “Repeat I Love You”, and “Looper”, among other projects. He has also been credited for contributing to several projects including “Xia ri le you you”, “Go Lala Go!”, and many others.

Mr. Xiao Wenge has held multiple honorable positions in the Chinese and American film industries. His DMG Entertainment is listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and has been the main source of his fortune in the last decade. He has 100 percent control of the company, although his children also occupy positions within the establishment. He will always be remembered for being a man who blessed his fans with lots of interesting and important projects in the film business.

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