Yeung Kin-man Net Worth & Biography


Yeung Kin-man Net Worth & Biography

Popular Name: Yeung Kin-man
Real Name: Yeung Kin-man
Birth Date: N/A
Birth Place:
Hong Kong
Age: N/A
Gender: Male
Nationality/Citizenship: Hong Kongese
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Married
Lam Wai Ying
Children: 3
Profession: Businessman, Philanthropist
Years active: N/A
Net Worth: $13 Billion
Last Updated: 2021

Yeung Kin-man is a successful innovation advocator and entrepreneur from Hong Kong. He is credited for founding Biel Crystal (Hong Kong) Manufactory Limited (Biel Crystal), a company renowned as the producer of more than half of the glass panels for mobile phones and gadgets globally. For Many years, Yeung has provided enthusiastic support for various phases of the development of the City University of Hong Kong (CityU). He serves as the co-chairperson of the Board of Governors and is also the honorary Patron of the City University of Hong Kong Foundation. Likewise, he is also an Honorary Doctorate of the City University of Hong Kong, and co-chairperson of the “United, We Soar” campaign’s Steering Committee. He is known to have been one of the major supporters of the City University of Hong Kong’s development in Veterinary Medicine.

Professional Life: Entrepreneurial Career

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Dr. Yeung Kin-man, a locally-groomed industrialist and self-made entrepreneur, is the founder and president of Biel Crystal (HK) Manufactory Limited.

After its inception in 1986, Yeung’s company set up a factory in Shenzhen to manufacture watch cover glass using innovative high technology. Boasting a client list of top watch brands around the globe, Yeung’s company has made its mark in the world’s industrial arena.

From 2004 onwards, Biel Crystal started making inroads into the mass production of glass screens for smartphones and is now the world’s leading maker of its kind. Yeung went on to establish an industrial park in Huizhou in between to cope with the ever-increasing demands for high output. With an extensive sphere of business that has reached global dimensions, the company now has more than 120,000 staff in its employ. While Hong Kong as a whole managed to persevere with global developments back in the last hundred years (at least), its manufacturing industry, extensively perceived to be in its sundown years, has been in decline. With his laser-sharp vision, business savvy, and innovative drive, however, Dr. Yeung Kin-man, the “King of Touchscreens”, has accomplished success for himself and for his nation by putting Hong Kong producers on the global map once more.

As a professional engineer with business acumen, innovative zeal, and tech insight, Mr. Yeung has deservedly garnered a string of desirable awards for all that he has done throughout his grand business career. And in addition to striving for the advancement of technological innovation in Hong Kong and in the world generally, Yeung has also been putting his best forward to give back to society through many ways, as an ardent supporter of earnest causes, especially higher education. For Many years, Yeung has provided enthusiastic support for various phases of the development of City University of Hong Kong (CityU). He serves as the co-chairperson of the Board of Governors and is also the honorary Patron of the City University of Hong Kong Foundation.

Achievements: Awards & Honors

In addition to committing himself and his whole life to his business, Dr. Yeung has actively played important roles in various charity and community causes, and these have been recognized by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government which in return, appreciated his outstanding performances and exemplary leadership by awarding him with the Justice of Peace and Silver Bauhinia Star.

Yeung Kin-man Net Worth
Biel Crystal (HK) Manufactory Limited Founder, Yeung Kin-man

As initially stated, Mr. Yeung is president of Biel Crystal. As a result of the success and accomplishments of Biel Crystal globally, Yeung has received a number of awards and recognition, including;

  • the Industrialist of the Year Award from the Federation of Hong Kong Industries in 2006
  • Mirror Post Cultural Enterprises Company Limited’s fifth Outstanding Corporate Social Responsibility Award
  • the Outstanding Achievement Award from the Professional Validation Council of Hong Kong Industries in 2016
  • the Leader of the Year – Commerce and Industry/Finance Award from Sing Tao News Corporation Limited in 2015

In addition, an academic building on the City University of Hong Kong campus was named after him in recognition of his significant contributions to the institution.

Personal Life: Marriage, Children, Private Interests

Mr. Yeung co-owns his successful glass-making company with his wife, whose name has been given as Lam Wai Ying. The couple has three children together. They also purchased a mansion worth about $360 million in 2017.

Yeung Kin-Man, who never obtained a college degree, believes in quality education and does everything within his power to support higher education in Hong Kong. He will surely be always remembered for his $200 million donation to the City University of Hong Kong in 2015. His support of City University of Hong Kong’s development in Veterinary Medicine, among other things, earned him an honorary doctorate from the institution in addition to having a structure on the school’s campus named after him.

Yeung Kin-Man Net Worth: Salary, Income Sources, Earnings, Shares

Mr. Yeung Kin-Man’s net worth at the time of this writing is $13 billion. Born and raised in Hong Kong, this highly respected entrepreneur made his wealth from his company Biel Crystal Manufactory, which specializes in producing mobile phone glass covers. Initially, Yeung Kin-Man, through his company, started making glasses for watches in the year 1986. When he had raised enough money and had built a decent clients list, he switched to producing smartphone cover glass for the Motorola Razr in the year 2003, and his company experienced a huge breakthrough. It didn’t take long for the company to start supplying cover glass for top brands such as Apple, LG, Sony, and Samsung.

Mr. Yeung is the chairman of the Biel Crystal Manufactory company he single-handedly founded 34 years ago. The posted revenue of $6 billion in 2021 and boasts of employing more than 120,000 people at factories in both Shenzen and Huizhou and Shenzhen. Yeung owns 51 percent of the company which manufactures and supplies glass touch screens for smartphones and various gadgets. Although Yeung Kin-man owns the company along with his wife, he is credited with the entire fortune as the company’s founder and chief executive officer.

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